Top 3 Ways To Find Spiritual Healing And Receive Peace.

I used to be wounded and broken. Part of me wondered if I’d ever been able to grow up into a functioning member of society. Eventually, I found my way, or my path I guess you could call it. This is a guide on how I found spiritual healing.

Keep in mind that I’m a broken person, and I’ll be doing my best to point you in the right direction. I know many of you aren’t here to see the name of Jesus written.

However, I ask that you keep an open mind, forget about the horrible experiences you’ve had with people who say they follow him and listen to what I have to say.

1 Corinthians 2:9 That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9 – Bible

One of my favorite bible verses.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Deep inside all of us is a huge void. We try to ignore it, and some of us even run from it. However this void must be filled by something, and there’s only one thing that can fill it properly. Spiritual healing isn’t just about removing the wound, it’s about becoming whole again.

Growing up I was teased and abused. This caused a lot of spiritual damage in me, that damage lasted for years, and eventually, I had to do some major cleanup.

I’d grown up going to church and hearing about Jesus. but the people in the church didn’t seem to care, and God seemed to be silent. So I left and went on my own path looking for spiritual healing.

On that path, I made my pain worse and passed my pain onto others. Eventually, I’d find myself asking Jesus where he was in everything. I was at my last rope and didn’t even know where to go.

His answer was, “He’d been there right next to me the whole time.”

During times of high emotion, it’s really hard to hear the voice of God, and sure enough, I could look back and see that he was speaking, but during that time. I didn’t listen. This caused even more pain in my heart.

I was alone, had deserted God, and was in a lot of pain. I wondered if I’d ever find the spiritual healing that I was longing for.

At the same time, I prayed to God, that I wanted him to come down and fix everything, but that isn’t his way. Instead, my spiritual healing had to be a hard-fought battle, and I’ve fought for every inch of ground I hold.

However, I don’t fight this battle alone. He was right next to me this whole time.

Spiritual Healing And Fasting

If you’re looking for spiritual healing, and you can’t seem to break through. I’d suggest looking to do a fast (health permitting, contact a doctor if you have medical issues).

Jesus said in the bible this type only comes out through prayer and fasting. Sometimes you have to give something up to receive something better.

In addition to this, fasting is ignoring the physical needs to focus on the spiritual.

I’ve fasted many times in my life, and each time God does something amazing and transformative. I’m currently in the middle of one right now, and God is already at work.

How Can You Find A Cure?

There are three major parts to start finding spiritual healing. I’ll go more in-depth later on but here is my list.

  1. Your Relationship with God MUST be real. Not Half-Hearted. You need him. He Is the key and the most important aspect of your healing.
  2. Be honest with yourself. I get really introspective when I’m digging into my emotional issues.
  3. Find some honest friends. Make sure they tell you the truth and you don’t get mad at them for it.
Spiritual Healing

What Is God’s Role In Spiritual healing?

I’ve said it before, but God is the most important part of your spiritual healing. You can try it without him, and you’ll have some success, but it’ll be more difficult, and I don’t believe you’ll achieve complete fullness.

He made you and knows how to fix you. Also, he gives great advice. Even when it doesn’t make sense it always works out for good.

I know a lot of people reading might be thinking. Really? You’re going to go the God route. I’m sorry you think that way. Following him has been the only way I’ve found that works. My spiritual healing comes from him.

I’ve walked so many paths in my life, I’ve never found one like I’ve found in Jesus. Look into your heart, and read the teachings of Jesus. Ask yourself what’s wrong with his teachings. Not his people, or what you’ve seen or heard. Once you follow him, he’ll lead you to spiritual healing. After all he’s the one who made you.

People are imperfect, and they make mistakes. I’m one angry word from cussing a person out some days. That’s on me, not God. Everyone is responsible for their path, stop looking around at others.

Honesty With Yourself Expedites Spiritual Healing

This was a big one for me when I realized my life was in shambles. I lied to myself in many areas of my life. I can’t tell you how many relationships I’ve ruined because I wouldn’t tell a girl how I really felt. It’s maddening to think about.

If you aren’t honest with yourself, eventually you’ll hit rock bottom, and that’s painful. I’d recommend taking a good inventory of yourself. Find a quiet place, remove all distractions, and take a good look.

Get Away And Listen More

For most people, if you’ve never done this, I’d recommend going away for a weekend. Twice a year, I do a weekend trip by myself. It’s time for God, Me, And My Snowboard. It’s amazing when I’m sitting on a mountain listening to the voice of God.

At least one time each year, I head for Colorado, I love getting some good shred time in. If I’m staying In Minnesota, I’ll hit up Lutsen. I always shred hard, and I spend more focused time in prayer.

Snowboarding makes me physically tired, and that makes less distraction later because my mind will still want to connect. Also being in nature helps me hear God’s voice. There’s nothing mystical about it, it just works for me. Figure out what works for you.

Write your thoughts down while you’re doing this, it’ll help to look back at the end of the weekend, and in the future.

Ask God Questions

  • What are you doing with my life?
  • Am I doing anything that’s stopping me from hearing your voice?
  • What Spiritual heart pains are in my heart?
  • Can you heal them?

These are starter questions, feel free to add more.

Honest Friends Can Help You Heal

For this, you want quality over quantity. It’s great to have a lot of friends but this takes a different level of friendship. These are the people who speak into your life. The words they speak should have weight.

Be careful, you don’t want to share your dirty laundry with everyone. Just the people closest to you. I’m saying that as a soft rule use discretion.

I have a lot of friends, but only 2-3 I share the deep things of my heart with. One of my closest friends is the one that helped snap me out of my depression a few years back. I changed churches the next day.

It wasn’t a problem with my former church, it was a problem with me. I was comfortable and needed a challenge. I stayed for a reason, that wasn’t right, and it was killing me.

Late one Saturday night. He and I were chilling around a bonfire, talking about life. I told him, I didn’t wanna attend church in the morning, and he let me have it.

We were close enough that I’d said it a few times to him, and he told me that. He said, “If you don’t like where you are, change it.” A few hours later, I was walked into a different church, and it’s the one I attend today.

My Spiritual Healing Isn’t Complete, And Your Healing Will Continue On As Well.

I’m still a walking wounded, and I don’t know if I even made sense in this rambling. If you’re having emotional outbursts, crying fits, or you can’t feel. You need to dig deep and find the source of your pain. Life is too short to get in pain.

I pray for your healing, and I’m excited about where this 21-day fast is going to take me.


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