Jesus Is The Way Truth And The Life

How Jesus Died; The Most Significant Death In History.

Jesus Died

Many people read about How Jesus died and they stop right afterward. They don’t realize the significance of his death, and even worse, they don’t understand the significance of his resurrection.

I think people have trouble believing in the resurrection of Christ because it seems very far off. However, the whole story of Jesus seems far off. Think about it:

  • He Was Born From A Virgin Birth
  • Jesus Was The Son Of God
  • He Performed Many Miracles And Healings
  • His Life Transformed The World

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in Jesus and I think when you understand How Jesus died, it can help you learn how to live. (cheesy pun intended)

How Jesus Died:

Jesus died a slow and painful death on the Cross. When one is crucified they don’t die from pain, bloodloss, or dehydration. Instead crucifixion is a form of asphyxiation.

The feet are nailed to the wood and the body has no place to stand. Every breath is gained by standing on those nails though your ankles. Your also pulling yourself up by the nails in your hands.

Eventually the body tires and it can’t breath.

This is how people die on a cross.

However, at the end of Jesus’s life, he said, “It is finished,” and the Bible says he gave up the ghost.

It’s almost like he chose to lay down his life instead of letting it be taken from him.

How Jesus Lived:

In the Bible, we have Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John describing the life of Jesus. Every story that’s written about him shows a compassionate, loving, and transforming man.

Everywhere he went there was love for people, change for people, and guidance. This guidance was to help refocus people onto the kingdom of heaven.

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

This is how Jesus lived and died in a nutshell. Jesus lived and died for you, and me. He loved us too much that he came and died so we could know him. The brokenness we feel in this world is our fault. We broke our ties with God and he’s given us the ability to fix the broken link.

Jesus is that link.

I gave my life to him years ago, and I will continue to live for him.

Did Jesus Become God? Or Has He Always Been The Son Of God?

Did Jesus Become God

There’s a lot of questions about Jesus that people try to push as teaching. Some are based on fact and make sense while others are outright lies. Did Jesus become God? Or has he always been his son?

Let’s take a look at what the Bible says about Jesus.

16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave[a] his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. 17 God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.

John 3:16-17

Above we see that God sent his son, and if Jesus is the son of God that would make him equal to God right?

At the very least Jesus the verses make him a hero or a savior, but being God is slightly inferring due to his father being God.

Jesus Is God: He Called Himself “I AM”

In the book of exodus, thousands of years before Jesus arrives on the scene. We see a conversation around a burning bush between God and Moses. During this conversation, Moses asks him whom shall I say sent me, and God responds saying, I AM.

When God said I AM, he was making a statement that most people won’t notice at first. God is saying he is, and will be. When he says I AM he’s saying that he is the preexistent one, and will always be.

That is why God said I AM.

So Did Jesus Become God?

Jesus never became God, he always was God. In fact Jesus says the term I am so many times in the New Testament it can’t be a coincidence. Below are a couple of quotes from him.

Then Jesus told her, “I am the Messiah!”

John 14:26

35 Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

John 6:35

58 Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth before Abraham was even born, I am!”

John 8:58

John 8:58 is one of the more prominent verses. Here Jesus is stating that’s been around longer than Abraham. In fact during the Old Testament there is an Angel of the Lord that shows up from time to time.

The Angel of the Lord is different than regular angels. Regular angels don’t let themselves be worshiped while the angel of the lord is OK with it.

That is definitely something to chew on.

He’s The Son Of God:

Awhile back I wrote a blog about Jesus being the way. I just put the link in there and believe you should check it out.

I believe we are created by God, he formed us out of clay, and breathed life into us. The we disobeyed him and cut our connection with him.

The only way to restore it, was to send a perfect sacrifice. If Jesus were a man that became God, he couldn’t be the perfect sacrifice. He’d be a bull or a ram, just like they sacrificed in the Old Testament.

Jesus never became God, he’s always been God, and he loves you. Give your life to him today.

What Christianity Means, And Its Power Today.

What Christianity Means

The idea of basic Christianity is something that has been splintered in recent years. Personally I view it as something easy, and yet it’s complex. It’s easy when we follow the words of Jesus. He tells us to love one another, our enemies, and obey the authorities above us.

However, it’s been 2,000 years since Jesus walked this earth, and unfortunately many religions have clouded his words. They’ve added extra rules and regulations into the truth he brought us.

This alone is reason to be suspect of many teachings. However we can always turn to the Bible and find the truth. That’s what I’ll be focusing a lot of attention on today.

What Is The True Meaning Christianity?

First let me make this simple. A Christian is someone who follows the teachings of Jesus, they’ve taken up his cross and they’re following him daily. A Christian is someone who believes Jesus is the Son of God, and that he died and rose again. All so we could be with him and God the father in heaven.

