Jesus Is The Answer To A Question You’ve Never Asked.

Jesus is the answer, it’s a phrase that has frustrated countless people for the better part of 2 millennia. What does it mean? And Why Is He The Answer? Couldn’t It Be Someone Else Like Gandhi Or Buddha?

What makes Jesus so special, and how can I know he is the answer to everything?

The reason I believe Jesus is the answer to many questions is that his message has transformed my life, and brought me closer to God.

the message of Jesus is that he is the way, and he came and died so we could be with him and God forever.

Jesus Is The Answer Questions We Can’t Vocalize.

I got deeper into the name of Jesus in my blog post, Who is Jesus? So I won’t be delving into great depth here. However, the name of Jesus does mean the savior, to deliver, or to rescue.

Joshua is another related name, and if you’ve studied the Old Testament you know that he saved the people of Israel and brought them into the promised land.

Jesus is the answer because he exemplifies the meaning of his name. In John 3:16 the Bible States that God loved us, and sent Jesus to save us. Do not condemn us.

Unfortunately, the world (and many Christians) have turned this belief around. They believe Jesus was a horrible man that came to give rules and regulations, and that cannot be further from the truth.

In John 10:10 Jesus said that he has come to bring life and that we could have it more abundantly. So now my question is. Where is this life? What did he mean?

Jesus Is The Answer We’ve Been Searching For.

Jesus came to earth and died for us, he did so we can reconnect with God. His death and resurrection gave us the ability to reconnect the lines of communication with God, essentially restoring our relationship with him.

Then why does it seem like nobody is? Even people who profess to know him?

Hearing the voice of God is a difficult task, and it’s impossible to boil this answer down into a few quick sentences. I’ll give you my theory on why it’s hard to hear God’s voice.

Jesus Is The Answer

Why Is It So Hard For Us To Hear God’s Voice?

According to the Bible, humans are 3 parts. Paul says we are body, soul, and spirit. It’s my belief that when we sinned, the death God spoke about was our spirit first, as the body began to decay afterward. This of course leads to our physical deaths.

After Jesus died and was resurrected, we have the ability to reach out to God, ask for forgiveness, and be restored. When we do this our spirit comes back to life and we can once again enjoy communion with God.

However most of us, we’ve never lived life with our spirits, and therefore don’t know how to use it, or even what it is.

Like newborn babies, we don’t know what our hands, feet, or mouths are. We experience feelings and sensations. But have no idea what is happening.

The same is with the spirit, and it’s why Paul says we should grow in the lord, join a Christian fellowship, and study his word. Doing this will help our spirits grow up, and once we are eating real spiritual food. More will be revealed to us.

This is why Jesus is the answer. Without him, we don’t have the key, and that key leads us to reconnect with God, and become his children.

Jesus is the answer and The Way.

What Was Jesus’s Message?

Jesus is the answer he came to earth, died, and was resurrected. He took our punishment when we didn’t even care. He did it because he loves us, fully knowing that some would still not choose him. He still died for us.

Now, Jesus is the answer because every day he stands next to God, interceding on our behalf. Our sin cut us off from God, but Jesus’ death and resurrection gave us a bridge, and this bridge leads us to a God who loves us.

I understand if you’re skeptical, and keep laughing whenever I write Jesus is the answer. I used to be like you. I’ve always believed in God, and in my early teens had a breakdown. I once thought God hated me, and I would make him pay for it.

I did everything I could to make him mad, and everything he did, only proved his love for me. It was frustrating, he was always there showing he loved me, and I spat at him.

One time a man came up to me, telling me I needed to repent,

Jesus Is The Answer, And He’s The Only Way.

Having Jesus in your life isn’t going to make things easier. In my life, it’s only made things more difficult. However, it does mean you won’t have to walk alone, and that is epic.

The creator of the universe came down to earth and died, resurrected, and now wants to live life with you.

It sounds like a story from a sci-fi novel doesn’t it?

How Do I Let Jesus Live Life With Me?

Living life with Jesus isn’t that difficult, you just have to ask him into your life. A simple prayer can go a long way here.

Dear Jesus, I need you in my life. Please forgive me for the things I’ve done wrong, and help me live a life with you. Thank you for dying and rising again for me. Please walk with me, Jesus.


If you prayed this prayer, understand this is just the start. Jesus is the answer, but it’s the answer you’ll have to choose every day. There are many things in this world that will try and hide your view of him, don’t let them do that.

Jesus Is The Answer

Jesus Is Your Answer; Here’s How You Can Keep Him In Focus:

Repentance Is Key: Not a lot of church people talk about repentance nowadays, but it’s important. You have to turn from your current ways and follow him. If you’re doing something the Bible speaks against, you have to stop, and follow him. If God tells you something is wrong, stop it. It’s not simple, in fact, it’s hard. I still struggle with things, but don’t let that get you down. Ask for forgiveness and continue on.

Get A Bible And Read It Daily: Repentance is easier when you have a bible to read daily. My biggest failures stem from my lack of bible reading. When you can’t hear his voice. Read the Bible, his voice is there, and it’ll speak to you. It also strengthens your spirit and gives you hope.

Pray Daily: Have a conversation with God daily. Ask him some questions, or for help. Then quiet yourself and listen.

Find A Bible Following Community: I used to say church here instead of community, but technically they’re both the same. The church is a group of people who follow Jesus. Find a group that reads and studies the Bible. They will help you on your journey.

Why Jesus Is The Answer:

Jesus didn’t come to say I’m the only way; to deal with it. He came to say the ship is sinking, and I’ve got the only boat that will save you. Nobody else is coming, get on the boat.

Some of us get on the boat, and for others, the band plays on.

What will you do? Make your choice Today!

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