Ehud The Biblical Assasin Who Delivered Israel.

In the Bible, Ehud was a judge of Israel who is mentioned in the Book of Judges, specifically in Judges 3:12-30. He was chosen by God to deliver the Israelites from the Moabite oppression.

I love his story and found it as a young child while reading the Bible. I think it fascinated me because he was left-handed and it talks about the King going to poop.

Even after those topics, this story is about God coming and delivering his people from oppression. It’s about God empowering his people and their leaders to take back what is theirs.

According to the biblical account, the Israelites had been under the rule of King Eglon of Moab for 18 years. Ehud, who was from the tribe of Benjamin, was chosen by God to confront Eglon and deliver his people. And was described as being left-handed, which would prove to be significant in the story.

Ehud devised a plan to assassinate King Eglon. He crafted a double-edged sword and concealed it on his right thigh, as the guards would typically only check the left thigh for weapons. Ehud then presented a tribute to King Eglon, claiming he had a secret message for him. With the king’s permission, Ehud was granted a private audience in Eglon’s cool upper chamber.


Ehud Came Prepared

Once alone with the king, Ehud declared that he had a message from God and then swiftly drew his sword from his right thigh and stabbed King Eglon. The Bible describes the act as such: “And the haft also went in after the blade, and the fat closed upon the blade so that he could not draw the dagger out of his belly, and the dirt came out.” (Judges 3:22)

After assassinating King Eglon, Ehud escaped while the guards assumed the king was relieving himself. He then blew a trumpet in the mountains of Ephraim, rallying the Israelites to wage war against the Moabites. Under Ehud’s leadership, the Israelites successfully defeated the Moabites, and the land had rest for 80 years.


Takeaways From His Life:

Ehud’s story highlights his bravery, resourcefulness, and God’s faithfulness in delivering the Israelites from oppression.

Personally, I always loved this story while growing up. I’m left-handed and I thought it was the greatest thing ever when he assassinated the fat king.

I think one of the bigger takeaways from this story is that while situations can seem strange. God’s deliverance is on its way. In fact, I think we need to remember that our deliverer is coming, and he’s got an epic sense of humor.

Whatever situation you might find yourself in. God is coming, keep praying, keep fighting, and don’t give up. His timing isn’t the same as yours, and when you finally see that deliverance coming, it’ll be the greatest relief you ever see.


In my life I’ve been in many problematic situations, It usually feels like I’m going into one, or coming out of another. But every time I focus on God, he gives me strength, and I make it through. Then I realize how much stronger I am, and I know you’ll be better for it too.

This story, while not well known is a story we all should be familiar with. We can be the leader God needs, and the person who brings deliverance to God’s people.

What will you do in a crisis? Has God called you to do anything? What is on your heart? It’s time to rise up and be the people God has called us to be. We need to speak unashamed and let our voices be heard. Only then will we find deliverance.

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