Stop Experiencing Fear Without Reason And Powerful Tips To Overcome It.

Throughout my childhood and adult life, I’ve had an issue. It usually happens during the darkest, most quiet part of the night. I’ll wake up out of the blue, and a terror has gripped me. Sometimes there’s a spiritual element to it, and sometimes it’s a fear without reason.

When you’re afraid it’s your body’s way of telling you to be on guard, to stand ready. However some people allow themselves to be paralyzed by their fear, and this defeats the purpose. In my book Hurricane Jerald, I go over a lot of concepts about fear, and how to overcome it. Check it out if you’re interested in reading my story.

Fear Without Meaning

If you’re reading this because you google fear in the middle of the night, I hope this helps. Whatever you’re facing can be defeated and you can have a solid nights sleep. I promise that. The following pages aren’t a step by step process or anything like that. Instead it contains the truth, and I hope you can take a logical look at things.

Fear is an emotion, and as such, it can run roughshod over every area of your mind, but only if you allow it. In fact when your episode of anxiety goes away, (and it will pass) sometimes you’ll wonder what gripped you so strongly.

While the emotions feel so real at that point in time, you have to understand. It’s impossible to stay that worked up for any length of time. You just can’t, the body cannot do it, even panic attacks have to end. They might come back, but eventually the body will get tired. That’s when you can get to work.

God Has Not Given Us A Spirit Of Fear, But Of Power, Love, And Self-Control.

2 Timothy 1:7

Have You Ever Been In Love?

To better clarify my post above, we’ll use a different emotion. We’ll use love, and if you’ve ever been in love, you understand the warm fuzzy feeling that you start out with, aren’t necessarily what you have 6 months to a year down the road.

I’m not saying the love goes away, but it does transform into something different, and I’d argue it’s even a stronger bond, however the point I wanted to make involves the emotional intensity.

When that much time has passed, it goes away, and what you’re left with is something like a foundation to build on.

Sadly enough…it’s the same thing with fear and anxiety.

Why Am I Panicking For No reason?

Using my example above, when you wake up in the middle of the night, there is definitely a reason, even if it isn’t evident at the moment in time. In fact most of the time it’s a couple of different reasons that have decided to attack me from all sides.

That’s when I wake up in a cold sweat, and for the rest of the night, I’m doomed to walk my empty, lonely apartment with insomnia.

Look deep into your heart/mind. What are the things you are anxious about? Are there things that continue to come to mind, and you keep pushing them back? Even simple things can add up. These are things you need to deal with by making a plan, and taking a long look at them.

There’s a lie that you’ve been listening too. It states that you’re weird, and there’s no problem. Everyone deals with this, and they don’t wanna hear this. That is such a lie, and I urge you not to believe it.

The truth, is that there is someone who will listen if you speak to them about your fears and anxiety. Find someone to talk with. Whether it’s a friend, family member, co-worker, or church attendee.

There has to be someone, fighting this battle alone is difficult, but not impossible.

Fear Without Solution

This is one of the scariest fears. When there’s no solution and a really big problem lies in front of you. I faced this type of problem a few times in my life, and there’s a few time honored choices you can make that’ll help you win this battle.

  1. Find someone to talk to about it. (are you getting a theme here?) Make it someone not closely involved but able to see the issue.
  2. Try and see the issue from a different angle.
  3. Take a break. Go outside, do a hobby, watch a movie. Take a nap. Sometimes the solution will come up when you least expect it.
  4. Give up and walk away…at least for a time. If you’ve been trying extremely hard and you can’t make headway. There’s no shame in walking away. Whether it’s permanent or temporary depends on the problem, and on you.

I firmly don’t believe in fear without solutions. I believe there’s an answer to everything, we just need to look more.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Fear And Anxiety?

There’s a dichotomy to this, I have a strong faith in God, and believe he’s watching me in every situation. Whether things turn out good or bad, I know something beautiful will come from it. As long as I choose to grow and not get bitter, things will turn out alright.

Fear Without Faith

My whole life I’ve always had faith. So it’s a little hard for me to write about this. However when are afraid without faith, what do you hold onto? Is there are rock you can grab in the middle of the storm?

2 months ago I had a panic attack. I’ve had a few of these in my life. Another time was when my mom told me she had cancer. I passed out in front of her.

It happened in the middle of the night, and I honestly thought I was going to die. My heart was racing, and my face was burning. As I reached for my phone and car keys (somehow I thought I could drive) I heard God speak to me. He said I should pray, and I did. I stumbled around my living room in the dark for the better part of an hour and found peace.

Fear With God

Since that fateful night, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night scared anymore. I don’t feel the need to sleep with a Katana next to me, and don’t feel weird in the dark without a weapon.

It’s like the fear has been removed, and God will do the same for you. All you have to do is ask him. I’m not telling you to join a church, but I am telling you to reach out to him. Especially during times like you’re facing. He will meet you there, and stand against the darkness for you.

I now he will, because he loves you just like he loves me, and that is what really matters in this world.

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