6 Steps To Have Power in the Name of Jesus.

You have authority in the name of Jesus, but It’s difficult to understand. I’ve had trouble writing about this topic due to the information to cover. However, none of that matters if you don’t realize the power you’re given by Jesus.

The topic of demons and spiritual warfare scares most people, heck it even scares me sometimes. But it needs to be talked about. Most Christians cower in fear, not even realizing they have authority in the name of Jesus.

Through his name, you have the ability to win any and all spiritual battles that you face daily. This is an amazing win for Christians, however, most of us are blind to the truth. It’s selective blindness because we are scared, and I think we choose to ignore the spiritual world around us. However the name of Jesus is more powerful than any other name, and in this post, I’m gonna show you the authority we have.

We don’t know about it, because most of us don’t live in that realm. We tend to be blinded to it, and that comes about by design. If we don’t know what authority The Name Of Jesus has given us, then we won’t be able to fight with the weapons we have.

This all happens as people wander mindlessly around a battlefield we call earth. They don’t know or realize they’re in the firing lines of a battle for their soul.

The Name Of Jesus Is Powerful And Will Make Demons Flee

  • Have you ever wondered why you’re so busy?
  • Why do things always have to happen?
  • How do you never get a break, even when you plan one out?

I believe it’s all by design, our society is very driven, and we’ve all been pushed in the same direction. To focus on us, and those things, so we don’t look into the spirit world. If we don’t have the time to learn about the Name of Jesus, we won’t be able to wield the authority he’s given us.

Now to clarify, I don’t believe there’s a demon behind every rock, and every sickness isn’t caused by the devil. Sometimes you’re just sick. However, as a Christian, you need to be on guard about these things. That’s where spiritual warfare comes in.

The Name Of Jesus Gives You Authority Over Demons

What Are Demons?

Demons are spiritual beings originally created by God. They are former angels that chose to side with Satan when he rebelled. According to Biblical scholars, 1/3 of the angels in heaven decided to follow Satan and they have been known as demons ever since.

f you are a born-again Christian who’s following Jesus. You should not be afraid of this topic. It’ll become crystal clear when you see the authority you have in the name of Jesus.

Satan and his demons use smoke and mirrors. It’s their only tactic, but it’s very effective. They have no power over you (unless you open a door for them). When you’re fighting spiritual warfare God will allow it to happen due to the following reasons. (maybe a few more too, I don’t know the mind of God)

  1. God allows it for testing. (Hardship) (Multiple Verses Click Here)
  2. You made an opening through disobedience or rebellion. Allowing them in. (1 Samuel 15:23 Rebellion Is Like Witchcraft)
  3. You Chose To Believe Their Lies/Deception Even When You Know The Truth.

Basically, it’s God, you, or Satan. God doesn’t cause it, he allows it. I’ll explain below.

God Allows Hardship; This is For Testing And Improvement.

God doesn’t tempt people, but he does allow painful experiences to happen. Let me be clear, God doesn’t cause this, sometimes it’s the enemy, and other times it is us.

We like to blame God because he has the power to stop it all, and that is true. What we fail to realize, is that he gave us authority over the earth, and everything on it, but that only counts for the physical world.

The world was perfect, and so were we. Then we allowed ourselves to be tricked by the devil, and the world fell into imperfection. God gave us the ability to choose, and we choose wrong.

Jesus Died

Why Doesn’t He Remove The Demonic Attack?

He sent help, in the best way possible through Jesus Christ. His plan was to send him and redeem the world. It’s on a different timeline than we would like to see. Through Jesus, we have the strength to fight the devil and his demons. Fighting with the name of Jesus is a spiritual battle, not of flesh and blood. It is what I refer to when I say spiritual warfare.

Using the name of Jesus against the demons is one of your only weapons and your only defense. However, when you leave an opening, they’ll come right in.

The Name Of Jesus Can Be Bypassed When You Leave An Opening

Over a year ago I was starting out as an entrepreneur, and I was excited. The world was open to me, and it felt good to be on my own.

A few months passed, and my business started to struggle, I didn’t know what to do. All seemed lost. So on Black Friday, I purchased a PS4 and immersed myself in video games. Instead of working harder, I got lazy and stopped chasing my dream.

I purchased a game that God spoke to me very clearly about. He said it wasn’t a good game for me to play and it would be dangerous for me to do so. Inside my heart, I felt sick, but I let myself become blinded to that. was really excited about the mechanics and gameplay. I won’t go into the name, but it was demonic. The story of the game was about the main character being undead and collecting blood. In retrospect, it should’ve been pretty obvious.

Over the course of the first night, I heard God pleading with me to stop, and I continually ignored it and I kept playing. Over the next few days, I slowly turned into a zombie completely obsessing over the game. After a 16-hour stint on the game, I passed out around 3 AM.

An Evil Spirit Entered My Room. The Name Of Jesus Was The Only Weapon I Had.

In the early morning hours, at the darkest time of the night, I woke up startled. I had a strange cold and lonely feeling that I’d felt before. I hadn’t experienced that feeling in many years (Read My book Hurricane Jerald If You Want To Know More). It was an ancient dread, depression, and loneliness. It felt like there was nobody else in the world, I was all alone and would be forever. The sun wouldn’t rise, and the world had ended. It all poured out on me on a scale I’d never conceived of before.

At that point (it was a few seconds but felt like a millennium) I noticed there was something in my room, looking at me. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it. It was in the corner (the darkest point) or my bedroom staring at me. At that moment, I lost my breath and couldn’t breathe.

Using The Name Of Jesus

For a few seconds, (it felt like an eternity) I thought I was going to die. Instantly light filled my heart and I remembered Jesus. So I began to speak out the name of Jesus and prayed for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes. Finally, it left, and I felt the mood of my room lighten up immensely before I fell back asleep. This would happen nightly, for the next few weeks.

