3 Ways You Can Learn How To Inspire Others As A Leader?

Last winter I became a snowboard instructor for a ski school called Skijammers. The school teaches elementary and middle school students about Snowboarding (and skiing). I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, and at times it seemed like I learned more than I taught. However one of the best things I’ve been able to learn is how to inspire others as a leader.

Learning how to inspire others through snowboarding wasn’t the 1st thing on my mind when I became an instructor. In fact, I didn’t even know if I could instruct.

Can You Learn How To Inspire Others?

I wasn’t expecting to make an impact on these kids’ lives beyond Snowboarding. However kids are curious by nature, and they like to ask questions. This leads to a lot of other topics that I needed to wade through.

Many times people will stop themselves from jumping in and helping, and they miss out on this awesome feeling. It’s a feeling of deep connection. When you are able to touch someone else life and redirect it for the better. There’s no better feeling in the world.

If you’ve never helped someone you won’t know the feeling. However, once I learned how to inspire others, I began doing it without thinking. And that scares me because I’ll realize what I did once I’m driving away from somewhere.

How To Inspire Others, And Not Even Try.

A lot of times people think you have to accomplish something epic to become inspirational. They have to cure cancer, overcome some debilitating disease, or fight adversity. When you become an inspiration, all you’re doing is showing another person they can be better. That they can accomplish a goal they’ve set out to accomplish. You’re validating their dreams and saying run after them.

I want to be inspired and encouraged every day, in everything I do, because we all need it. There’s so much negativity in this world. I can’t handle it anymore. Set a goal for yourself, learn how to inspire others, and make it a practice to do it every day.

How To Inspire Others

Learning How To Inspire Others, So I Met This Kid Named Liam

I’ve written about this story before, but I think it’s something important and we should talk about it more. I used to work for a motivational speaking company, and my job was on the receiving dock. I helped run the load-in/load-out procedures and developed plans to make them quicker and more efficient.

On most shows we would have 3-4 semi-trailers of equipment and products we were constantly loading or unloading, it depended on the time of day. My job was to ensure this happened with little damage to the gear. Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem, but for every show, I had to train a new crew of 30-50 people to accomplish this goal.

When I First Saw Liam

Liam was a kid around 18 years old, and he reminded me of myself at that age. He was overweight, unsure of himself, and teased by the people around him. I’m sure they didn’t know how much it hurt him, but I saw through the mask because I used to wear the exact same one.

At first, I was frustrated, he had come with a ministry school. These people should have actually cared for one another, but as people tend to be, they were blind to it. This happens in all people groups, so you can’t blame Christians for it, we have a tendency to be blind to the needs of others. Regardless of faith.

So I walked over to Liam and introduced myself. He responded meekly didn’t look me in the eye, and looked like I had come over to torment him. Instead, I spoke calmly and politely. I started to speak some truth into his life. I said he was important, and that he was here for a reason. Nobody else could accomplish what he was called to do. This was where I saw the hint of a smile cross his face, and life comes into his eyes. I was going to teach him how to inspire others.

I’d Learned How To Inspire Others, And I Decided To Teach Liam How To As Well.

I walked away because I had a meeting with my dock crew, there were three of us, and we worked every show together. I told them I was going to put Liam in charge of a simple task coming up. My reasoning was to encourage him. The dock crew loved my plan, and so we ended the meeting to go speak with Liam.

Standing in front of the people that teased him. I gestured for him to come to join our group. We were close enough for the others to hear, but far enough to be separate. He was nervous, the dock crew and I looked important, but were just underlings. I could tell he was more trusting of me this time. When I started talking, I said, he has leadership abilities that I wanted him to utilize, and I gave him a task.

Liam Was Going To Learn How To Inspire Others

I said, “you’re going to need a crew,” and called his tormenters over. In front of Liam, I told them he was in charge, and they needed to follow his instructions. If this wasn’t done properly, I wouldn’t be happy. They were petrified of me, but I was okay with that.

I discharged them to their task, and pulled one of my regular dock people aside, I asked him to follow them, and keep an eye on everything. I added that he only intercedes if it was necessary and things were getting out of hand. He agreed wholeheartedly and left with a clipboard.

An hour later they all came back, and they looked like fast friends. Liam’s face was beaming, and he enjoyed the experience. My dock member said everything went great, and he just observed.

This is how you can easily encourage and inspire people. And once you do something like this. The people understand how to inspire others, and they do it themselves. You give them hope, and an opportunity to be better., they’ll make things change When people are allowed and encouraged to chase their dreams. They’ll stand up and become a better person.

