5 Steps That Will Help You Stop Worrying About Life

When I was 10 years old my family went on a vacation. It was the first and only vacation I remember ever having, and for some reason, I couldn’t stop worrying about my life.

Funny enough, I broke down crying in the middle of my vacation, because I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life.

I didn’t write the age wrong above…I was 10 and on vacation.

Constant worry can be debilitating, and it will stop you from achieving your dreams and goals. In fact, I’d say the biggest epidemic in our world, is people living in fear, and worrying is just fear of the future.

Fear can be a good thing if used properly. But before you can weaponize it, you’ll have to understand why you do it.

Ask Yourself Why Do You Worry So Much?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in fear and worry. It’s because I can’t control what’s happening. I worry about the future and cannot stop. Most of my fears revolve around things that I can’t change and realizing that makes things a lot worse.

It’s a vicious cycle, and it doesn’t end until I break out.

I honestly think the world has been hit by a pandemic of worry, and there is a group of people out there stoking fear because it gives them power, prestige, and money.

The next time you’re watching a news broadcast or someone is explaining something going on in the world. Ask yourself a few questions.

  1. How Much Does This Really Affect Me?
  2. Could This Be A Fabrication, Or Stretching The Truth?
  3. Is There Someone Who Wants Me To Feel This Way? Who Are They? And Why Are They Leading Me Down This Path?
  4. What Can I Do Right Now To Help?
  5. Will This Effect Other Causes I’m Working On?

You might be reading those questions and start thinking that I’m a paranoid person. You’re sort of right on that. However, I’ve come to realize that the media (Whether It’s Fox, Or Another Legacy Media Outlet Like CNN) doesn’t really matter.

There’s an old Hollywood mantra that says Sex Sells. While that’s true, fear is engaging, and when you have a captive and scared audience. People will start to believe everything they’re told.

I decided to turn off the legacy media a long time ago, and it’s reduced my stress level and helped me stop worrying by leaps and bounds.

I feel free because, in the western hemisphere, one of our biggest causes of worry is the news.

How To Stop Worrying

5 Steps That Can Stop Constant Worrying?

Here’s where we start trying to kill the beast, I went on a little bit of a tangent, but now I’ll start sharing what I do when worry hits me, both bad and good.

I struggle with fighting depression on a regular basis and some of my tactics overlap with that battle. Most of the time when I’m worrying I’m also depressed. If you need help fighting depression I’ve written some extensive blogs that might help you find your path. Click the link I placed above to check those out.

  1. Realize Your Situation Can And Will Change. Oftentimes Quicker Than You Think.
  2. You Might Feel Trapped, But That’s Your Brain Lying To You.
  3. Distract Your Mind, At First, It’ll Be Hard To Accomplish This, But With Practice You Will Break Free.
  4. Grab Your Running Shoes And See How Fast You Can Get Around The Block.
  5. Call A Friend, Ask For Help.

The Situation Will Change:

Oftentimes when we need to stop worrying we don’t realize how deep we’re in until it’s debilitating. This means everything has progressed and you’re in a full-fledged freakout by the time of reckoning.

I’ve begun to train myself here to stop, and take a breath. To stop worrying you need to interrupt the synapsis that is causing your brain to go into overload so you can look at the entire situation.

To Stop Worrying, You Have To See The Future. Even if it’s only 15 minutes into the future. Close your eyes, take a breath, and stop worrying. Things are going to be ok, maybe not how you pictured it, but it will be ok.

You Feel Trapped:

This is an extension of the last feeling. When you feel the situation isn’t going to change, it envelopes you, and all of a sudden you’re trapped. The isolation is complete when you don’t reach out to the people who can help you, your friends/family/coworkers can help center you, but instead, you close yourself off. Essentially you become the jailer of your own prison.

Distract Your Mind:

I’m actually doing this one right now. I am really worried about some work projects and should be working on them. However, my worry stems from the feelings of being trapped and not making any progress.

So I’m giving myself a little grace, and I’m working on something else because I need to flex some different muscles.

When you need to stop worrying, sometimes the best thing you can do is change the subject. Especially when it’s an internal conversation. Don’t let the worry run your life. It’ll be harder to get back.

How To Stop Worrying

Grab Your Running Shoes:

Or do any exercise for that matter. If it gets your blood pumping that’s a good thing. Exercise will release good endorphins which help you feel good stop worrying, and relieve depression. This is amongst other things, check out the list on the link above for more of that.

Whenever I’m worried about something I work out. In the summer I’ll go biking, running, or play sand volleyball. In the winter, all I do is snowboard. It’s my safety valve and it’s nice to have a release.

Figure out what you need to do now so that later on you have a plan to stop worrying.

Call A Friend, Ask For Help:

This list isn’t in order of importance. If it was this would be closer to the top of it. Calling a friend is one of the most important things you can do to stop worrying.

Friends can be reassuring, they can help plan and if you have good friends they can tell you that your idea is extremely dumb.

Find somebody who will listen to you and give you honest feedback.

Continue Learning How To Stop Worrying

When you’re just starting out learning to stop worrying can seem like a huge issue that you’ll have to overcome. However, once you get a few battles under your belt, you get a support unit, and you have a battle plan. Stopping isn’t going to be a huge issue.

The trick is to stick with it and keep going. But if you’ve read this far, I know you will make it.

How To Stop Worrying

The Biggest Thing That Helps Me Stop Worrying:

My Relationship With Jesus is what ultimately saved me from being a worrier. I trust in God to guide me every day and while sometimes he’s confusing, I know that I’m in good hands.

The Other Items I gave above help, and to some degree, they’ll give you freedom. But if you’re not trusting in Jesus the worry will always come back. When you put your faith in him, you’re living life with him at your side. And that’s the only way to do it. Because Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

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