3 Tips To Stop Running Away and Fight Your Problems.

I’ve seen a lot of people in my life who are always running away from problems. They hate the system, society, and even their family and friends. However, if people look at themselves, they usually see issues inside their hearts.

This article isn’t bashing anybody or any of the above-mentioned social structures. Instead, I want to write an article that’s a roadmap to examining your heart. Find your issues, and stop running away from them.

A companion article I wrote some time ago, was called Snowboarding Anxiety. While I know the title doesn’t make sense, the topic will hit home. We all live in fear, especially during these dark days of COVID-19, but if you keep your head, and balance emotion with logic (too much of either will lead to a weird place), you’ll come out on top, and it’ll be amazing place to be.

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Is It Bad To Run Away From Your Problems?

Running Away From Your Problems Won’t Help Solve Them. Instead, You’re Putting A Gap Between Yourself And The Issue. The Gap Can Stop You From Finding A Solution, Blind You From The Issues At Hand, And Even Give You A False Sense Of Security. The Only Real Fix, Is Facing Them Head On.

Why Are You Running?

This is a question only you can answer, however for the base of this, you need to look for fear.

  • Where does your heart have the most fear?
  • How did that fear get there?
  • What experiences happened in your life, and caused you to develop that fear?

I write a lot about fear, running away from your problems is 99.9% of the time fear-related. If you remember in school they teach about fight or flight. I don’t believe people are one or the other. I think there are many factors involved. However, looking back on your life, do you do one more than the other?

How To Stop Running From The Issue.

If you read this, and you’re breathing. You still have the potential to change. Until you draw your last breath, there is a reason you’re here on this planet, and you were created for something greater than running away from your problems.

Mainstream society has done us all a great disservice. People once believed they were important, they believed in individuality, and that one person could make a difference. Now we believe we’re just a speck of dust floating around in a galaxy.

And life doesn’t matter.

Deep in my heart, I have to believe that you were made with purpose, and you aren’t just a speck of stardust destined to return into the cosmic void.

We are children of God and he loved us so much he sent Jesus to die for us. In addition to that, he gave our lives meaning. We have to seek that meaning out.

Why Do People Run Away?

Running away is a learned behavior, it feels safer because you’re getting away from what scares you. However, while putting distance between you and pain, things start to work against you.

Problems are there to be faced, not pushed aside. Problems will never disappear until they are faced, and you can ignore them all you want, but they’ll keep piling up higher and higher, and daily you’ll feel more trapped. This causes major hysteria in some people.

Stop Giving Into Hysteria

Remember when I said emotion should be balanced by logic? It works both ways. One of the things that bugs (lightly bugs me) me about Star Trek is the Vulcan culture.

Here we have a culture that had emotions and feelings, then due to wars and other issues decided to cut them off, and create logic as their God. If this were a human culture, I’d state they cut away their humanity. I understand it’s a fictional universe, but you can’t cut away your emotions. They make you who you are.

However, we do need logic to coral those emotions. When you let your emotions run amuck. You give into hysteria, and then you start running away from your problems.

There needs to be balance, one way or the other for too long will always cause problems.

Running Away

Has Running Away Ever Solved Your Problems?

Most of the time, your problems resurface, and they always come back at the worst time. This is why I always tell people to stand and fight. You might not receive the resolution you want, but most likely it’ll be better than a nonresolution.

3 Tips To Stop Running Away

Now we get to the hard part, how do I stop running away from my problems?

Most likely if you’re reading this article, you’re already running. The first step to facing your problems is to stop running. This can be done in several ways.

  1. Find a friend/Family Member/Counselor and speak with them.
  2. Decide to make that phone call, or have that tough conversation.
  3. Stop the fear from growing, and look at everything logically.

For example, almost 3 years ago I reconnected with my dad. We hadn’t spoken in 18 years due to the abuse I’d received from him as a child. Now I’d learned he had cancer, and I wanted to find closure in my life.

Before I did anything I had multiple conversations with people about what I was doing. These people were close to me, some were family, and some were friends I trusted.

After speaking with them, and feeling like I was ready, I decided to make a phone call, however, the fear in my heart grew, and I needed to fight it. It took me a week to finally pick up the phone and call my dad.

Because of this, we were able to reconcile, he’s passed away now, but I don’t have regrets anymore about him and me. We both found peace, and more of this story can be found in my book Hurricane Jerald.

Turn And Face Your Problems/Fears

After you stop running away, you can turn and face your problems. This is where you need to make a choice. Much like I wrote above about the phone call, you need to know what to do, and let nothing change it.

A Little Encouragement

A lot of people at this point are thinking that they can’t do this. There’s no way. I thought the same thing about my father. When you’re ready you’ll know, and that’s when it’s time to fight.

I believe in you and know you will get through whatever issue you face. You’ve been placed here on this planet for a reason. There’s a purpose inside you, it’s time to stop running and start fighting.

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