I’ll be breaking that down more, however in our world there’s a huge discrepancy in what it means to follow Jesus, many people are Christians in name only, they attend a church once a week, and believe that makes them a follower of Christ. That’s a dangerous game to play and that doesn’t make you a Christian at all.

What Are The Basics Of Christianity?

The Basics of Christianity are pretty simple. Jesus sums it up in many different ways.

  1. Love God with all your heart. Your Soul, And Sprit.
  2. Love Others Like You Love Yourself.

A lot of people are going to read that and say, “but what about repentance?”

I belief repentance is part of #1. In order to fully love God, one needs to turn from their wicked ways and follow Christ. You cannot love God and the world. It’s like mixing oil and water.

To follow Jesus is to believe that he is the son of God, believe that he died for everyone in the world, and to believe that God has raised him from the dead.

Any other belief isn’t Christianity, and it’s a false formless derivative. the Bible talks about this type of religion. It says they have the form of godliness but deny the power thereof (2 Timothy 3:5)

Whenever someone speaks about the Bible, a good test of their core beliefs is what they believe about Jesus. If they don’t proclaim his as the Son of God, they aren’t a Christian.

A Definition Of Christianity From the Bible.

The term Christian first shows up in the Bible (Acts 11:26) it’s a term coined in Antioch, because they were so Christ Like. That sounds like such an awesome compliment. When you call yourself a follower of Jesus, your life should gradually show more and more of him. Eventually you are no longer there, but Jesus is shining through.

I understand you might be thinking. “My life is far from looking like Jesus,” but that’s okay. You’re still alive, and breathing, that means you have hope to choose better today. As long as you’re breathing you can ask Jesus for help, and he will be there for you. I know that sounds crazy, but he loves you as much as he loves me. You’re his child and he wants to know who you are. So decide today that you want him in your life, and that you’ll follow him.

A Simple Explanation Of Christianity.

I actually like the term follower of the way more than the term Christian. Maybe that’s because I’ve seen a lot of negative connotations to it. In addition to that, there’s been a lot of horrible causes tied to Christ, from the Spanish Inquisition, to Jonestown, and many racist laws in the 60’s. None of these things promoted the love of Christ. However, being christ like is something we should all be striving for, and we can all achieve it.

The World View Of Christianity?

As I stated above, especially here in America there’s a negative connotation to the word Christian. People see us as nerds who are whiny and weak, and that hasn’t been the case in history at all.

  1. Many Of The Founding Fathers Were Christians.
  2. Joan Of Arc Changed The Face Of France By Being An Epic General.
  3. Monks And Monasteries Began The First Hospitals.
  4. Christian Rules/Laws/Morals Helped Form Western Civilization.

I just wanted to name a few, but no other person and their followers have shipped the world like Jesus has. His teaching have transformed the world.

Today many people think we have antiquated and old ideas. However the beliefs they’re pushing are pre-christian beliefs. They’re the beliefs that went away when Christianity came into being and many of those beliefs were destroying their societies. I know that’s heavily generalized but a society without morals and respect for their fellow citizens will fall pretty quickly.

A wise man spoke this a few thousand years ago:

What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

The Elements Of Christianity

I wrote a little bit about this above, but now I want to expand upon it. Many people wonder if Christianity is waning. In America it certainly looks like it. On the surface we see churches closing all over the country. During the corona virus people couldn’t attend church.

However things are always darkest before the light, and the darker it gets, the more our lights will shine. While churches have been closed online churches have opened up. People are talking with their neighbors and feeling hopeless, and distraught for the future.

These are things that God uses to turn peoples hearts back towards him. while I don’t believe he sent the virus, I know all things work together for good.

God will do what he can to reconnect with you.

Being A Follower Of Jesus

When you’re a Christian, you’ve become a follower of Jesus. This means you’re reading the Bible and following his teachings. That connection with him also gives you a direct line to God, and The Holy Spirit.

Becoming a follower of Jesus is simple. You have to profess with your mouth that Jesus is lord, and believe God raised him from the dead. Then you have to live it.

I wrote a blog awhile back about hearing the voice of God. If you’re having trouble hearing his voice, I’d suggest reading it. It gives some great advice on hearing the voice of God.

Read Your Bible:

I can’t stress this enough, how can you know what you believe if you won’t read about it. This is an area I struggle with daily, and even during this dark times I have trouble doing my morning reading.

However when you read the Bible daily. Something inside you will change. It’ll be transformed. I’ve discovered the more I read, the easier it is to hear Gods voice.

Find A Church That Preaches Jesus Death And Resurrection

This is an important piece as well. Many people are going around today saying they have new revelations of Jesus. However the Bible talks about them saying they are there to lead people away from christ. Remember, true Christianity is a belief in Jesus as the son of God, and that God raised him from the dead.

If you find a church that preaches that, you’ll be alright. However continue to read your bible, and question everything you’re taught in that lens.

The Meaning Of Christianity:

In conclusion there are many views on Christianity, and many theologies about it. However it’s very simple.

