Hurricane Jerald; A Powerful Book About Forgiveness And Healing

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Hurricane Jerald; Prologue:

This is the Prologue of my book “Hurricane Jerald.” It’s a book about forgiveness and healing. I hope you like it.

August 26th, 2017 – Forgiveness And Healing 

The sun was shining brightly that day. I was driving to a meeting at a restaurant in my hometown. I rarely returned there, because I had painful memories that I didn’t want to remember. Feelings of failure and uselessness plagued the back of my mind in this city.

“Sterling, you can do this,” I told myself. It’s normal for me to talk with myself while driving. I’m pretty sure I’ve freaked out more than one motorist doing this on the highway. It’s how I process, and sometimes I need to hear my thoughts spoken out loud.

An intense feeling of terror came into my heart as I pulled into the parking lot. “18 years, God why am I doing this? Why are you bringing me into this?” There was no answer. “If I go through with this, will my family talk to me?” I sat in my car, hands on the wheel for a few minutes. “Maybe I should drive away? I can make up an excuse and deal with it later.”

Instead of driving away, I pulled the emergency brake on my car and opened the door. The walk across the parking lot was a long one. Almost like time had frozen, but I gained strength as I moved towards my fear.

I Had To Face My Fear; I’d Been Running Too Long

Walking inside, I looked around. That’s when I heard the voice from the past. I could never forget it. “Sterling over here, I’ve already got a table.” It sounded happy and light-hearted.

When I turned to my right, I was surprised. 18 years had passed, but the man looked the same. He had put on a few pounds, his hair was white, but it was him. I’d recognize him anywhere.

“Hi Dad, it’s been awhile,” and I sat there looking at the face of a man I almost killed.”

Hurricane Jerald Book Ebook

E. Sterling Author Of Hurricane Jerald

A Book About Forgiveness And Healing

There was a time in my life that I hated my father. I even planned his death at one point. Truth be told, how he treated and acted towards me. He might’ve been asking for death, but it wasn’t my right to fulfill his request. Instead I distanced myself from him, and eventually kicked him out of my life. Hurricane Jerald isn’t a book where I bash my father. It’s a book about forgiveness and healing, where eventually I received reconciliation.

For years I hated the man, but eventually I had to let it all go. My anger was effecting my life negatively, and I couldn’t move on with my life. When you hold onto anger tightly, you can’t grab anything else.

This isn’t just my story, learning to forgive is our story, and I hope sharing my knowledge can help you find your path.

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How Do You Forgive?

One of the main reasons I wrote this book about healing and forgiveness, wasn’t to forgive my father. It was to let the pain out, so I could forgive myself. The pain, anger, and hatred I felt were all because of situations I was put in. However I choose to stay in that pain for a long time. That wasn’t my fathers fault it was mine.

As I grew older I began to see my father in a new light. Instead of the angry force of hate I grew up with. He became a sad old man, who made bad decisions. Then my view transitioned to the little kid who was hurt by his father, and he was still in pain. That was how I learned to forgive what he did, and let it all go.

As I’ve stated before, that wasn’t saying everything he did was okay. It’s only stating that I was moving on.

How Do You Forgive Yourself?

Eventually I had to make a decision, forgiveness and healing, or hatred. I choose to let it all go, and decided that I had to forgive my father. This book is the story of how I forgave him, and eventually myself. I hope you enjoy it.

Hurricane Jerald Is A Book About Forgiveness And healing

Forgiveness isn’t saying what happened to you is okay. People think if you forgive, it’s all gone and forgotten. The person who hurt you walks free, and you have to move on. That’s not entirely true. Forgiveness is about letting go, and finally moving on from the past. I’ve met many people who were hurt 20 or more years ago by someone close to them, and if you haven’t moved on, that isn’t their fault anymore. It’s yours. Keep in mind I’m not saying what happened is your fault. NEVER think that. Instead I’m saying you’re stopping yourself from moving on. You’re stopping yourself from healing, because you refuse to forgive.

When we don’t forgive, that wound in your heart stays the same, it doesn’t grow old, and it doesn’t heal. It hurts, bleeds, and festers. However when you forgive, beautiful and glorious things happen. It’ll start to heal, and the pain will fade. Also the person who hurt you will no longer cause you great anger.

My father was like that, and I wished for his death at one point. Then in October of 2019, I sat at his hospital bed while he was about to die, wishing I could have more time with him.

That’s the power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness And Healing; One Happens Before The Other.

If you are holding onto unforgiveness, it’s like an open wound that you keep tearing open. You refuse to let it heal, because the pain reminds you of what happened. However this will stop your life from moving on, and it’ll keep you from growing.

To be whole you need to forgive, and to heal you need to let go. Every time you get angry, aren’t you brought back to the moment in time when you were hurt? When you forgive, your heart will begin to heal and grow up. This is the epic gift that forgiveness will give.

