Why Entrepreneurship Is Important? How A Business Is Born.

Entrepreneurship Is Important

Entrepreneurship is important for our country. Many of the fortune 500 companies that we know grew from small businesses.

But even if the business isn’t part of the fortune 500 list, it’s still important. Each business is the livelihood of the owner and the small amount of people he/she supports.

A good number of businesses that start will fold. Of the small percentage that survives an even smaller percentage will become a large business.

Why Entrepreneurship Is Important?

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy for everyone, in fact a lot of people who try working for themselves fail. However with the right planning, determination and focus, I believe anybody can survive.

Growing a business starts with an idea. People connect ideas differently in their heads, and so I won’t tell you an ideas stupid.

That’s a lie, some ideas are dumb…I thought about raising crickets at one point. While you can make money doing it, the noises they make at night are maddening.

The Story Of Apple Computers:

Chances are you have owned an iphone, macbook, ipod or an apple product of some kind. Or you’ve seen one.

Many people don’t know that apple computers started out in a garage. Steve Jobs and a few other built computers and their desire to be entrepreneurs built apple.

They had some rough spots, and it took awhile for them to grow, but that’s the life of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Is Important, And It’s Difficult.

Apple became a decently sized company in the 80s. Then it lost focus and almost went bankrupt. Only through bringing Steve Jobs back, were they able to restart, and eventually become one of the largest companies in the world.

Chances are your company isn’t going to be the top. However, by giving up, you’re letting go of any chance.

Owning and operating a small business is difficult, but entrepreneurship is important. If you’ve ever driven through a small town you’ll see small businesses everywhere. These are the companies and small stores that keep america running. Yeah there’s Walmart’s and home depots around, but a small business is really what grows/feeds america.

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