What Is Worship? Why Do We Worship God?

Growing up in the church I had a huge problem with worship. It was boring and I hated all the singing and the clapping. Also, there were so many people that I didn’t like being around there. Most of my issues with it stemmed from me not knowing what it really was.

Every Sunday I had the same experience. Needless to say, I slowly developed a bad view of the subject. It took me years to change my tune.

A few years later, I went into ministry school and started to learn more about myself. I began to study the Bible on my own, and I came to a realization/conclusion.

While worship in a church setting (like on a Sunday morning), can be a life-changing experience. It isn’t everything. It’s just a corporate form of it. So I asked myself, how and I personally worship God?

Keep in mind, my following post isn’t bashing church worship or the people who do it. I attend worship services regularly and love them. However, there’s more to life than a worship service.

What Is The True Definition Of Worship?

During this time, I read a book by John Eldredge. (I don’t recall which one, I’ve read a lot of his books). But in the book, he talks about a church service he attended once. During altar time, the pastor on stage began to describe heaven. He went on to say heaven was like an eternal church service.

Johns’s response shocked me, but I agreed wholeheartedly.

“That sounds like hell.”

I believe church worship services are beneficial to anybody in their Christian walk. It might even be the best way to corporately worship him.

However, your Christian walk is also personal. So when it comes to personal forms of worship. I’m scared many Christians neglect this area of their life. God should be in your personal life and I’ve even said this is more important than the corporate one. . Let him into your entire heart.

The most sincere form of worship Is People Hungry After God, Using The Skills, Talents, And Abilities He’s Given Them. To Bring Glory To His Name.

Elijah Sterling
What Is Worship?

So What Is the Biblical Definition of Worship?

Jesus came to die for us, and now the Holy Spirit is living inside of us. They give us a deep connection to God, and he created heaven and earth. Why on earth would we limit our time to only being inside a building singing songs?

It’s not like you can attend most churches on a Monday morning and they’ll have a team of musicians playing for you. The same God who created pianos, drums, guitars, and singing voices. Is the same God who created Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, and the oceans.

If singing and music point you towards him, by all means, do it. However, if you feel God by watching a waterfall. Grab your bible and sit next to one.

Corporate worship is a great thing, but if you’re not connecting with God on your own at some other time during the week. You’re missing out on EVERYTHING.

I’ve always been the type of person who hears God better while tearing down a mountainside on a snowboard, or riding a mountain bike through the trees. For some reason, nature quiets my soul, and I hear his voice so much better.

Some might call me a heretic for saying this, but I believe it wholeheartedly. If you’re giving glory to God, by using the skills, talents, and abilities he’s given you (whatever they may be). Then that’s a form of worship to him. Make sure he gets the glory, and try focusing on him while you do it.

What Is The Purpose Of Worship?

When you’re worshiping something, you’re showing a lot of love and adulation (I like that word) towards it. You’re proclaiming that you love God by worshipping him.

There are a lot of ways you can worship God. My mom does artwork and I’ve met a lot of artists that use their talents and abilities to please God. I’ve met people who play sports, and they play to honor God as well.

Of the ways you can please God, you have to remember that the writer of Hebrews states that without faith. You cannot please God. Keep in mind this is separate from what Jesus Christ said about being the only way to heaven.

Worshipping God by singing and playing instruments is the jumping-off point. When your whole life is a song of worship to him, you’ll see the beauty in everything.

What Is Worship In the Bible?

Biblically speaking the term ‘Worship’ is similar. to a greek word that means to bow down before or fall down before. It’s a term that is used similarly for kings and other royalty.

I think we can infer that biblical worship is very continent with recognizing the king and honoring him properly.

Victory in Jesus

How To Worship In Spirit And Truth?

God Is A Spirit And His Worshipers Music Worship Him In Spirit And Truth.

John 4:24

The Bible verse above used to confuse me. Until I began to grow my walk with Jesus. When you’re spirit is in alignment with his, you’ll start to notice and do things that are completely different. You’ll notice skills and abilities that you didn’t realize you had, and all of a sudden they’re at the forefront of your life.

I never intended to be a writer, when I was little I did a lot of writing, but it was never on my radar. A few years back I hit a breaking point and wrote my first book. While writing this book, I fell in love with writing all over again.

This in turn caused me to create this website, and another called Snofallgear. Every time I sit down to write, I remind myself that I’m bringing God glory through this. I’m pointing my life and others towards him and shining a light for others.

That is why I’ve been telling Christians to find out who God made them be. A good place to start is your skills, talents, and abilities. Once you have those figured out. Ask God how you can utilize them, and look for opportunities that can help change others around you.

Don’t think any opportunity is too small either. You’ll never know who you can reach, and whose life will be changed.

In Conclusion

  • Corporate Worship is A Good Thing. However, There’s More You Can Do, And Don’t Think Church Is The Only Way To Worship God
  • Find Out Who You Are, And Use Your Skills And Abilities For Him

I hope you liked my post today. Comment Below your thoughts whether you agree or disagree. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get our latest updates and notifications. We publish new content a couple of times a week, and we’d love for you to stay in touch.


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