Why Entrepreneurship Isn’t For Everyone. The Loneliness of Building A Business

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone; I know that sounds harsh but it’s reality. I’ve been in this realm for the last few years and it’s hard. Being an entrepreneur isn’t a walk in the park.

In fact, I’ve wanted to say forget this and quit many times. Take a second and look at my blog post dates. You’ll see a huge gap between August 2020 and January 2020. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I gave up for a little while, and that’s ok because I needed a break. However I’m back now, and I know some of you are ready to quit, and you need some encouragement.

Entrepreneurship Isn’t For Everybody, and here’s why.

To be a good entrepreneur you need a few things, and if you don’t have them it’s fine, however, I suggest figuring this all out first before you begin.

  1. You need to be passionate about the business topic.
  2. Don’t move without a vision of what you’re doing.
  3. Have a plan and contingencies in place.
  4. Get a mentor.

In another post, I wrote about why entrepreneurs fail. Check out my blog about that once you finish reading this post.

Entrepreneurs Need Passion:

One thing I’ve learned while working for myself is that I need passion, and back in August I was burnt out. So I stopped writing. There was nothing left in me.

I was making .01 cents per day (the big money), and my effort wasn’t matching the reward.

So I took a few months off, and I reevaluated things. My snowboarding site SnoFallGear was doing great. So I decided to focus on that.

However, there has been something burning inside of me, wanting to come out and share here again.

Because I know if you’re reading this, you’re in a spot of doubt. I’ll tell you this if you don’t have passion for your idea you need to reevaluate what you’re doing.

Life is short, do what you love, and if you aren’t passionate about your business, make some changes. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but that’s because not everyone will put the work in.

There’s a lot of late nights, early mornings (usually back to back). the only thing that will get you through is passion.

Don’t Move Without A Vision:

If you have a passion that’s good, but vision is what will guide and direct you. Vision is what your end goal will look like, and vision is what guides you on your path.

If you don’t have vision, passion will drive you in circles.

Have A Plan;

Passion pushes you forward, the vision is the destination, and the plan keeps you in line.

The plan is like bumpers when you’re bowling. It keeps you going in the right direction while focused on the plan ahead.

Entrepreneurship Isn’t For Everyone; Get a Mentor

Find someone who’s been where you are, and pick their brain. Recently I met up with a guy in the furniture industry. I didn’t think we had much in common at first. However, we started talking about internet marketing and clicked.

You never know who you’ll meet, and who can give you valuable information.

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