Hurricane Jerald; A Breakdown Thoughts And Emotions

Forgiveness was a difficult road to travel. I hated my father and knew he hated me. Even When I was young he would scream, yell, and he’d threaten me. I was terrified of him. In my ebook ‘Hurricane Jerald’, I go over the depression and hopelessness that I felt, but ultimately forgiveness and healing that I received when I finally let my anger go.

The path to healing took years. Even today there are days when I feel totally screwed up. Spiritual healing from all the abuse has taken its time, but I’m okay with it. Because you have to take it one day at a time.

This is the introduction for my ebook; “Hurricane Jerald.” Forgiveness was a difficult rode, but I got there. You can make it too, it’s a difficult choice and the road is long. Purchase the whole ebook by clicking here.

Hurricane Jerald; Ebook Prologue

Your fear will never go away, so use it to propel you forward.
Don’t let it paralyze you. Don’t allow it a foothold.
Never let it be a comfort.

Don’t focus on what you could lose. Focus on what you can gain There is a fear of taking risks. When it paralyzes you, Satan and his demons will try to steal your potential.
What could be will never happen. Paralysis is the perfect place for temptation sin and death.

You won’t press forward, and you won’t turn back and retreat.
It’s a place of cowardice and distrust. Fear is distrust of God and his plan. Distrust of his love and distrust of his character.
Be who you are supposed to be and let others see him!
Who am I?

Someone who should excel wherever I go?
I need bigger dreams, on other paths? Choosing your path isn’t difficult. Indecision leads you to paralysis, stagnation, and death.
Move, and you still might fail, stop and you will.
Take the job that scares you.

Talk with the person God has been prompting you to meet.
It can be any number of things.
It all starts with a choice.
And that never gets easier. 

-Random Writings From Sterling

A Book About Forgiveness And healing
A Picture Taken On One Of My Many Walks/Runs To Clear My Head

I Need Spiritual & Emotional Healing

August 26th, 2017 

The sun was shining brightly that day. I was driving to a meeting at a restaurant in my hometown. I rarely returned there, because I had painful memories that I didn’t want to remember. Feelings of failure and uselessness plagued the back of my mind in this city. 

“Sterling, you can do this,” I told myself. It’s normal for me to talk with myself while driving. I’m pretty sure I’ve freaked out more than one motorist doing this on the highway. It’s how I process, and sometimes I need to hear my thoughts spoken out loud. 

An intense feeling of terror came into my heart as I pulled into the parking lot. “18 years, God why am I doing this? Why are you bringing me into this?” There was no answer. “If I go through with this, will my family talk to me?” I sat in my car, hands on the wheel for a few minutes. “Maybe I should drive away? I can make up an excuse and deal with it later.”

I Chose To Keep Going

Instead of driving away, I pulled the emergency brake on my car and opened the door. The walk across the parking lot was a long one. Almost like time had frozen, but I gained strength as I moved towards my fear. 

Walking inside, I looked around. That’s when I heard the voice from the past. I could never forget it. “Sterling over here, I’ve already got a table.” It sounded happy and light-hearted. When I turned to my right, I was surprised. 18 years had passed, but the man looked the same. He had put on a few pounds, his hair was white, but it was him. I’d recognize him anywhere. 

“Hello Sterling, it’s good to see you.” He said as I sat down. 

“Hi Dad, it’s been awhile,” I replied, and I sat there looking into the face of a man I almost killed.”

Hurricane Jerald; An Ebook About Freedom From Depression.

I was worried when I published my first ebook. I didn’t know what people would think and I assumed I was a horrible writer. These were fears and anxieties that I needed to face.

These fears were birthed from insecurities I developed as a child, and they only come out in intense emotional circumstances. There was a time I couldn’t handle these situations until I chose to let the past go, and forgive.

When you are truly living, you’ll have to face a lot of fears. I hope this book teaches you how to face them. You don’t have to go it alone, Jesus helped me find spiritual healing, & he’ll do the same for you. Just ask him, and he’ll be there.

Forgiveness isn’t about saying it’s ok, it’s about receiving your healing. Letting go, and understanding God will judge us all.

How An Ebook Can Transform Your Life

Reading about someone else story can stop feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or depression. This is because you stop feeling isolated and find ways to relate to the writer. The same things can happen in group settings when you’re getting to know people.

The answer to your problem is staring you straight in the face, you can survive but you need people around you. My church always talks about community and being a part of it. Every week the Pastor tells us to join a group, and go out to eat with each other.

He wants us to know one another. This is because doing life alone is hard. When you have another person to help you, the load gets lighter.

I Have a softcover as well, not just an ebook.

If an ebook isn’t your thing, I also have a softcover for sale on amazon. It’ll take a few days for delivery but you’ll be happy with a physical copy as well.

Thank You For Reading My Excerpts From My New eBook Hurricane Jerald;


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