Can Hope Be Dangerous?

Recently I read an article that stated there were 7 downsides to hope. While I agree that Hope is a dangerous thing. However, I inherently disagreed with the article and felt the person writing it was extremely pessimistic.

Having hope is what humans do, and without hope, life is boring and dull. There is no meaning. Without hope there is nothing to look forward to. Hope is a dangerous thing, that much is true. However hopelessness is death.

Why Hope Is A Dangerous Thing?

A lot of the dangers of having hope can be whittled down to short term fears and things you could avoid. Especially when you have some self awareness.

For instance, you might be hoping that your band will make it big someday. When you’re in High School, this is an awesome goal, and you should go for it. However, if you’re in your 40s or your 50s. You might wanna make it a weekend thing. Focus on something else, and just have some fun.

Hope Is A Dangerous Thing. Because Of Your Personal Biases.

One of the other things people hope for, is finding the one. They spend years pining over and waiting for a perfect person that’ll whisk them away. Hopefully, they’ll live forever finishing each others sandwiches. (I do love a good sandwich).

This is what makes hope dangerous you spend a lot of time waiting, and wishing. Instead of seeking, or making things better. If hope brings you to complacency, something is wrong. You should always be moving forward with hope, it’s not meant to be still.

No back to my example above, because it’ll confuse a lot of people. If you’re focused on finding the one, instead of waiting, focus on improving yourself. Make yourself into the type of person that the one you’re waiting for can’t live without. Then when you finally meet, you’re not leaving anything up to chance.

The beauty of self improvement, is that your perception and bias change while you’re building. Your focus will improve, and sharpen.

Make yourself better. Hope is a dangerous thing, but you can lessen the risk.

A Few Other Problems Can Arise From Hoping

  • Having Hope Can Set You Up For Unecessary Risks
  • It Can Blind You From A Bad Situation
  • Are You Wishing? Or Are You Hoping?

I didn’t wanna get into all of these, because I’d post the same information. One of the best things you can do in this life, especially when you’re hoping for something to happen. Is realize when you hope, it might not happen.

I hope to visit Florida this Summer. I hoped last summer too, and didn’t make it. When you’re hoping, it might not happen. However, you can always move towards your dreams and make them happen.

In another article, I wrote about dreaming big, and there’s nothing wrong about having big dreams. One of my dreams is to have a few websites that make me enough money where all I have to do is write all day.

That would be awesome.

However I’ve been doing this for two years, and I’m only now beginning to see the light.

Have I lost hope? Yes, quite a few times.

Do I still hope? Everyday, I wake up, and tell myself, “Today Is The Day.”

I might be lying to myself, however I also believe it’s about the journey and the destination. As I move towards my dreams and goals. I’m constantly improving myself. I’ve had 6 failed businesses in a short period of time. But success is a process, and if you haven’t failed you haven’t tried.

As a snowboard instructor. I ride with other instructors and we have a saying.

If You’re Not Falling. You’re Not Learning.

Skijammers Instructor

Why Do We Need Hope In Life?

In life I’ve been in a lot of situations where I thought I was going to die. I’ve forgotten a lot of these situations, but every time the dangerous passes. I get a rush of adrenaline. It’s the most alive I’ve ever felt.

When you are hoping, you’re not wishing. You’re believing for something better to come into your life. It’s a dream, and a goal that you want to happen. Yeah it might not happen the way you envisioned it. but there’s a reason you dreamed it up in the first place.

When Stifling Hope, You Kill The Future.

When you don’t have hope, what do you have? Nothing, because hope is the future. Hope is dangerous, because you’re wanting something that may or may not happen. It’s dangerous because you’re trying to make a change and in this world people strive to keep things the same.

Hope is dangerous, because it causes you to rise up, and make a change inside yourself. it reminds you that something needs to be changed, and unless you do something. Your hope is just a wish.

Kill The Negative Side Of Hope

I agree with the negatives of hoping that I wrote above, but I do not agree with that article. To not hope is stagnation and death. Hope is dangerous, but hopelessness is death.

I’d rather live with the danger.

What Is The Power Of Hope?

So you wanna hope, and see your dreams come to pass? But you’ve lived a life of fear and anxiety. Below I’m placing a list of steps that can help you on your way. These are generalities, but use them as sign posts to see what route to go. What do you do first?

Who Are You?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself. It’s a question I asked myself after I found myself alone in High School. My father was removed from our house because my mom was tired of his abuse.

I spent years trying to figure out who I was. Dig deep into yourself, what makes you happy. What things make you sad. Forgive those who’ve hurt you, and connect with the creator who made you.

Know What You Want? Hope Is Very Dangerous

Recognizing what you want and achieving it are 2 different things. When you’re hoping for something and you’re trying to make it happen. The path to your goal will change as you move. If you know what you want, use that to direct and focus you.

Why Do We Need Hope In Life?

When you have hope and no plan, you’re just wishing, and with that you might as well throw a coin into the fountain, because chances are. Nothing is going to happen.

plan your goal out, but understand, things will change and stuff will transpire. Heck on the path you’ve setup, you might find a diversion or two that you didn’t know about, but you really enjoy.

It’s how I finally wrote my first book, and became a writer. Now I can’t see my life without it.

Hope Is Dangerous. Because If You Do It Right, You Can Transform Your Life Into Something Awesome. Hope Is powerful, but like fire or electricity, it must be wielded properly.

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