After the whole ordeal, I woke up the next morning extremely exhausted, and with a horrible head cold. It got worse as the day went on, and began to confuse me. I never get sick, and until that day never had a sinus issue. Instead of doing something productive, I used it as an excuse to lay on the couch, and play more PS4

Over the next two weeks, my health got progressively worse. I only prayed at 3 am when I couldn’t sleep, and I even started having some dark thoughts that I’d never thought of before or after.

What Christianity Means

God Broke Through With The Truth

Finally, after two weeks of this, a strong realization hit me. It came out of the blue and was almost like a bolt of lightning. I remembered the warnings God gave me that first night. I’d made a choice to be disobedient to the Holy Spirits and his promptings. I couldn’t possibly understand what I had opened myself up to.

Immediately, I deleted the game file from my PS4, and prayed over my entire apartment. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my body. Strangely enough, within the hour I was well again. I was scared, and couldn’t believe how quickly I healed. After that, I went through my house, praying over every room. I didn’t want anything to be lingering.

Demons Attack When You Disobey

So what is the moral of my story? I’d say listen to the Holy Spirit when he’s talking. I’m not gonna post the game title. I don’t want to tempt others or bring glory to that game. It’s trash, and I will not allow something like that in my house again.

Remember, we have to fight using the name of Jesus or it doesn’t matter.

The fight with demons involves familiarity. When I was little, I slept with a baseball bat, because something evil kept appearing in my room. I remember having the same feeling of terror.

The Name Of Jesus and Generational Curses:

The Bible talks about familiar spirits and generational curses. The story of me growing up has a connection to that.

I believe that as we grow and live we make choices, and those choices affect the spirit world. When we make agreements with evil spirits (believing lies etc.) these spirits hang around. They get familiar with your family.

When your kids grow up, these spirits are still there, and since they know their weaknesses, they go after the kids.

This happens for generations.

This is why parents need to exercise their God-given authority in Christ. When you let evil into your life. It’s never a short-term agreement. This is why praying in the name of Jesus and removing spirits from your life and home is extremely important.

There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus

When Jesus died on the cross, he said “It is finished.” Those are very powerful words, and we take them for granted when we only read them once a year on Easter.

I believe when Jesus said that, he was saying that for him. For the last few thousand years. The Trinity had been groaning in heaven due to the horrible state their creation had fallen.

When he said “It is finished,” and let up the Ghost. He died, and he won. He did it for love, and it’s almost like the final release, of pain and heartache.

Jesus Said It Is Finished

Jesus did everything he needed to do on that cross. All the redemption and healing he could accomplish was started and finished on that day.

On that day, he gave us authority in the name of Jesus over all demons. All you need to do is look at them, and tell them to leave. (most times you just have to say it)

When you don’t know the authority you have, how can you use it?

Why Does Disobedience Give Demons An Opening?

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as idolatry and teraphim. Because you have rejected the word of Yahweh, he has also rejected you from being king.”

1 Samuel 15:23 – Bible

Disobedience is a synonym for rebellion, and that is like the sin of witchcraft. When you are rebellious, it’s like you’re making a pact with Satan and his demons. When you rebel, you’re leaving an opening in your armor. Which is usually impenetrable.

Once you realize the issue, you need to repent, ask for forgiveness, and rebuke the demons from your life. Using the name of Jesus.

Most of us have been under demonic influence, at one time or another. A lot of the time we don’t even know it. This happens when we allow ourselves to become blinded and ignorant. We get so full of ourselves that we think everything is ok. All the time Jesus is begging us to come back to him. If we knew about the spiritual warfare going on around us, we’d be completely different people, and we’d be speaking the name of Jesus a lot more.

There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus

How To Realign Yourself With God And Your Authority In Christ

Getting out of demonic control takes a couple of major choices.

  1. Ask God To Forgive You For Disobeying Him And Cleanse Your Heart. Dedicate Your Life Daily To Focusing On Him.
  2. Get Rid Of Anything That Is Remotely Connected To Your Disobedience. It Could Be Movies, Music, Video Games, Books, etc. Those things are a bridge, and you don’t want the connection anymore.
  3. Pray When You Start The Day And Pray When You End It. I love my nighttime prayer times. It gives me peaceful sleep.
  4. Read the Bible More. I’ve Found When I Can’t Hear God, That I Can Hear Him In His Word. It also gives you ammunition for spiritual warfare.
  5. Find Some Friends That’ll Pray With You. Tell Them What God Has Spoken So They Can Hold You Accountable.
  6. Speak the name of Jesus and rebuke any evil spirits that may be around you.

You Have Authority In Christ Over Demons And Evil Spirits

When you are born again, you have every right to tell them to leave you alone. Use the name of Jesus and they will leave you. The name of Jesus is a powerful name, and they know it. Don’t fall for their posturing, stay focused on Jesus.

Don’t get excited when you win a spiritual battle against them, be excited that you’re going to heaven, and your name is written in the lamb’s book of life. Keep fighting, let the Spirit of God direct and guide you.

In the game of spiritual warfare, you need to remember that your power comes from Jesus. We are nothing without Christ.

The name of Jesus can get you out of many issues in life. However the name of Jesus will not protect you from being stupid, (I wish it did). The stupid choices we make affect the spiritual realm more than we’d like to admit, so we need to focus on the things Jesus wanted us to focus on.

Focus on:

  1. Things that are holy
  2. The things that are right
  3. Anything of God

When you focus on God, you don’t need to fight evil as much, because is all around you, and with his blessing, you’ll walk in peace. Times will still be hard, but his presence will go with you.


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