Victory In Christ; How You Can Walk In Victory

If you’ve never felt the stinging knife of betrayal in your back, you’re a rare breed. Most people I meet carry a burden of pain. They carry this pain throughout their lives, and never notice the burden. The lucky ones decide they need Victory In Christ, but many others reject him outright.

Victory In Christ sounds like a simple saying, but it isn’t. Neither is it something that just happens. Instead, I believe to walk in victory, you’ll have a choice to make. There’s an acceptance you must grab, and a decision to move forward.

What will you choose today?

What Does the Bible Say About Victory In Christ?

In John 8:32 Jesus says that you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. Interestingly enough, when you’ve read this far in John, you’ve already read that Jesus is the way to freedom.

In essence, Jesus is saying when you know me, that’ll set you free. Because when you know Jesus, you’ll know who you are, and you’ll see your birthright.

You’re not meant to be slaving away, you’re a child of the king, and he’s rescued you from this place. Learn it, believe it, and live it. But for some people, it’s hard to get over the feeling of being trapped.

In fact, many people live their lives sitting in a prison cell of their own design. They don’t realize the door to freedom is wide open, but the lock is gone.

Jesus has given us the victory, but we have to walk out the door.

How Do You Get Victory In Christ?

When you choose to walk out of your cell, you’ll begin to walk in victory. Many things will happen, but one of the first is a realization that life is hard.

Even if things become difficult, Jesus is always there with you. When you choose to stand up and leave your cell, you’re choosing to leave everything else behind.

Some people may get scared thinking of that, but you’re not doing this alone. When Jesus gave you the victory, he also promised that he’d always be with you.

Freedom in Jesus, is also divine victory.

What Is Divine Victory?

Divine victory is something that happened out of the ordinary, it can’t be explained in the natural realm. Jesus dying on the cross and rising again is a divine victory.

God forgiving your sins because of his sons’ death and resurrection is another example of a divine victory. It’s also an example of grace. Jesus took our punishment, and instead, God adopted us into his family.

What Is Walking In Victory?

That trapped feeling you have will never disappear without action. Have you ever wondered why so many people frequent bars, fall into toxic relationships or become addicted to drugs?

Keep in mind this isn’t everybody, just a portion of the group, but many people feel trapped. The feelings you get when drinking or smoking help you feel free for a short time. However, in the end, you’ll feel even more lonely.

It’s an amazing feeling, but it ends, and when it does. You seek to get that feeling back. It’s why many people fall into those types of addictions. Keep in mind that’s not everybody. We all have our own vices, and things we fall into.

How To Have Victory In Christ

You’ll never find Victory by sitting still because you have to find it. The first step is standing up, and the second is walking through the cell door.

Every freedom you hold dear, ignore and neglect was fought for. Many people died horrible deaths so you could live in peace. The most important freedom is heaven or hell. That was fought for by one man. His name is Jesus. he died, so you could be with him.

Why Are You Trapped?

The trapped feeling should never be comforting, in all actuality. This is a warning straight from your heart. It’s screaming that something is wrong.

Often we ignore these cries and prolong the problem. We fashion a prison for ourselves, and our hearts wind up in its center.

We are the warden, the guard, and the prisoner. The keys to freedom are held in our hands. The door to our cell is unlocked. However, the bed looks comfortable (It isn’t) and we find ourselves staying there.

In the end, we fall into depression.

Why Do We Stay There?

There are several different reasons that people stay in their prison. It isn’t a desire not to have victory in Christ, although a small portion might have that desire.

Instead, I think it involves fear, comfortability, and pride. These 3 things are driving forces in all of our lives. In many lives they have become the masters, but if you can master them. You’ll be unstoppable.

Fear: This halts you in your tracks, it causes you to look into the present, and stop gazing at the future.

Comfort: This strikes next, the fear stops your forward momentum, and being comfortable makes you sit down.

Pride: Look what you’ve achieved. You’re no longer striving, but you think you’re happy on a comfortable bed or chair. Not even realizing there’s a world outside the door for you to explore.

This is how we surrender our victory from Christ. He didn’t die so you could be comfortable. Instead, he died so you could be free.

What Does Victory In Christ Mean?

Victory in Jesus was a song written by E.M. Bartlett, and it describes the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It also describes where we all go after we die in Christ. It’s a beautiful old hymn of the church.

That’s just the source of the phrase though. Victory in Jesus means that Jesus has done it all. It means that Jesus has come to earth, he died, and he rose again.

