Entrepreneurs Challenge The Status Quo Transforming The World

Entrepreneurs Are Dreamers And Builders. They Are The One’s Who Problems And Develop Ways To Fix Them. Instead Of Following The Crowd, They Step Out On Their Own, Making Their Own Path. Entrepreneurs Aren’t Just Business Owners. They Are Problem Solvers And Visionaries.

I know that the first paragraph sounds epic and hardcore, but being an entrepreneur is anything but that. What I wrote above was a top-level view. I didn’t get into their day-to-day lives. The stress of getting a company off the ground, and the daily failures most entrepreneurs have to overcome.

What if I told you that every business started out as an entrepreneurial endeavor? Look at your phone, if it’s an iPhone, apple created it. Did you know Apple started out in a tiny garage?

That small group of people transformed countless areas of human life. All in 30 years’ time. This happened through determination, taking risks, and going against the grain.

You may not know it now, but that’s what leads people to greatness.

What Is Entrepreneurship?

I’ll give you the general Webster’s Dictionary Term but I want to state that I’m using it as a jumping-off point. People who start their own businesses are a crazy breed. Usually, they are passionate (about the business topic), they desire freedom, and they have to think outside the box.

That last one is crucial and stops many would-be entrepreneurs from success daily.

I’ve met many people in the “entrepreneurship” field, and I’ve seen a common factor in most of them.

They See Risk, But Do Not Run From It. Instead, They Look For Ways To Mitigate It. This Happens, While They Keep Their Eyes On Their Goals. This Keeps Them Moving Forward.

Building Your Own Business isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Currently, I’m in the second year of my snowboarding company, and I haven’t seen a profit yet. However, I’m excited about the upcoming season.

When you find something you’re passionate about, like with me and snowboarding. Working a 10-12 hour day is nothing. Last season I spent days at a time on a snowboard, just getting some training and gear right.

Why would I do that?

Because I’m a snowboarder, and I love it. I understand that my day job is a means to an end, it supports me and keeps me afloat financially. I’m a writer and a snowboarder, and soon the world will know me for being both of those things.

The passion level is similar to many entrepreneurs. Only the topic changes. However if you find yourself passionless, maybe it’s time for a change. Start small and find something about it to love. I say this because being an entrepreneur is hard, and when times get hard, it’s easier to surrender and walk away when there’s no passion.

entrepreneur small

What Jobs Do Entrepreneurs Have?

Every company has started out small. We’ve already talked about Apple, but google started small and they’re almost surpassing apple (at least by the time of this writing).

Entrepreneurs can have any job, any background, ethnicity, skin color, sexual orientation, or disability. I believe are deeper beings than what we see on the outside. The outside is arbitrary but the inside is the depth of a person.

A funny question I got asked once involved someone who wanted to become an entrepreneur. “What entrepreneur jobs are out there?”

I was shocked, and then added, they don’t exist. They must be created. If you’ve continued reading and you’re still interested in entrepreneurship, and the freedom it brings. Ask yourself the following

  1. What Are You Passionate About?
  2. Can You Monetize It With A Decent Profit?
  3. How Much Work Would This Take?
  4. Is It Worth The Time?
  5. Are You Passionate Enough About This Topic To See It Through?

Times are going to get rough, and those 5 questions above are NOT a business plan. They’re just a few simple questions to ask yourself, and if you feel good about your answers.

Entrepreneurs can be found in any field, and if they’re not in the one you’re thinking about, ask yourself why? Then ask how you can get into it.

The world is your oyster, we all have a short time here, so it’s time for you to chase a dream.

What Does An Entrepreneur Do On A Daily Basis?

This one is somewhat hard to answer. Mainly because people are so different. I do my best writing between 2 and 3 in the morning, but if I follow those successful Instagram posts. I’ll never be successful until I wake up around 4 AM. This also includes reading thousands of books, working out regularly, and many other crazy things. While I’m not a success, I don’t think that has to do with anything.

I’ve started to look past the things people do and started to look at why people do them. Working out in the morning can sharpen your mind, wake up the body, and get you going properly. I work out in the evening, because it calms my mind, tires my body, and gives me focus.

Here’s my advice, don’t follow someone else’s plan. Find out what you want to do, and what you’re passionate about, and chase it down. Do it with your style, not someone else’s. Be organized, and stay flexible in everything you do.

For example, on a daily basis, I go to my day job. while I’m there ideas come to my head. They might be article topics, business ideas, or products to sell, and I write every one of those ideas down.

Then I start to flesh them out, usually at night or on the weekends, but this is an important part of the process because we all get crazy ideas. Perhaps someday I’ll post some of my crazier ideas, but not yet…


What Are The Responsibilities Of Being An Entrepreneur?

I’m continuing to post this, find your passion, and make it happen. That is what successful entrepreneurs do. It’s what drives them to accept the risk and chase their dreams.

When you get into entrepreneurship, many responsibilities will be thrust upon you, and as the business grows things will get a lot worse. I can’t promise it’ll even out but eventually, it should. (Hopefully)

Depending on the field you’re in, you’ll have to pay attention to different things. Finances are one of them. Did you get paid for the last thing your company did? Are you paying all the vendors and bills you should be paying? How can you save money?

Finances are awful…but they’re a necessity. In fact, I’d say finances is one of the bigger responsibilities you’ll have to face outside of developing and growing the product or service you’re working on.

Entrepreneurs Are Resilient But Need Friends For Success.

Try writing your goals down, and share them with a few close friends. This will help them to encourage and hold you accountable.

When an entrepreneur tries to do it alone, they almost always fail. But when they have support, there’s a greater chance of succeeding.

Another thing I’ve noticed about entrepreneurship is the need to hold on. Persistence is key because starting and running a small business is difficult, and sometimes it feels impossible.

However when you persevere and hold onto your passion. You’ll see great things happen. It won’t happen right away, but you’ll begin to see the walls break, and things will open up to you.

Remember: it’s not a failure if you choose to learn from it.

Get Up, Learn From It, And Try Again. That extra knowledge will eventually help you win.

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