  1. Jesus Died For You, Because He Loved You, And Wanted To Reconnect With You.
  2. He Rose Again 3 Days Later, Defeating Death, and Building A Bride To God. Without His Resurrection Our Faith Is Useless.
  3. When You Surrender Your Life To Him, Things Aren’t Going To Be Easier. However, From Now On, You Don’t Have To Be Alone. Because He’s Promised To Always Be With Us.

So today if this message resonated with you, say a quick few words to Jesus. Ask him into your heart, and say you’re sorry for your sins. Commit yourself to following him every day, and live the life you were created for.

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I Have Come To Give Life To The Fullest; Breaking Down John 10:10

Life More Abundantly

In John 10:10 Jesus makes a statement that tells his disciples why he came to earth. In the verse, he states that he came so that we might have life, and so we could that life to the fullest.

9 I am the gate. If anyone enters through Me, he will be saved. He will come in and go out and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it in all its fullness. 

Jesus Speaking In the Bible; John 10;9-10

I added verse 9 into the quote for context. In this verse, Jesus is making a contrast between those who are looking out for you, and the others who are coming to steal, kill, and destroy. He goes on to say that he is not a hired hand, and he actually cares for the sheep, and he will give his life up for them.

In essence, this is the story of Easter, he’s foretelling the future to his team, long before it happens. Jesus is predicting his death here.

John 10:10 What Does It Mean To Have Life To The Fullest?

A lot of people will see the word abundance, and think that I’m going to talk about God giving you stuff. That’s not true, and if you think that, please check your heart, as it isn’t right.

In other translations Jesus states that he is giving life to the full.

So what is a full life?

The Bible doesn’t give us a lot of examples about this. We can look to Adam & Eve before the fall and Jesus. What in their lives gave them an abundant life? How did they live life to the fullest?

I’m going to try and break this all down, and maybe we can learn something about how life our lives can be lived.

Adam & Eve Experienced Abundant Life

The first book of the Bible is called Genesis, and it describes the creation of the world, and what it was like before the fall. Sin didn’t just affect us, it changed the universe, it made things finite.

Prior to the fall, Adam & Eve lived in The Garden of Eden. The location of the garden is suspected to be somewhere in the middle east. And the Bible gives us an idea of where it could’ve been located, but I’m not going to get too deep into that. It doesn’t add much of anything to this narrative.

As long as we’re talking pre-fall, Adam & Eve lived with God and walked with him at certain times of the day. When you’re living life with the creator of the universe, walking with him in a Garden Daily, that seems like it’d be a full life. I didn’t even mention his creating the garden and providing everything for them in it.

Eventually, Adam & Eve sinned, and they were cast out of the Garden. This breaks them, disconnecting them from God, and by default, this extended to all of us. To lose that connection, and with that, we lost that connection the life.

What Does God Say About Living Life: John 10:10 Lived Out

The Bible speaks briefly about the 1st Adam (Adam) and the 2nd Adam (Jesus). Jesus never lost that abundant life. He was always in communion with God the father, his father. When he came to earth, his mission was to restore the bond that Adam had broken.

Keep in mind, the Bible states that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. His Glory is what gives us life, and that life to the full.

Jesus’ life is full of helping people. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and saved widows. There are countless things he did, and in the book of John, it’s stated that the world couldn’t contain the books of things he’s done.

The life Jesus wants you to have, is right in front of you. All you have to do is reach out to him, and ask for it.

John 10:10 How Can I Live Life To The Fullest?

First off, to live a life of fullness, you have to realize that fullness comes from Jesus. I’m writing this article, and Easter is not that far away. On Easter Jesus died and rose again. By doing this he set us free from the chains of sin and death. These are the prisons we placed ourselves in, and he came, died, and freed us.

He came to give life, and to give victory to us in all our lives.

A Life Of Fullness Is Your Choice Live Out John 10:10

We all make decisions, and we all have our failures. I’m sure many people reading this can think of many great failures they’ve committed. However, Jesus doesn’t look at that. If you accept him into your heart and follow him daily. Your mistakes aren’t going to matter anymore.

When you follow Jesus, a whole new life opens up for you. It’s a life that doesn’t become easy, it’s filled with new challenges, and issues to overcome. Yet somehow having him next to you, guiding you, and helping you. It all becomes easier, as long as you continue to follow him.

In my life, I’ve had a lot of heartaches, pain, and depression. However I’ve been a follower of Jesus for years now, and I would never want to live my life alone. I couldn’t survive, he’s my strength and my guide.

What Is The Source Of Fullness Of Life According To Jesus John 10:10

The main point I’m trying to make is that life to the fullest mentality, doesn’t necessarily include stuff, (I don’t wanna rule it out, but really can’t see it.) and it doesn’t make things go smoother.