True Repentance

3 Ways You Can Learn How To Inspire Others As A Leader.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, I’ll probably be adding to it in the future. These are the ways I help inspire people in my own life, but I know there are other ways out there. Maybe there’s a way I haven’t realized yet. If there’s one you see or do, and it’s not on the list, please comment below. I’d love to hear how you’ve been inspired.

Anyway here’s a list of how to inspire others.

1. Staying Positive.

This is a huge part of being inspirational and learning how to inspire others. Nobody ever listens to someone like Eeyore right? There have been many times in my life when I’ve gotten depressed about a situation. A coach, friend, or family member has come by and boosted my morale just by being positive. If you don’t think looking on the bright side has merit, you need to check your positivity levels.

Staying positive is a great way to succeed in life regardless. People who are positive can endure any hardship, and survive problems. There are some scientific studies that looked into people diagnosed with cancer. It seems the people who are more positive have a greater chance of survival.

Stay positive, it’ll save your life.

2. Showing how much you care goes to great lengths when learning How To Inspire Others

This goes hand in hand with being positive. How are you showing how much you care if you’re not being positive? This can be something simple like sitting down and listening. When you do, offer simple advice and direction. Help inspire others to chase their dreams, and breakthrough whatever is stopping them.

This doesn’t mean encouraging them to do something stupid, it might involve helping them redirect their passion. Or you could focus on what is going right, and remove what’s going wrong. Either way, make sure they know you’re looking out for their best interest. It’ll inspire them and you’ll see a huge difference in their life.

3. Encourage People To Chase Their Dreams While Learning How To Inspire Others

My favorite conversation topic is about pursuing dreams, and I don’t mean the sleeping ones. As awesome as some of them are. What you dream about is what inspires you. And when learning how to inspire others, you should learn how to share your dream. Use these dreams to help direct your life. I’ve had a lot of dreams in my life, but if you boil them down, it always involves helping others.

When you’re looking at a dream, what is the inspiration behind it? What is the driving force? These are the core things you should be looking at. When you help guide and direct others, keep them on that path. Help them see what they want, and it’ll inspire them to do better.

When I Inadvertinely Inspired A Friend Of Mine

A few years back, I was eating lunch with a friend who has some disabilities. We spoke for a while and I could tell he was frustrated. Eventually, everything came out. He was tired of living the way it was, living paycheck to paycheck, and needed another path. So I asked him, “What are your dreams?”

He responded with a few things, and while he spoke I finished my burger. All of them were surface items, but they had one common thread in them. Once I jumped into the conversation. I spoke from a different viewpoint and told him what I saw.

For years I’ve been trying to look at everything differently. It’s a skill that you have to develop, and I’m not there 100% yet. In truth, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be, but I love to think outside the box. It’s what makes me a great entrepreneur.

I gave him some ideas off the top of my head and reached out to others that could help him more. This was a tiny thing I did, but now he’s doing amazing, and I’m super proud of him. I can’t take credit for any of it, I just helped him find direction while he walked through the door. When you are inspirational, you’re not trying to be one, just help someone.

Learning How To Inspire Others Won’t Cost You A Dime.

When you are learning how to inspire people, or beyond learning, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. You’ll find a place deep inside of your heart, that you’ve never reached before. Being inspirational is something we all should strive to be.

I don’t try and be an inspiration, instead, I try to use my words to encourage people. Life sucks and it’s hard. Shouldn’t we all be out there trying to help others? People are angry, stressed out, and negative. How much better could we all be if we tried to encourage each other a little more? I wish more people would get this message, but the negativity is so loud, that the only way to counteract it, is to stay positive.

When you learn how to inspire others, it’ll help them achieve great things, and you’ll have a part in that. In turn, you’ll be inspired to do great things and they might help you. It’s a win/win situation.

People Don’t Lose Because Others Win

I’m really tired of this close-minded belief we have in America. It stops people from learning how to inspire others and lift them up. Just because I have more, doesn’t mean others have less. We all have time, imagination, and our own skillset. It’s time we use it.

To believe this is to believe skills, and imagination are finite. That is far from the truth, and you have the skills and abilities you need to be awesome. If you see everyone around you succeed, don’t be jealous. Spend time with them and find out what they’re doing. Maybe it’ll rub off on you, and you’ll be a success too.

Don’t forget to focus on the guy/girl next to you. If they’re struggling, stop and help them. This is why I think everyone needs to learn how to inspire others. You never know who you’re helping and what they’ll accomplish. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll need help too. Either way, if you stop and help, you could be an inspiration, and that’s worth a lot.

If you haven’t inspired anybody lately, I urge you, to step out of your comfort zone and speak with somebody. If you don’t know where to start, it’s time to learn how to inspire others. Just have a conversation, and be an encouragement.

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