He’s looking at each one of us, asking us to join him. We have the right to join his triumphant victory or walk away into the darkness.

Victory in Christ Is describing what those who follow him are going to experience, because of what he experienced.

Running From Victory,

As a child growing up I saw anger inside my father. It got to the point where I didn’t view him as my dad. I thought of him as the guy who came home, sat on the couch, and screamed at me. I never felt safe growing up, and there was a continual war inside my heart.

During this time freedom was unfamiliar to me, and Victory In Christ wasn’t on my radar. I didn’t know it even existed. There were books where people had a victory, and I wanted it. But how could I feel something I’ve never experienced?

Eventually, my anger and hatred towards my father led me down a dark road. I was a lonely recluse who only played video games. I never went out because I hated people, and the few times I did end badly. There were some fights that I’m not proud of. I locked myself up in a prison of my own fashioning.

Forgiveness Comes Before Victory

One of the biggest reasons people can’t forgive others and let go is due to their pride. They think if they forgive, then somehow they’re saying what happened was okay. That’s a total and complete lie, forgiveness is for you, and doesn’t do much for the other person. In all honesty, it might open their eyes, but will they see the situation the same? That depends on the person and situation.

Forgiveness is knowing what happened to you was wrong, but you’re choosing to let it go. In doing this you’re releasing the person from your anger, bitterness, and judgment. For now and into the future.

You’re really letting go, not just saying it. This means emotionally too, and that might take a while longer than just saying those words. Also, this doesn’t mean the slate is wiped clean. You can forgive and still set parameters.

Boundaries need to be planned out. And they should be reevaluated regularly (how often depends on the situation). For instance, a spouse that’s cheated on can forgive the one who cheated, but there might be some parameters to set up, that’ll help rebuild trust. What those parameters are, will depend on the couple. Forgiveness doesn’t mean everything is back to normal. It means you’re on the road to trust and Victory In Christ.

Victory In Christ Can Take Time

When you choose to say the words, “I forgive you.” You’re making a statement that goes into the future. You can’t forgive today and hold it against that person tomorrow. If you think about the incident and feel pain. You might still have the pain to release. You’ll find the more you forgive, the more freedom you obtain. It’ll happen just give it time.

Eventually, as you choose to forgive you’ll begin to feel a release. It’s almost like your heart will slowly drain out the pain, bitterness, and heartache.

Victory In Christ will slowly inch its way in, and you’ll begin to forget the pain. You won’t be full of anger, and bitterness.

Jesus will help you work through these issues and pains. When I first decided to forgive there was a small piece of light in my heart. It took forever to break through and finally find my Victory In Christ. He finally broke through one day, and the light was brilliant.

I Had Lost All Freedom

In my 20s I was seeing an amazing girl and thought she was the one. Like a lot of guys that age and situation, I started to think about marriage. Before I knew it things had fallen apart.

She dumped me a text message and my heart was destroyed, and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Although Dumping By Text Is Kinda Shady)

However, my reaction to the pain isn’t something I’m proud of. I acted like a spoiled little kid. Every reaction I had wasn’t right, and it was like a bandage had been ripped off my heart. Now all the pain was spewing out, and it had festered.

For months I was bitter, I remember getting sick because I lost her. None of my pain made sense until I started to really think about my situation.

This pain wasn’t just from her, it was years of pent-up anger and rage. It was a reservoir of pain that I’d never dealt with. She didn’t cause it all, she just destroyed the dam holding it back.

I finally saw the prison I’d built, and my cell was in the center of it.

Freedom In Jesus, Is Beautiful

It took months, maybe even a year. I spent countless hours in worship services, prayer times, and bible studies. It seemed like every time God would call me out.

He started to dredge my heart, and speak with me about the anger I had. Eventually, I decided to forgive her, and I needed to let everything go. Although that’s easier said than done.

Remember that forgiveness is a daily choice.

There’s Always Another Layer:

Digging into my heart, and deciding to forgive was a great first step. I’d stood up, and began to walk out of the cell.

However, I started to see something else was brought to light. I certainly was feeling free, but that would be short-lived until I finally let it all go.

My victory in Christ was there. I’d only experienced a small part of it.

Betrayal Complex; Finding Victory In Christ

My complex started when I was young. For some reason, I didn’t trust people and always felt that they’d let me down. These seeds were planted when I was a toddler and grew from my unstable life.

In my teens whenever I met someone new. A voice would begin speaking in the back of my head. It would say, “they don’t really care,” or “they are going to say horrible things about you behind your back.” The voice was relentless, and It forced me to be a loner. Even when I wanted to be around others.