Instead, a life to the fullest means, that God is here with you, walking alongside you. He cries with you, laughs with you, and picks you up when the storm knocks you down.

That is what Jesus came to do, and I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg. He truly does love us, All you need to do is accept him. Ask him into your heart, to forgive you for sinning against him, and to be with you from now on.

Jesus came, died, and rose again. All so he could have the chance to live life with you. You should at least give him a chance.

How We Fail Living Life To The Fullest

When we fail it’s because we disconnect from our source. If Jesus is the one who’s giving us life, what happens when we’re not connected to that life. I’ll tell you what happens.

  • Stagnation
  • Death

If God created the world, and we sinned. Our sin disconnects us from God, the creator of life. So we become shadows of who we were made to be. Then Jesus comes and creates a door, but if we don’t go through the door, we’ll never be more than we are. Forever staying in the shadows of who we were made to be.

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Does God Listen To Our Prayers? Understanding Why Prayers Are Unanswered.

Does God Listen To Me

This post might be hard to take, especially if you’re in a tough situation. Most likely you’ve ever asked yourself, Does God Listen? Let me start out by saying stating the truth. God does listen to your prayers, and he has a plan. However, that’s easier said than believed.

I can’t say how many times some well-meaning Christian has said the words above to me, and I’ve laughed at them. It isn’t that I don’t trust God, it’s that sometimes I don’t think God listens to my prayers.

While I know that’s not true according to the bible, and I can quote tons of verses to the contrary, it’s something I struggle with.

Did God Listen To My Prayer?

I don’t know what situation you’ve found yourself in, whether it’s self-inflicted from bad choices you’ve made, bad choices someone else made, or just general trials of life. Whatever the reason, if you pray God will hear you. The outcome, well that’s the thing you have no idea about.

When you pray, you have to understand that God hears it all, and when you’re in pain he cries with you. He doesn’t always remove the pain and the heartache because these trials will make you stronger.

Look at weightlifting, if you go in and start lifting without being in shape. Your body is going to be sore the next day. Sometimes horribly sore. However, if you keep up the routine, and work through the pain. Eventually, you’ll be stronger for it.

This takes a lot of time and energy. However, the benefits of working out are better than the alternative. It’s the same for your spiritual body. When you’re in those trials, remember they’re only temporary, and if you focus and pray. God listens, and he is sending help.

It just might not be the help you imagine or desire.

Why Does It Seem Like God Isn’t Listening?

It seems like God isn’t listening because we are still wanting our own outcomes/solutions. If we’d take some time to align ourselves with God we’d notice a huge difference. You can align yourself by quieting yourself and Listening To The Voice Of God.

Sometimes it may take awhile to quiet ourselves, and often times it’s difficult to hear his voice.

Rest assured that he is listening, and he does love you. I always take comfort in a bible verse that is well known to everybody.

For God So Loved The World That He Gave His One And Only Son That Whoever Believes In Him Shall Not Perish, But Have Eternal Life. For God Did Not Send His Son Into The World To Condemn The World, But To Save The World Through Him

John 3:16-17

Does that sound like the actions of a God who would leave you to your own devices? At the very heart of things, God loves you, and by extension of that, I believe he has to be listening to us.

Than Why Does It Seem Like God Isn’t Listening?

God hears each and every word you speak. However a lot of times we don’t see the whole picture. I tend to see it as a type of spiritual tunnel vision. We only see our problems and our situations. In fact, we get fixated on them, not realizing there are people around us facing their own issues.

The Question: Does God Listen? That isn’t the question you should be asking. Here is a list of questions I ask whenever things start to fall apart:

  • Where Is God Leading Me?
  • What Is God Speaking To My Heart?
  • Did I Obey The Last Item God Spoke To Me?
  • Have I Quieted Myself To Listen Today?

These are a small sampling of what I think through when I question if God Listens to me. The truth of the matter is most of our issues are in our heads, and from learned behavior.

God, Will You Listen To Me? I Need A Transformation In My Life.

One of my favorite examples of God not listening is when teenagers are praying about their significant other. They see someone and are immediately smitten with feelings, and so they pray to God asking him to make the other person love them.

They do this for months only to have their love spurned and it turns into poison. This poison eventually kills their love and threatens their focus of who God really is.

The teenager falls into a place of despair and darkness wondering if God even heard their cry. (Don’t Laugh, You’ve Been There Too)

When we go into prayer with an improper view of God, we have expectations that aren’t from God. These expectations aren’t a bad thing unless we hold onto them more than God.

When Our Expectations Turn Into Idols. We Have A Major Problem.


The point of a relationship with God is to do life with him. He’s a father to you and he’s here to teach you. It’s very difficult for a father to teach his child when that child has their own agenda.

God Hears Every Prayer

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

1 John 5:14

I’ve never read in the Bible that every prayer of ours will be answered. What kind of world would it be if everyone had their prayers answered all at once. People would be married to multiple people, everyone would have lots of money. Multitudes of people would be healed instantly from sickness.

