7 Steps To Developing A Generous Heart

Having a generous heart can be difficult. Most people think their money isn’t going to do much. Or they think it will be used for nefarious purposes. However, I think giving is a God-given responsibility for all people. There’s always someone in a worse place, and blessing them could be the catalyst for change in their life.

However, before we begin, I want to share a story about generosity and having a generous heart.

What Does It Mean To Have A Generous Heart?

Having a generous heart isn’t something you have to train for. Instead, it’s something you need to keep your eyes open for. Look around you and see what everyone around you is like. What are their needs? Do they have enough? Is there something you can do, that’ll bless them?

This might be as simple as giving some encouragement. Or as intense as paying someone’s bills. People who are generous, generally don’t view their belongings as belonging to them.

Instead, they see themselves as stewards of their property, until somebody comes along that needs them more.

My Story Generous Heart Story.

Currently, I have a side job in the grocery delivery field, and I have a ton of fun doing it. Through the job, I meet a lot of people, get some great exercise, and help people who are in need. However today I was blindsided and it affected me on a deep level. Maybe it was because my father just passed away and I’m still a bit emotional about that.

I was at Target, in the checkout lane, and the lines were beginning to get long since it was the day before Thanksgiving. When I looked behind me, I saw an older man with a cane walk up to the line. He was holding 4-5 small items and looked like he was struggling to stay on his feet. I looked at the people in line, and I made a decision.

Waving and getting his attention, I called out, “Sir, You can go ahead me.”

He responded with a smile and proceeded to walk forward, passing by. So I asked how his day was going. His reply was, “Slowly.” Of course, he said that with a grin.

I didn’t even think about the people he passed in the line, they might’ve been mad or didn’t care. In actuality, to me, it didn’t matter either. The cashier rang up his items, and he was having issues paying for his groceries.

You Have To Be Quick Witted And Able To Jump In And Help:

He swiped his first credit card, and it was rejected because he didn’t know the pin. Then he pulled out his second card. This was rejected for a similar reason. Then he looked extremely sad at the cashier and asked. “What do I do now?” The cashier didn’t know what to say and shrugged her shoulders. I think she was about to send him over to customer service when I jumped in.

Making eye contact with him I spoke up. “Sir, don’t worry about this, I’ll pay for your groceries.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but one of the people in line behind me had started to walk forward. He tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You’ve been nice enough already.”

I was shocked and thought the worst. What right did he have to say that? So I turned around expecting to confront an angry shopper. However, when I turned around, I became shocked.

“You’ve done enough, Let me buy his groceries. I’d like to help too.”

So I stepped aside grinning the whole time. After everything was paid for. The elderly man thanked both of us, and he left on his way. Slowly shuffling out the door.

That happened this morning, and I’m still thinking about it. Generosity is contagious. Don’t ever forget that.

Building A Generous Heart?

Having a heart of generosity can be summed up pretty simply.

  1. Understand Your Possessions Aren’t Always Yours
  2. Look For Opportunities and People In Need
  3. Give to those around you. Especially when you see hardship.

Generosity is the opposite of greed. Whenever I feel myself becoming a hoarder, it usually means I’ve stopped giving.

If you’d like to develop a generous heart. Go outside, head towards the mall, or the area of town that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. Look at the people and look at what you have.

You can never give more than you have, however sometimes what you have is another person’s miracle.

I always encourage people to go somewhere they aren’t familiar with and look around. Study people, others might call this person watching. After you’ve looked enough, you’ll see the ones in need, and hopefully, that’ll tug at your heart.

Then all you’ve gotta do is look at what you have, and see what can help. As a side note, sometimes you’re just the middle man/woman and it’s your place to connect them with someone else.

Maybe it’s a friend, coworker, etc. but sometimes you’re also the bridge to the blessing.

How to Have A Generous Heart

Kind And Generous Hearts.

If you’re not giving, then how can you be loving? When you love other people you’ll be giving. I’ve done many things for people in my life. I’ve filled up gas tanks and bought dinner and groceries for people. However, there have been other times that I’ve focused on myself. I’ve walked by the homeless, ignored people in need, and gotten angry at people asking for help.

Every time I’ve done this, I’ve left feeling like a horrible person. The feeling leaves quickly if there’s nothing I could’ve done. However, if I know that I could’ve helped, and I left. It’ll feel like a horrible person.

And Why Should I Not Feel That Way? I Did A Horrible Thing. I could’ve helped someone, and I chose not to.

Whenever I struggle with my faith, it happens semi-regularly. There’s always a serious drop in generosity. My generous heart goes out the window and I become selfish holding tightly to my possessions.

Having a generous heart is a great litmus test for your spiritual well-being.

7 Ways To Develop A Generous Heart?

To be generous you have to love, and you have to care about a person’s situation. While I do put limitations on my generosity, that by no means stops me from giving.

In addition to that, you have to look around and see the people around you. Ask yourself what they need. And do I have a way that could help them?

This is how you develop a generous heart. By removing yourself from your view, and placing others in it.

  1. Make a choice to stop loving what you have.
  2. Understand that God is your source.
  3. Open your eyes to everyone around you.
  4. See their needs
  5. Look at your abundance.
  6. Ask if your abundance can fill their need.
  7. Give.

that is the essence of having a generous heart.


The Opposite Of A Generous Heart

When you have a generous heart, you don’t really have to worry about greed. However, it’s always there waiting to grab and pull you back into a world of hoarding.

Whenever I feel that my money is tight, and I have to hold onto everything to survive. I get a feeling that it’s time to hold back. I start to wonder if I should stop giving.

However, I’ve trained myself to believe in these times, that I need to give more. When you live your life with open hands, doors of opportunity will open up for you. Sometimes faster than you’d expect.

Don’t let yourself fall for greed. It’s a lonely road, and when you help others build their lives, it’s rewarding to see them live it.

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