Reconciliation Will Seal The Deal

Recently my father passed away from cancer, and yes he’s the one I wrote about in this book; Hurricane Jerald. I was able to forgive him years ago, and through that I found healing, but if he would have died without reconciliation. There would have been a missing piece from heart still.

When you forgive, that’s for you, and when you reconcile, that’s for both of you. Reconciliation is a relationship in the restoration process, moving on from the wounds of the past.

I hope you like my book. Everyone needs to learn about forgiveness and healing. We all need reconciliation of some kind. I hope this spurs you on your path.


Hurricane Jerald; A Book About Forgiveness And Healing

When everything goes dark, Jesus is the light. That’s something I tell myself daily, and now I’m telling it to you. Life is hard, but you can survive. If you’re struggling with issues like depression or loneliness there are ways to be free.

I blog about these topics regularly, and know how dangerous these feelings can be. I don’t profess to be a guru, and only write about my experiences. My failures and victories are in this book and written in my blog.

Will all that said I believe God created you. He gave you every talent and ability you have. In addition to that, he loves you and wants to be in your life. I understand some of you might get angry at that statement, but are you angry at God, yourself, or people who’ve said they follow him? There’s a HUGE difference in that, think about it. I pray you seek the answers out for yourself.

Hurricane Jerald My Book About Forgiveness And Healing

If anything my book shows me as a flawed human. I’m hard on myself, probably too hard. Growing up I saw myself as a punk kid from Minneapolis, but I knew there was something better. Life would continuously knock me down, but for some reason I’d keep getting back up. Usually flicking it off in the process.

In life you have to keep fighting, and when you have a dream the past will try and kill it. My book is about learning to fight, and finding forgiveness and reconciliation. When you discover who God made you to be and let the past die. You can find freedom from your pain and heartache.

There’s a better life for you out there, and for a time someone else was able to hold you back. When you stop Forgiveness from happening, you’ll never find reconciliation and wholeness. Your heart is important, make sure it’s in great shape to love.

Download My Book Today, And Don’t Forget To Subscribe. I Pray You Will Find Your Freedom, And Maybe I Helped You On Your Journey.

What Is The Best Book About Forgiveness And Healing?

I”m pretty biased, but I believe this is one of the better books about forgiveness, healing, and finding yourself. However, I’m not so full of myself to believe there aren’t better books out there. This is my story, and I love it.

Hurricane Jerald; A Book About Forgiveness And Healing. Download Details.

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9 reviews for Hurricane Jerald; A Powerful Book About Forgiveness And Healing

  1. Annie Lexen

    I couldn’t put this down! It’s a quick read and a very important message. Whatever someone’s faith, this story is relatable in processing family histories and finding a path forward. Definitely check this out if the description reminds you of any person or experience in your life.

  2. Sangeetha G

    Such a real, raw and powerful journey through self discovery, and lessons on life and love that are deep. Great read!

  3. Holly Klick

    Amazon Customer on April 29, 2018
    It’s a really raw and powerful book. I like how Sterling jumped from the pain to showing his personal choices and how he coped. That’s really the theme of the book, choices. His father hurt him, but he still had a choice to hold on or forgive and we need more of that in our culture.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer on Dec 09, 2018
    Some people take punches in life and they get knocked out, but then there’s people like Elijah that take those hits, and press on. This is a story about a boy becoming a man, and the bumpy road he has to take to get there.

  5. DMO

    Highly Recommend
    DMO on October 13, 2018
    This book is so inspiring about a young man growing up and becoming the opposite of what his father was. Also about his spiritual journey. Highly recommend.

  6. Jasmine Navarrette

    Couldn’t Put It Down
    Jasmine Navarrette on Dec 09, 2018
    A surprisingly transparent debut, Sterling’s coming-of-age memoir is honest, raw, and inspiring. From family confrontations to summer camp hijinks, this story of a young man wrestling with pain and identity will give readers the opportunity to look into their own hearts and find that true forgiveness is just the beginning.

  7. Justin Joiner

    Lead On!!
    Justin Joiner on Sept. 09, 2018
    Storms in our life whether good or bad sometimes take the form of individuals. But how we come through the heartaches of life is what really matters. This book shares the journey of a man growing in life through relationships. Each walk of life showed him something else that either needed to change or stay the same through his relationship. Good read!

  8. DJS

    DJS on Sept. 10, 2018
    This story is a quick read but very powerful,. Can’t wait to see if there will be a sequel.

  9. Trppel

    Curtains Jerald
    Kindle Customer Trppel on Aug 10, 2018
    This is a true story about a boy growing up with an abusive father. It is honest and touching! He grew up to be a forgiving person and kind!

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