And that’s just what I thought off the top of my head.

However there is a season for everything, and if you can quiet yourself. You can hear God. When you question if God Listens To Your Prayers understand that he does, and you need to press onward.

Why It Feels Like God Isn’t Listening

This is the time, it’s the big game last quarter. You’re down by a couple of points and you’ve got the ball. This is the time for you to focus and put your best actions on the line.

So what do you do?

In the physical world you play your heart out, and you should do the same thing spiritually.

Paul writes in the Bible:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians 6:12

When you wonder “Does God Listen?”

This is the time for you to listen. Turn the tables and let God speak. I honestly believe he’s always speaking, and we won’t shut up long enough to hear him.

If you don’t understand how to hear God‘s voice. I’ve written another blog post about that. However, I’m going to give you a couple of pointers that’ll help you. I understand if you’re reading this article, you’re either doing research or experiencing this issue. Either way, I want to make sure you know how to connect with Jesus.

How To Hear Gods Voice

  1. Block Off A Chunk Of Time. I tend to spend my best time with God at night. It seems to focus me better. However, some people find better focus in the morning. Either way, block off the time.
  2. Remove All Distractions. This means putting your phone on airplane mode. Also turn off your computer, silencing notifications, and turn off the TV. You’re Removing Anything that could distract you during this time.
  3. Have Your Bible Handy. This should go without saying but having your bible ready is always a good sign. In addition to that when God isn’t speaking to me. I can always open up the world to hear his voice. This is a great backup when you don’t feel like God Listens To Your prayers.
  4. Play Some Praise And Worship Music: This one is optional as I know some people get distracted by it. I’ll play simple nonvocal music sometimes too. It just depends on how distracted I’ve been or know I could become.

God Listens But Expect A Different Ending

Above I wrote about improper expectations and how we focus on them. Most of the time that’s our issue. We think God is going one way and we are stuck with it, and then he makes a hard left turn. It confuses us, and we don’t know what to do.

Just turn left with him. Let go of what you wanted, and chase after what he wants.

It’s not a bad thing to expect, in fact, it’s one of those things that makes us human. However, when we hold onto expectations more than God, we get ourselves into trouble. God doesn’t care as much about your comfort as he cares about your soul.

He loves you and wants you to be in his world. The world he created. So let go, and understand that God listens to your prayer, but understand that everything is in his timing and will.

When The Answer Isn’t There. Try Focusing On Peace

My father passed away from cancer recently. For two years prior to his passing, I prayed for God to heal him. I begged and pleaded that God would do something supernatural and transform his body.

My father still died, and nothing happened.

I know God listened to my prayers. Because at one point, probably 6 months prior to his passing, he spoke to me.

He said, “Your father is not going to be healed on this side of eternity.” (or something like that). It was detrimental to me. Because I wanted to believe that God heard my prayer and he’d swoop in, possibly at the last minute. He’d heal my father because he could.

However, I don’t know his way, and it was my father’s time to go. My prayers changed after that day. Instead of praying for his healing. I prayed that God would give him strength and peace to overcome what time remained.

I continued to pray for his healing, whether it was in this life or the next.

Does God Listen? My Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my latest article. Remember when you’re in the darkest pit that God is right there with you. When you’re crying he’s crying with you, and when in pain, he feels it too. Check Out More Of My Blog Posts If You’re Liking What You Read.

Many times we are hurting and we begin to think God doesn’t care, and see him being aloof. I heard a pastor once say;

God is always near, it’s us who create the distance.

Unknown – Definitely Not Me

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What Discipleship Is Not

What Discipleship Is And Is Not

Discipleship is a huge buzzword in the church today. Maybe it’s been this way for years but to me it seems like I’m always hearing about it. The frustrating thing for me is to see people who don’t know what it is, proclaiming random stuff as gospel.

We have to remember as Christians our goal is to know God and to make him known. Other people should know us by the love of Christ that reigns in us. If we don’t have that, we shouldn’t ever be dispelling people. In Fact James 3:1 states that leaders will be judge more harshly.

What Discipleship is, and what it is not isn’t really up for debate, it’s walking with Jesus and showing someone else how to do that as well. If you stumble, get up, acknowledge the failure, and continue on.

Real discipling can be transformative. I know it was in my own life.

What Discipling Is Not

Below is a list I’ll constantly update as things pop into my mind.

Discipling Is Not:

  • Attending Church
  • Being On Staff At A Church
  • Saying A Couple of Hail Mary’s
  • Doing Anything Religious.
  • Obeying Your Pastor
  • Membership.

I’ll keep updating the list and feel free to add any other options you might have in the comments below.

In the church we have a mentality that membership is discipleship, and that’s a dangerous place to be. just because you’re a member doesn’t mean you’ve given yourself over to the teachings of Jesus.

