Jesus Forgives; All You Need To Do Is Repent.

I remember a time when I lived in constant fear and darkness. It was a time when I didn’t believe that Jesus forgives me. I don’t remember ever trusting God, and I waited constantly for him to pounce when I did something wrong. I’ve come a long way since then, and I know Jesus has forgiven me.

You might be in the same boat, worried that your forgiveness hasn’t come. Jesus died on the cross for you and me, when you asked he gave. The problem comes from our beliefs. We don’t believe we deserve it, and we’re right. Jesus forgives, and it doesn’t matter when or where you sinned.

Jesus Forgives, and we don’t deserve it, but he does it anyway. That’s what makes it amazing.

Jesus Forgives You Where You’re At

At one time in my life, I hated Jesus and I wasn’t that fond of God either. I’d been hurt and abused, and saw him as a psychopath laughing while everything bad happened to me. I had a view of him looking down on me, waiting to zap me with a lightning bolt.

This was a really depressing outlook on life, and for years I struggled with anxiety and depression. Because of this, I couldn’t see God for who he is, someone who loves and cares for me. How could someone ever love me? I’d say that I’m a screwup, so none of it made sense.

But Jesus forgives me, and that horrible mindset that I once had is changed. God came down and transformed me. There’s no other way things could’ve changed for me.

What I’ve Been Changed Into.

After I gave my heart to Christ, I had a lot of house cleaning to do. Even today there is a cleanup that is constantly happening. Emotions and beliefs will pop us suddenly, and I’ll wonder where they came from. I constantly have to fight mentalities from ages past that has no relevance in my life.

I know the truth, Jesus forgives me, and I hold onto it. Pain, shame, and condemnation have no place in my heart (or in yours for that matter). Although sometimes I’ll open the door and let them inside for a time. God will remind me that I’ve been set free from it all.

You can be too!

Jesus Forgives
Jesus Has Forgiven You

Jesus Forgives You, Me, And Everyone Else

If you have been forgiven by Jesus, you’ve experienced the greatest freedom you can ever have. Jesus forgives anyone who asks, and we need to accept it.

Do you wallow in self-pity? Has your heart grown cold and dark? Do you beg God constantly for the forgiveness of a sin you committed a while ago? Do you worry if your heart is right with God?

These are things you shouldn’t be worrying about, but I’ll let you in on a secret. I do the same thing. I beg God for forgiveness when I mess up. When things go bad I worry that I made him mad. Do I know so little of the character of God?

I know he’ll punish those who fall away, and those who need correction, but sometimes it’s just life. We gotta roll with it. Jesus forgives everyone who asks, and it’s instantaneous, we don’t have to repeat prayers, or do anything. Jesus forgives us because he loves us.

Trust That Jesus Forgives Everyone

Jesus forgives us all. There is so much about the character of God in that one sentence. It’s like reading John 3:16, For God So Loved The World…

We wonder and worry about the things we do wrong, and we beg God to move in our lives. He said he loves us and said he cares. God sent his only son to die for us, and we worry about his commitment.

My commitment is way weaker, and I’ve gotta make it stronger somehow. Worry is distrust of God’s character and who he is, I’ve never met anybody who said God let them down.

A lot of people think God let them down, and I’ve been a part of that crowd numerous times, but that usually stems from me wanting something that God isn’t going to deliver. It’s something I thought he was going to send my way, and when it didn’t come. I’d get angry, and made because he didn’t come through.

Believe You’re Forgiven

When you worry and have doubt that Jesus has forgiven you. Lies surround your heart and mind. They lead you away down a dark path. This path is away from God, and the farther away you get, the more distorted his voice becomes. His word seems off, and his voice distant. How can you fix this situation? Especially when you don’t realize the danger you’re in.

When I’m Weak Jesus Is Strong

Jesus will leave the 99 and go after the 1 sheep that is missing. The Holy Spirit will come and convict your heart. Like a shadow of truth, your eyes become opened and the presence of God will fill that dark place. This is how Jesus forgives, he chases after us, and eventually, we see the light.

In your weakness, you’ll find strength in him. Jesus has forgiven you, not because of things you’ve done, or will do. He has forgiven you because he loves you.

Do You Have Trouble Believing That You’re Forgiven?

I used to be the same way, I’d recite the lord’s prayer multiple times every day. I didn’t wanna commit a sin and wind up in hell. Going to hell for stealing a pencil would not be cool.

This is a spiritual and mental game, you’ll have to play, and eventually, you need to be good at it. Have faith that Jesus has forgiven you. Believe it in your heart, and when you have doubt, start speaking that truth to yourself.

Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Heart

Whenever I find myself in a position that I don’t believe anymore. I sit down and ask God to show me his truth. He never tires of that, even if I do. Sometimes the answer doesn’t come right away, and I’m waiting quite a while.

I’ll put everything on pause, and move on to something else. Then, right out of the blue something hits me, and I realize the goodness of God and his transforming presence. When you allow your thoughts to be changed, your heart will follow suit.

It’s why thoughts are so dangerous, and we need to take them captive. Our thoughts can direct us in directions we don’t wanna go

Jesus Forgives
Jesus Has Forgiven You

Are You Depressed?

Something you should ask yourself is if you’re depressed. And why are you depressed? Especially if Jesus is in your life, why don’t you believe that Jesus has forgiven you?

If you’re struggling with this, I encourage you to sit down with God, for a time. Ask him what is going on in your heart. Jesus has forgiven and you have access to the father, of that there is no doubt. If you don’t know how to hear the voice of God. I encourage you to read another blog I wrote called Hearing Gods Voice.

The best way to find your freedom is to walk into it, but find some friends when you do it. Life is easier when your friends are there to back you up. I highly suggest that.

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