3 Steps To Finding True Repentance? It’s Time To Let Go

Repentance is a word that isn’t mentioned in Churches a lot today. Granted it does vary by the denomination and the people group, but to me, it seems that it’s a forgotten word. However, it’s mentioned a lot in the Bible and was one of John the Baptist catch phrases (seemingly).

That’s troubling to me because repenting is one of the most important things you must do to be saved. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for you when he died in your place. Now you have a choice, what will it be?

What is the Definition of Repentance?

I think some of the issues stem from a belief that coming to the altar at a church and saying a prayer will get you saved. I’m not saying it doesn’t, but just one prayer isn’t going to help you in the long run.

Definition of Repentance:

Recognizing your sinful ways, and turning 180 degrees from them to walk with God.


I think it goes without saying, if you’re living a life in sin, there’s no way you’re living for God. Therefore when you repent, you’re making a 180-degree turn. Your past is gone, and Christ is your future.


Step 1. Realize You’ve Sinned

The realization of what your choices have done, where they’ve led you, and how much pain they’ve caused can be scary. I urge you to embrace it. I also urge you to remember the feeling.

When you realize the damage your sin has done in your life. If you’re ready for a change, something inside you will be saying that. You might have a strong desire to fix everything, make amends, or just start cleaning.

However, when you’ve realized that you’ve sinned, that sin needs to be cleaned. The only way to do that is through Jesus Christ. At that moment, reach out to him, and tell him you’ve messed up. Be honest about everything, and ask for forgiveness.

Step 2. Turning Around, Focusing on God

When you’re saying that prayer, you’re turning yourself around to face God. You might fear things like judgment or ridicule, but God will offer neither of these. He convicts so you can come back to him. He doesn’t condemn. God wants you to know him, and to be close to you.

The act of turning around is prayer, and prayer is important because it sets a foundation for you to move forward. It’s almost like orienteering, you’re resetting your compass to God, instead of the things you wanted to focus on.

Step 3. Begin Walking

This of course is metaphorical. But it’s missed in that exciting prayer on Sunday morning, and it scares me that many people think they’re ok when they’re not.

True Repentance is turning and walking away from sin. If sin after asking and forgiveness are you going to hell? I don’t know. I am worried for the people who have habitual sin and refuse to give it up. These are the people who continue to sin, and just keep asking for forgiveness.

They are abusers of Grace.

Why Did Jesus Die?

My Personal Experience With Repentance

I don’t want you to feel judged if you’re reading the words I’m writing. I’ve been an abuser of grace in my life as well. In fact, I’m writing this post because I know that God has delivered me from this mentality recently.

It doesn’t matter how mature the Christian is, if we don’t keep pressing on, we can fall into lethargy, and lethargy leads to sin. Everything is the same, our bible reading, and prayer are done for the motions. We don’t connect with God, and with that we become dead men/women walking.

Recently God came down and smacked me hard (not literally). I had a few mindsets that I knew were wrong, and these mindsets led to actions more often than not.

I kept justifying things by lying to myself and trying to twist the truth. Eventually, it got so bad that I didn’t even think about my sin anymore.

This is a dangerous point. I was playing with fire here.

However, God came down and showed me the error of my ways, and I decided that I needed some fashioned repentance and confessed my sins to him. One thing I realized afterward was that my sin had blinded me from God trying to save me.


Repentance is Where Your Life With Jesus Begins

Repentance has always been important, whether you’ve lived in the times of the Old Testament, Or the New. You’ll notice that God always wants repentance. If you know the truth and walk the other way, you’re living under a curse.

I don’t want you to live under a curse. Living under Christ is true freedom, I know it sounds counterintuitive but it’s true. He’s the one who made you and me. He knows how we tick, what makes us happy, and how we can truly fulfill our lives.

The side of evil only wants to give temporary pleasure. They don’t love you, in fact, they’re trying to destroy your world, and bring you to hell.

It’s time to turn around and run. Repent before it’s too late.


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