People are imperfect, and we tend to make stupid decisions, there is a huge difference between someone who’s given their life to Jesus, and a disciple of Jesus.

It’s the difference between a new born and an adult.

What Is The Meaning Of Discipleship?

The true meaning is following and doing. It’s changing your life to follow another. This is the essence of being a disciple of Jesus. When you’re life is rough, you remember so was his.

What Is The Meaning Of Discipleship In the Bible?

Real discipling from the biblical perspective is seen in the gospels. The story of Jesus training his 12 disciples and helping them understand why he came. Eventually translates to a group of people that eventually went and transformed the world.

He teaches them, provides for them, and even disciplines them. Jesus is teaching them about the love of God, and showing them why he came. Then he sends them out, so they can do what he’s called them to do.

This is the essence of discipleship.

Practical Application:

Get to know the people around you. Get deep on a personal level, but try not to be weird about stuff. Help them in their life, and direct them towards solid Godly choices. This is a major truth you’ll see in the gospels. To disciple properly, you never have to force or coerce, it should be a choice to follow.

That’s how they learned who Jesus was, and that knowledge changed them. It made their hearts fertile ground that the Holy Spirit would later utilized giving them power. Combined with their willing hearts, they committed their lives to spreading the gospel.

This is how the name of Jesus spread across the world, and it’s why Jesus is the way. There’s power in his name.

Is There A Difference Between Salvation And Discipleship?

There is actually a huge difference between the two of them. Salvation is a good thing we all need salvation, but not everybody is a disciple.When you give your life to Jesus, and decide to live for him, there’s a continual choice that must made. That choice is daily, hourly, and sometimes by the minute. It’s a decision to follow Jesus through the thick and thin of life.

In the modern church, once you go down to the front and say a prayer with the pastor, you’re considered saved. You have received salvation, and I’m not contradicting that AT ALL!!! However it takes so much more to be a disciple of Jesus.

Jesus himself said in the great commission that we should go into the world and preach the gospel. Making disciples of every nation. He didn’t say converts, he said disciples. That is where the difference is.

A convert has made the choice, while a disciple has given all.

What Is Modern Day Discipleship?

In the modern the disciples of christ face some tough issues. I’ll never say they’re tougher than the past, because I didn’t live then, and I believe Jesus placed me here in this time, for a certain purpose.

In this modern day, discipling can take some difficult turns due to focus, or lack thereof. Many distractions are in our lives, so there has to be a distinct hunger and desire to disciple and be discipled.

That being said it’s easier many times to just get to know others. Find other people in your life that believe the same way, and help them grow in that. One of the reasons I got heavily into snowboarding was to be a light in the dark. While I love to snowboard, I also understand that industry needs Jesus, and without him what’s the point.

Discipleship Is NOT Indoctrination

Disciples need to choose to follow, you can’t force them. I’ve been part of ministries that I had to run from in the past due to some really creepy individuals. If you find yourself under the tutelage of someone who isn’t what you thought. It might be time to go.

Remember to always be safe, and don’t believe what they say unless you can confirm it biblically. Hearing the voice of God is key in these circumstances. I’ve been a part of countless ministries over the years, and sometimes you just need to leave.

Discipleship is getting closer to God, and letting go of the world, when you choose to be a disciple, you’re getting serious with your faith. Belief in Jesus cannot be just a Sunday thing, it’s a life thing.

In Conclusion:

If you’re looking to become a better follower of Jesus, find a church that teaches the Bible, and more importantly, get connected there. Knowing who you’re in church with, can help bring you to the next level of freedom.

I wish you all the best, Don’t forget to comment and subscribe below. Let me know what you think, and what your thoughts are. Hopefully I articulated this correctly as well.

Will Jesus Forgive Me? Finding The Depth Of Gods Love

Will Jesus Forgive Me

I grew up going to church and gave my life to Jesus at a young age. Even when I followed Jesus, I always worried about sin. Fear would creep into my heart, and I’d worry that I screwed everything up. God was now mad at me, and there was no hope for me. Would Jesus Forgive Me for this? Was always a question.

When I got older, I walked away from the church due to some childhood trauma I had experienced. While Jesus and forgiveness stayed in the back of my mind. I never thought about it until I wanted to do something unethical, immoral, or even illegal. The Holy Spirit is why I’m alive and free today. Without listening to him, I would’ve gotten into many stupid situations.

The answer to your question above is pretty simple. YES!!!! A Thousand Times YES!!!! Jesus will forgive you for your sin, it’s why he died, and he still loves you very much.

What Are The Sins That Jesus Will Not Forgive?

And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

Matthew 12:31

There is only one sin that won’t be forgiven, and that is what Jesus speaks about above. Many scholars have tried to decipher what he was speaking about, but I don’t think it’s one action.

I believe if you commit unpardonable sin, you’ll know what you’re doing. I don’t think someone who loves God and is trying to seek him will unintentionally fall into that type of sin.

