Choose Your Future; How To Start Winning At Life Today.

When I was growing up everything seemed very simple. I believed that you wanted something bad enough, the world couldn’t stop me. However, I’ve learned since then, that no matter how much I want something. I’m usually the one who stops me from achieving my dream. Making the choice today is great, but will I make the same choice tomorrow? You Choose Your Future every day, and the sum of those choices is the present. So Choose wisely, your future depends on it.

I started this blog and another called SnoFallGear at the same time. Both were birthed out of a desire to change my life, and transform the lives of others. This desire for change is a passion of mine, and it’s what drives me every day.

A truth we need to discover in life stems from choosing. As people, we tend to embrace our triumphs and achievements. They are owned by us, and we earned them. However, we take our failures and blame others for them. Someone had a grudge against you, or something failed that shouldn’t have.

How often do we look at our failures, and ask ourselves what could we have done better?

What Does Winning At Life Mean?

Choosing your future and going for it is where your path begins. For me, it began with giving my life to Jesus. My relationship with him didn’t make my life easier, in many ways it became more difficult. However, the more I chased dreams and goals, the less alone I felt.

For me, winning at life is a life lived to the fullest, and that life to the fullest is with Jesus. A lot of people have a bad view of Jesus, they think when you give your life to him it means boredom.

Instead, I’ve discovered who I am, I take risks, and I’ve accomplished things I never would have gone after alone.

Winning at life, is becoming the man or woman you were created to be, and the only way you can become that person. Is with the one who created you.

Choosing Your Future, Starts With One Daily Choice

Many people get up every morning and read some awesome self help blog. Their resolve grows in their hearts, and they decide to make a change. Most of those changes only last a few days.

When you choose to make a change, it has to be a daily change. Your future is written every day by every choice you make, and guess what, not making a choice is still making one.

Recently I was on the phone with someone close to me. She was complaining about her life, and in recent years it’s all she’s done. Finally, I got annoyed and interrupted her.

“Why Don’t You Make A Change,” I asked?

She stopped, stunned wondering what I meant, and so I told her.

“Life isn’t about just sitting around waiting for things to happen. God created you to move, act, and think. If nothings happening, maybe you should make a decision and do something.”

I don’t know if my words did anything for her, but I know they spoke to me.

Choose Your Future, Because Nobody Else Will

Many times we will tie our futures to other peoples. Instead of going off and developing our own skills and abilities, we’ll take the easy way out. We tie ourselves to an organization or person that’s doing something that we find interesting,

Then we find ourselves there for 40 years.

Eventually and almost too late you realized that you had the chance to choose your future, and you chose safety. Choosing the future you want involves risk, it isn’t safe, and there’s almost no way to mitigate the risk.

Choose You Future; What I Did.

The End of June 2020 marks an anniversary for me. It’s the anniversary of when I finally decided to choose my future. I didn’t want to live enslaved anymore and couldn’t take it another minute.

It wasn’t my job that enslaved me.

My mindset was what bound me up. I was scared to take a step, scared to move forward. Finally when everything in my heart had boiled up, and I was about to explode. A choice was made.

I walked into the office of my company and quit my job.

Now to take a few steps back, my job was for a great company. There was nothing wrong with it. However, it took up most of my time, my efforts, and by the time I got home every night. I couldn’t do much else.

It enveloped my life, and I wasn’t happy building someone else’s empire. I wanted my own. No matter how small it would be.

The Next 2 1/2 Years

I wish I could write that I found success fast, money came pouring in, and I was able to travel the world helping people. In fact, I barely can be considered successful now. But I wouldn’t trade the world for all the experiences I had recently.

Instead of success, I found failure, at least 7 times over, and that’s not counting my 20+ ideas that never got off the ground. Most of these failed due to lack of funding or feasibility. I fought and bled for my ideas, and I was grinning the whole time.

When I got to Choose my path, it awakened something in me. It gave me a dependence on Jesus, and a focus that I’ve never had. My life has been changed, and it’s easily been for the better.

Yeah I don’t have the large bank account anymore, and my A/C in my Jetta has stopped working, But now I’m content, and excited for the future. It’s a choice I made 2 1/2 years ago, but continue to make every morning.

What Are Your Dreams?

As you’re reading this, my hope is that your dreams, skills, and desires come up. What do you want to accomplish in this life? Are you waiting for something to happen? Or are you going to make it happen?

Jesus has given you the skill, and ability. All he needs now is for you to ask for his guidance. What have you got to lose?

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