A Christian Prayer; Asking God To Move

I woke up this morning, with a horrible pain in my gut, my normal routine was completely ruined. Usually I’ll grab my phone, and lay on the couch while my breakfast is cooking. Not today, I had horrible dreams that ruined my sleep. I didn’t remember the dreams, only a sense of guilt and depression. Then a thought rose in my head; Christians should be praying for New York.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock the last couple of days, you must have heard about New Yorks newest abortion law. The one where Late term abortions are legalized. It was signed with a lot of cheering, smiling, and fanfare.

I wasn’t smiling, I was devastated. To me it is legalized murder. A few moments later, I picked up my phone, and to my horror I saw Christians, writing about the horror of it. Yes it’s horrible, but a small (minuscule even) loud minority, was attacking people. Telling them they were going to hell, and God didn’t love them.

Christian Means Christ-Like

It frustrates me, when people take the name of the God I love, and the use it to push hate and shame onto others. Check your heart, are you doing this out of anger? Out of pride? What is driving you right now?

  • Do I hate abortion? YES.
  • Do I Hate The Mothers Who Abort Their Babies? NO.
  • Can we hate Doctors Who Perform Abortions? NO.

There is a huge difference, I hate the action, not the person. This is why Christians should be praying instead of freaking out. While some of those accounts are from trolls. Even if one is real, you need to check which spirit you’re following.

Being a follower of Jesus, means surrendering your life to him, and allowing him to work in you. What good are you doing when you call another person a bigot, or a murderer?

We are all created by God.

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Romans 3:23

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.

Romans 5:8

A Call To Prayer For All Christians

Maybe God will do something if we pray? It was a question on my heart all morning, and at first I thought of messaging some friends and seeing what would happen. As the day went on, I felt that it was something that needed to be greater than me. The Church needs a call to action, and this was it.

Would we finally draw a line? Why doesn’t the Church rise up, and do something? Christians should be praying for New York, not belittling it, and certainly not raging against it.

But to those of you who will listen, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,

Luke 6:28

As an added bonus, New York isn’t our enemy. They are family that has fallen. What will you do, to protect your family?

A Prayer For Healing

I’ve spent the last couple of paragraphs talking about what we can’t do, now I’d like to state what we can do. We can pray. I know a lot of people felt the wind knocked out of them, but there is power in prayer. If we unify in prayer, maybe God will do something greater?

I don’t have a word from God on this, I just feel horrified, and know something has to be done. The only weapon worthwhile in my arsenal, is prayer. Just like Jonathan said to his armor-bearer years ago (1 Samuel 14:6) Maybe God will do something.

Silence is not an option. We have generations of Women, emotionally scarred from abortions. Men who never saw their son or daughter, and lives snuffed out before they could begin.

There is so much pain in my last paragraph, we don’t even know the extent of it.

What Should Christians Be Praying For?

Christians should be praying for New York, but to focus our prayers I’ve begun a list, my list is pretty fluid currently, because it’s off the top of my head.

  1. We should be praying for the mothers, who are considering abortions, and the mothers who’ve had abortions. Major studies have concluded that major psychological complications have occurred in women who’ve aborted babies. Click Here to view the study.
  2. Pray for the fathers. Ask God to install a conscience in them, and to not be afraid.
  3. Start Praying for the Governor of New York, and the legislators. Ask God to move in their hearts.

“The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.” 

Proverbs 21:1 (Sorry, for some reason I used the KJV version but I like the word whithersoever)

Christians Keep Fighting The Wrong Battles

When abortion was first legalized, they said it was for cases of incest and rape. Now they say it’s for the mothers health in the final trimester. Where does this slipperily slope end?

I don’t know why God laid this on my heart, and I don’t know why it’s burning so brightly inside of me. I am not going to shut up about it.

How can we fix the world? On our knees, praying, and asking God to transform our hearts.

As Christians, we should be praying more, but we also need to stop attacking people. Jesus said the world would know us by our love. If we spend more time with God, we’ll love people more, and thus show Jesus more.

The Power Of Prayer Can Change The World

I don’t think the Church understands the power we have. How many times in the Old Testament did God ask the Israelites to pray for deliverance? Once they prayed it came.

Honestly, if we humble ourselves and pray, we will see God move in an amazing and miraculous way. I don’t even think we can know what would happen.

When Christians unify in prayer, great things can happen. When I was in Masters Commission, we were in Phoenix, Arizona for a Convention. During the convention a performer fell on the gourd hard. He landed on his spinal column, and started convulsing.

This happened in front of more than 300 people, all of us Masters Students of staff. I’m not sure how it started, it might’ve been everyone at once, but a huge swelling rose, and everyone rose to their feet as one. We all extended our hands in prayer. We prayed in the spirit, and out loud. The paramedics were working on the performer the whole time.

He was wheeled out, and the praying died down, it had gone on for some time, and It felt like we’d touched heaven.

A few hours later, it was announced the performer was doing well. He was going to be released that day or the next. I can’t remember which.

A Prayer From Christians Asked The Holy Spirit To Act.

  1. I’m certain that man was healed and/or protected from major harm. The way he was convulsing on the ground was not normal.
  2. >300 prayer warrior rose up as one, declaring health and healing over him. The memory still gives me chills.

Why Am I Calling This?

I want to see what God will do? I’m tired of sitting still, believing that everything is ok. I know what’s wrong, and it’s time I take a stand against it. It’s time I fight, and the only way I can, is through prayer.

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