Most likely it starts with making bad choices, ignoring the Holy Spirit, and then outright rebellion. Then death comes, and you won’t be forgiven.

While I don’t know officially what it means, I do believe it has to be a conscious choice, and if you’re worried about it, your heart can still belong to God.

Will Jesus Forgive Me If I Keep Sinning?

Another verse that is interesting is what Paul says in Roman 6:1-2 (below)

What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it?

Romans 6:1-2

Grace abounds and covers a multitude of sins. We have to choose to die to our sin, if we do not and continue to live in sin, then we’re living in that rebellion I wrote about above.

Will Jesus Always Forgive Me?

I believe that if you are honestly remorseful of your sin, and you continue to try and follow Jesus, he will always forgive you. I can’t prove that biblically, but it’s my feeling deep in my heart.

Jesus loves his people, and when you’re asking the question, Will Jesus Forgive Me? You’re stating an inner desire for Jesus to forgive you. This means your heart is still longing after him, and the things of God.

When you aren’t feeling that way, your intentions are completely different. In actuality, you wouldn’t even ask the question. Instead, you’d justify what you did, blame it on someone else, or lie and say it didn’t happen.

As long as you’re following him, keep going, try to stop sinning, and ask him for help. He is faithful to forgive us of our sins.

The Difference Between Condemnation And Conviction

One of the biggest issues you’ll face when trying to live for Jesus comes from feelings of guilt and condemnation. These feelings aren’t from God. In reality, they’re from your own feelings of failure and the devil or his demons.

If you take away one thing from this article, I want you to know this.


If Jesus loved you, and wants only to reconcile with you, and you feel bad about what you did. Then what is stopping you from reaching out to him, saying I’m sorry, and living your life with him?

How Many Times Does God Forgive The Same Sin?

In the Bible Jesus and Peter are talking, and Jesus says 70 times 7. I’m not sure if that means a total of 490 times total, daily, or whatever count there is. However, I do wonder if Jesus was just trying to change their mindset.

I’ve read some biblical commentaries and they all say that number means boundless, or incalculable. I still go back to the heart. Jesus died for you, and you shouldn’t be living in fear and condemnation. If you still feel that way, your heart isn’t hardened. Jesus will forgive you and bring healing.

What If I’ve Gone Too Far? Will Jesus Forgive Me?

This is a fun question, how far is too far? Did Hitler go too far? Even crazier, what if Lucifer asked for forgiveness legitimately. Would the grace of God extend to them?

Remember, God will forgive what you do because it brings you back into a relationship with him. However, we are still subject to the repercussions of our actions.

For instance, if you have a drinking problem, and are an alcoholic who continues to ask for forgiveness. Jesus will forgive you. However you still might get liver disease, and your family might still have issues with you.

Jesus Forgives Us, And Walks With Us In Life

One of the biggest problems we have in Christianity today is a group of people that tell everyone that life gets better with Jesus, and if that’s the case I’m serving the wrong Jesus.

My life has gotten harder, and worse. However, what makes things better is walking with him. Life is hard, never do it alone. When I walked with him I can take on things that I’d never handled before, and win battles I’d usually lose.

Jesus wants to live life with us, that’s why he came and died. Forgiveness is a restoration of that life. Walking with him is living it. This doesn’t make things easy, it gives you support to go through the trials.

Will God Forgive You If You Don’t Forgive Others?

But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Matthew 6:15

This verse above answers the question straight away. If you have un-forgiveness in your heart. The father won’t forgive your sins. If we’re trying to be like Jesus, but not forgiving others. How are we being like Jesus?

I wrote another article on this very topic. It’s called How To Forgive And Let Go Also if you’d like to read more about my personal story, which coincidently covers this very topic, pick up a copy of my book called Hurricane Jerald. It’s my personal testimony about faith, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

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Jesus Is The Answer To A Question You’ve Never Asked.

Jesus Is The Answer

Jesus is the answer, it’s a phrase that has frustrated countless people for the better part of 2 millennia. What does it mean? And Why Is He The Answer? Couldn’t It Be Someone Else Like Gandhi Or Buddha?

What makes Jesus so special, and how can I know he is the answer to everything?

Jesus Is The Answer To A Question We Can’t Vocalize.

I got deeper into the name of Jesus in my blog post, Who Jesus is. So I won’t be delving into a great depth here. However, the name of Jesus does mean thee savior, to deliver, or to rescue.

Joshua is another related name, and if you’ve studied the Old Testament you know that he saved the people of Israel and brought them into the promised land.

Jesus is the answer because he exemplifies the meaning of his name. In John 3:16 the Bible States that God loved us, and sent Jesus to save us. Not condemn us.

Unfortunately, the world (and many Christians) have turned this belief around. They believe Jesus was a horrible man that came to give rules and regulations, and that cannot be further from the truth.

