Chase Your Dreams, And Transform Your Life

I’m a very stubborn person, and because of that I have a strong desire for being persistent, and often refuse to give up. This is the case when I’m passionate about something. When you chase your dreams. It should be the same way.

In the long run it’s a very good thing, however in the last two years I’ve learned that I need to throw in the towel sometimes.

It mostly stemmed from analyzing my time and discovering how much of it I was wasting. When building your dream it feels like nothing will stop you. However you’ll alway hit road blocks and find things to slow you down.

How Do You Know When To Quit? Or Overcome?

I’m going to write in some generalities here, hopefully it’ll give you some focus and direction to make the right choices. First off, everyone is different, and every situation is different.

Whatever variables you’re looking at, they’re unique to you, however overcoming the problems you face don’t have to be.

What Does It Mean To Chase Your Dreams?

You Should chase your dreams just to see if you can do it. Personally, I don’t wanna wake up 50 years from now and wonder what could’ve happened. So if I have something in my heart, and it just sits there. Chasing your dreams is knowing you can fail, but instead, you’re moving forward.

When you chase your dreams you’ll need to be persistent. Persistence is what separates the people who fail from the ones who succeed.

What Is A Persistent Person?

I like to define this as a person who doesn’t give up, there are constantly fighting for their beliefs, projects, or people. They aren’t swayed by small problems, and they always overcome the big ones.

When they persevere, they succeed.

Chase Dreams And Stay Persistent.

For the most part, I would say having a strong sense of persistence can be the driving force to chase your dreams. However, there are a few negatives involved with persistence.

  1. If You’re Not Careful, You Can Develop Tunnel Vision.
  2. Holding On Tight Can Bring Strong Emotional Attachments and It’ll Be Harder To Let Things Go If Failure Is Imminent.

Chasing Dreams Can Give Tunnel Vision

A lot of times when people are focused on something, they tend to develop tunnel vision letting other areas of their life fall apart. When this happens it’s called tunnel vision.

The reason tunnel vision can be so negative is that it takes your sight away from other important things in life. For an example we’ll go with an old stereotype:

The Business Man Who Works So Hard He Loses his Family.

This person is a hard-working person, they have vision and desire to become better. Chances are they have that job to provide a life for their family. However, they focus so much on the job, that they forget the purpose of it.

It’s a really sad story that happens all too often.

Chasing Dreams Become Emotional Attachments

Sometimes we get focused and persistent on something and we need to let go. A prime example of this comes from my own life. Almost 3 years ago I quit my job and went into entrepreneurship. I had 7 failed business plans in 2 years.

Most of them were do too poor planning and to much excitement, and I lost a lot of money and time working on them. However, I learned quite a few skills in that period of time. In addition to that, I learned how to let things go, even if I was emotionally invested in the project.

The project in question was my Shopify store. I wanted that store to work, but ultimately it became a failure because I didn’t do my research and it would have been a financial/time pit.

Sometimes you gotta throw in the towel.

What Are The Benefits Of Chasing Your Dreams?

I think there are a lot of benefits to this, however, there is risk involved, and you have to understand that. Below are things that can happen either way when you’re persistent and chasing your dreams.

  1. It Helps You Grow
  2. You See All Aspects Of The Project
  3. You Learn And Adapt To Make Things Work

I don’t know what else to write. In reality, being persistent is a good thing, but throwing in the towel has to be your choice.

When Should You Throw In The Towel?

Throwing in the towel is obviously metaphoric, but knowing when to throw it is a science. The phrase comes from boxing when the trainer would throw a towel into the ring. It signals surrender, which is a term I don’t write about often. I don’t like the term, but sometimes you’ve gotta live to fight another fight, and the current ones is something you can’t win.

When To Stop Chasing Your Dreams:

  1. A Project Has Become Too Costly
  2. It Will Take To Much Time To Complete
  3. I’m Not Passionate About It
  4. There Is A Much Better Way

I need to throw in a disclaimer here, I’m writing a lot about work and entrepreneurial pursuits. However, I’m only using these as examples. Feel free to reword the sentences to your own situation.

I dated this girl once and things were going really well. We were together for around 6 months and things were beginning to get serious. Then out of the blue, I started getting ghosted.

This was rough on me, it was one of my first real relationships, and I didn’t know what happened. However, looking back now I can tell you a few things.

  • I had tunnel vision – My other relationships (friends, family, etc.) suffered greatly.
  • The emotional attachments ran deep in my heart – I couldn’t help that, but I can choose to be a better person than I did.

Eventually, I choose to cut the relationship loose and let her go. it was a tough decision, but she’d already made her choice about me, and there was nothing I could do.

Stop Chasing Dreams, When Is The Time Is Right?

There’s a few quick questions I like to ask when I start thinking about surrendering.

  1. What Amount Of Energy am I Putting Into This?
  2. How Much Time Have I Spent On This?
  3. Is It Worth It?
  4. What Are The Perceivable Benefits To Accomplishing This?
  5. Is #4 Even Possible Anymore?
  6. If So, How Long Will It Take To Achieve, (Short/Long Guesstimate)
  7. Is This A Focus I Should Have? Or Should Something Else Take Precedence?

I’m pretty sure there are a few other questions to ask. However these questions help me take a objective look at what I’m doing, and help make a focused decision about them.

Chase Your Dreams Or Throw In The Towel

Things are going to happen in life, and you aren’t responsible for what happens to you, however, you are responsible for the way you react. That’s the only thing you have power over.

Being persistent is a great personality trait, however, you can’t allow it to give you tunnel vision. Because that will blind you to the world around you, and you’ll really miss out on life.

Stick to your guns and chase your dreams and goals, and when it’s time to throw in the towel, see what you can learn from the situation. In that way you didn’t fail, because something was learned.

And That Knowledge Will Help You In The Future.

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