Will Jesus Talk To Me? How To Hear Gods Voice

There comes a time in every Christians’ life where they ask a simple question. “Will Jesus Talk To Me?”

You also don’t have to be a Christian to ask this, in fact, I wonder if Non-Christians ask this question more.

This question might pop up after a major transgression, or you might be feeling depressed, lonely, or unloved. I know that I’ve asked the question multiple times. The last time I wondered was yesterday, and it’s still in the back of my mind.

Now that I’ve got the dark part out of the way, I’d like to show you the light. If Jesus died for you, then he’d love to talk with you. No matter how you feel, the truth is out there, and the truth is this:

  • Jesus Loves YOU, and that love is unconditional. John 5:8
  • Since He Loves You; He Wants To Talk With You. Zephaniah 3:17

Knowing the truth is great, but believing in the truth is much, much harder.

Does Jesus Want To Talk With Me?

I believe Jesus does want to talk with us, but that’s also not the real issue here. The real issue is do we feel worthy to talk with Jesus? In actuality, we are not worthy. We’ve sinned against him and we are essentially cut off from him.

However, that’s the beauty of the cross. Jesus came and die for us, so we could know him. In another blog post called it is finished, I wrote about why Jesus came and how much he loves us. You should check it out.

Oftentimes when we are wondering if we could come back to Jesus we’ve hit a low point in our lives. Something horrible has happened and it might be from a choice we made or not. Either way, we are lonely, depressed, or scared.

Remember that God loves you, and while we were sinners he died for us. This means that he loves us, and knows our failures. Yet he still reaches out to us.

I honestly believe that God is always speaking, we can’t hear him because our lives are too loud.

My Life Is To Loud?

I mean that literally and figuratively. Jesus is speaking to us, but we’ve gotten into habits of filling our lives with so much that we can’t stop and listen to his voice. Since we don’t hear his voice we do more stuff, and the cycle continues.

I believe hearing the voice of God is like a spiritual muscle that we need to develop. If we don’t work it out, then it gets weak and flabby. At this point, we need to focus and strive extremely hard to hear his voice.

However, if we’re focused on his voice, we quiet ourselves, and it becomes familiar to us then it becomes a regular part of our lives. When Jesus is a massive part of our lives, we can hear his voice so much better.

Jesus Talk To Me Now

There are always those times in the middle of the storm when you should be screaming this sentence. Years ago, after a horrible breakup, I found myself yelling this to God. I wanted Jesus to speak to me and wanted him to say everything would turn out alright.

It was sad because never heard him speak…

That didn’t mean he didn’t love me, and it didn’t mean he was ignoring me. I’m sure he heard every prayer I said. I even felt the presence of God in my room when I was praying for those long hours. His peace is what sustained me. However, I doubted that he loved me still. Just because I didn’t hear him speak.

Then What Did It Mean?

I believe that I didn’t hear Jesus speak for a couple of reasons.

  1. At the time, my heart was flooded with emotion. I’ve realized in years since this incident that when I lose control of my emotion, that I can’t hear God. It’s not that he isn’t speaking, it’s that my emotions crowd out his voice.
  2. The outcome I was focused wasn’t the outcome God wanted for me. Have you ever prayed a prayer hoping that God would change his mind and make everything better? Did you wonder if God didn’t know what he was doing, because your plan was the best thing ever and he didn’t understand. Yeah that’s not going to fly.

When you hear Jesus talks in your heart, you’ll know it. However other things can crowd out his voice, and it’s almost like he’s being silenced.

If He’s God, Why Doesn’t He Speak Louder?

The still small voice of God has puzzled biblical scholars for years. One of the earliest examples comes from the book of Kings and the story of Elijah. A huge storm rips the mountain apart and the Bible says God wasn’t in it. Then once everything is over, Elijah hears a still small voice.

It’s hard to hear Jesus talk when you’re standing in the center of a storm. During those times you have to realize what your responsibilities are. Your job is to have faith in Jesus, believe he’s there with you, and hold on. Sometimes that is all you can do.

Understand that the storm will pass, it always does, and when it does, the voice of God can be heard in a still small voice.

How Often Does Jesus Speak To Us?

I believe in my heart that Jesus is always speaking to us. Unfortunately, we aren’t always listening. That’s where a lot of the confusion comes in. Like I wrote above, our main issue in hearing the voice of God stems from our lack of spiritual muscle and crowding out his voice.

If you tried to hear his voice daily and just quieted yourself. I guarantee you’d start to hear his voice more. Add in some bible reading and you’ll have a genuine relationship.

Is Jesus Ever Silent?

In my life, there have been times that I believe God was silent, and I know that contradicts my sentence above about God always speaking to us if you view it from the surface. However, I’m talking about Jesus talking about direction and focusing me. If Jesus is ever silent to you there are a couple of things you can do to hear the voice of God.

  1. Read the Bible, If you can’t hear his voice, at least you can read his written word. In fact sometimes that’s exactly where I’m supposed to go and hear from him.
  2. Go for a walk. Near my house in Minneapolis is a beautiful lake called Lake Calhoun. (It also has a couple of connecting lakes as well but that’s beside the point). When I struggle hearing his voice I go out into nature. During the winter I snowboard, and in the summer I visit the lakes. Somehow I feel closer to the creator by being around his creation.
  3. Fast Something: If you’re struggling with hearing the voice of God, you might need a spiritual breakthrough. Jesus himself admitted that fasting is sometimes needed for a breakthrough. If you have health problems speak with a doctor and tell a few friends prior to doing this, but it can really help.
  4. Spend more time in worship, and more time listening. Sometimes God wants to see how much we want him around. When Jesus breaks the silence, it’ll be worth it.

Can Jesus Hear Me?

I just wrote a blog post called Does God Listen To Me? I’ll try and contest what I wrote here:


There’s a number of reasons we think God doesn’t listen, but he does. Most of the time it’s our perception of God that throws us off. What we want and desire becomes a filter.

It’s why you have to surrender to God and believe when Jesus talks, that his way is better than your own. He sees the whole picture and we have spiritual tunnel vision. Let the one who has a site lead you.

If Jesus Did Talk To Me, How Can I Know It?

There’s a number of filters I use to make sure it’s Jesus speaking to me rather than my own voice or something from the world. I’ll write a list below.

  1. Is the voice saying something that parallels the Bible? If it’s saying something the Bible contradicts, It’s not him.
  2. How does my heart feel, does it feel peace? Not on the surface but deep down. Meditate on it for awhile and see how you feel.
  3. What do my close friends/family/clergy think? Is this something they’d agree with?

These are simple litmus tests I run when God speaks to me, and for simple things that Jesus says I don’t run them. For instance, God tells me to give $20 to the homeless man on the street. I’m not going to call family/friends/clergy to get confirmation on this. It’s biblical, and it makes sense, so I do it.

However for bigger questions like who should I date, should I take this job, what vacation should I go on. These are good questions to ask.

When you hear Jesus talk to you, you’ll realize that he has a lot to say. There’s a lot of wisdom he wants to pour out on you. Make sure you’re a vessel ready to hear it. To learn more about hearing the voice of God, I’ve written another post about Practicing how to hear His Voice. Please go ahead and read that one as well. In addition to that, I’m always writing new blog posts, don’t forget to subscribe below to get the latest updates.


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