It was painful to think about. I was always worried that people would be nice to my face. But evil to me behind my back.

I even had a few plans for revenge in case things came out.However I never realized how much it didn’t make sense.

I never shared this information with people, because I didn’t trust them, and didn’t want to become vulnerable. If I stayed strong, I’d prove them to be the liars that I believed them to be.

Finally, I decided to face this illogical fear and sat down with some close friends. I went into every nook and cranny to shine the light on the lies.

In the end, some of my friends were hurt, and it was hard to restore trust. Now they help me stay focused and keep an eye on me during times of intense emotional stress.

Forgive, Walk With Jesus, Experience Victory.

People have tendencies to bottle up their emotions, and they never want to release their pain. It seems more comfortable to hold onto it, but it has to be let out, or it will fester, poison, and kill you. That’s what happened to me. I felt lost, alone, and thought I was a total screwup and in many ways I was.

I didn’t understand forgiveness and believed it was for the person who wronged me. When you forgive, that’s for you, not the person who caused you pain.

Forgiveness doesn’t absolve what they did and doesn’t make it right. You’re just letting it go, releasing the attachment you have, and letting God judge the situation. He’s way better at justice anyway.

If you don’t forgive, the poison will seep into every aspect of your life. It permeated mine, causing a lot of heartache and pain to those around me. I wish I could take some things back.

Forgiveness is a difficult path to tread. It seemed pretty crazy to me at the time. I wanted to hold onto my pain, I thought I was making my father suffer.

That was stupid because I never saw him anymore. How would that hurt him? Also, why did that matter, why should his suffering cause me joy? Isn’t that what he did to me?

I never wanted to be like him, and so I chose forgiveness.

How You Can Truly Forgive Someone.

I have found in life that I am not strong enough to overcome the pain. For a long time, I felt the need for something more. Deep in my heart, I knew this would be a huge change.

I was always trying to be self-sufficient, and independent. At some point, I broke down, opened a bible, and began to read. I found the change I needed in that book, and the strength to go on.

Jesus is who gave me the strength. I never would have survived my childhood without him. If you read the teachings of Jesus, you’ll understand that he loves you, cares for you, and gave his life for you. He wants is to know you. If you have Jesus in your life, forgiveness is still hard, but he’ll give you the strength to do it.

How Do You Forgive Someone And Let Go Of The Past?

I’m not saying the instant you forgive, you’ll find peace. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite. In my experience, when you truly forgive, you’ll need to dig out the root of the pain, and that digging will cause a lot more pain.

For example, I was in love with a girl I used to Snowboard with. We were best friends for two years. We had a very short relationship, and when things fell apart, I cut all ties with her. Losing one of my best friends (see a pattern?) almost killed me, but after a session of intense crying. I remember thinking to myself. “This is a lot of pain, and there is no way this is all from her”.

I saw my heart full of pain and heartache. The wounds in my heart had festered and I’d never forgiven anybody for my pain. My heart was a bloody mess, and when we ended our relationship, it was like a bandaid was ripped off my heart, tearing the scabs off, and all the pain started to gush out.

In order to forgive her, I needed to face my pain, I needed to let it go, and finally, I needed to let myself heal. After a few months of should searching, letting go and releasing my anger. I finally was able to let it all go. Part of me felt crazy that it took that long, but if you hold onto a lot of Un-forgiveness, you’re carrying a lot of weight.

It takes time to unburden the heart.

Steps Toward Victory In Christ

So what are the steps to forgiveness?

  1. Listen To Your Feelings. Especially when you feel slighted or wronged.
  2. Try and understand where the other person was coming from.
  3. Understand that you can’t change the past. You can make a future.
  4. Commit to letting things go. Continue to remind yourself.
  5. Eventually, if you do #4 enough, your emotions will follow through.

Why Jesus Worked So Well For Me

I understand the name Jesus isn’t popular in America today. As you read, I ask you to think about his teachings, not his people or what you’ve been told about them. In the Bible, Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors, help the poor, fatherless, and widows.

He loved humanity and proved his love by dying for you. You don’t have to have Jesus in your life to forgive. But having him there helps a lot.

Life is still hard with Jesus in your life, but having him in your corner gives you an ally, and that is perfect when you’re getting hit from all sides. He’ll give you strength when you’re knocked down and peace when you’re in trouble.

In painful times I found a song that really stuck with me. It was performed and written by a 90s band called Stavesacre, here is a couple of lines: 

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