In John 10:10 Jesus said that he has come to bring life and that we could have it more abundantly. So now my question is. Where is this life? What did he mean?

The Answer That We’ve Been Searching For Comes From Jesus

Jesus came to earth and died for us, he did so we can reconnect with God. His death and resurrection gave us the ability to reconnect the lines of communication with God, essentially restoring our relationship with him.

Than why does it seem like nobody is? Even people who profess to know him?

Hearing the voice of God is a difficult task, and it’s impossible to boil this answer down into a few quick sentences. I’ll give you my theory on why it’s hard to hear God’s voice.

Why Is It So Hard For Us To Hear God’s Voice?

According to the Bible, humans are 3 parts. Paul says we are body, soul, and spirit. It’s my belief that when we sinned, the death God spoke about was our spirit first, as the body began to decay afterward. This of course leads to our physical deaths.

After Jesus died and was resurrected, we have the ability to reach out to God, ask for forgiveness, and be restored. When we do this our spirit comes back to life and we can once again enjoy communion with God.

However for most of us, we’ve never lived life with our spirits, and therefore don’t know how to use it, or even what it is.

Like a newborn baby, we don’t know what our hands, feet, or mouths are. We experience feelings and sensations. But have no idea what is happening.

The same is with the spirit, and it’s why Paul says we should grow in the lord, join a Christian fellowship, and study his word. Doing this will help our spirits grow up, and once we are eating real spiritual food. More will be revealed to us.

This is why Jesus is the answer. Without him, we don’t have the key, and that key leads us to reconnect with God, and become his children.

Jesus is the answer and The Way.

What Is Jesus All About?

Jesus is not just about coming to earth and dying. Most people seem to only understand that, and it makes no sense to me. That’s what he’s done, it’s what began, but he’s far from finished.

Every day he stands next to God, interceding on our behalf. Our sin cut us off from God, but Jesus’ death and resurrection gave us a bridge, and this bridge leads us to a God who loves us.

I understand if you’re skeptical, and keep laughing whenever I write Jesus is the answer. I used to be like you. I’ve always believed in God, and in my early teens had a breakdown. I once thought God hated me, and I would make him pay for it.

I did everything I could to make him mad, and everything he did, only proved his love for me. It was frustrating, he was always there showing he loved me, and I spat at him.

One time a man came up to me, telling me I needed to repent,

Jesus Is The Answer, And He’s The Only Way.

Having Jesus in your life isn’t going to make things easier. In my life, it’s only made things more difficult. However, it does mean you won’t have to walk alone, and that is epic.

The creator of the universe came down to earth and died, resurrected, and now wants to live life with you.

It sounds like a story from a sci-fi novel doesn’t it.

How Do I Let Jesus Live Life With Me?

Living life with Jesus isn’t that difficult, you just have to ask him into your life. A simple prayer can go a long way here.

Dear Jesus, I need you in my life. Please forgive me for the things I’ve done wrong, and help me live a life with you. Thank you for dying and rising again for me. Please walk with me, Jesus.


If you prayed this prayer, understand this is just the start. Jesus is the answer, but it’s the answer you’ll have to choose every day. There are many things in this world that will try and hide your view of him, don’t let them do that.

Jesus Is Your Answer; Here’s How You Can Keep Him In Focus:

Repentance Is Key: Not a lot of church people talk about repentance nowadays, but it’s important. You have to turn from your current ways and follow him. If you’re doing something the Bible speaks against, you have to stop, and follow him. If God tells you something is wrong, stop it. It’s not simple, in fact, it’s hard. I still struggle with things, but don’t let that get you down. Ask for forgiveness and continue on.

Get A Bible And Read It Daily: Repentance is easier when you have a bible to read daily. My biggest failures stem from my lack of bible reading. When you can’t hear his voice. Read the Bible, his voice is there, and it’ll speak to you. It also strengthens your spirit and gives you hope.

Pray Daily: Have a conversation with God daily. Ask him some questions, or for help. Then quiet yourself and listen.

Find A Bible Following Community: I used to say church here instead of community, but technically they’re both the same. The church is a group of people who follow Jesus. Find a group that reads and studies the Bible. They will help you on your journey.

Why Jesus Is The Answer:

Jesus didn’t come to say I’m the only way; deal with it. He came to say the ship is sinking, and I’ve got the only boat that will save you. Nobody else is coming, get on the boat.

Some of us get on the boat, and for others the band plays on.

What will you do? Make your choice Today!

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Who Jesus Is | To Everyone In The World

Who Jesus Is

Jesus is a topic that many people try to write about, and many people fail. To me words cannot describe who Jesus is, but I feel the need to try. Understand as you read this, that he is so much more than anything you can comprehend or understand.

A few months back I wrote a blog post about Jesus being the way. That is only one aspect of him. The book of John states in the Bible. Many books could be written about the things he has done.

Who Is Jesus To Me?

He is the Christ, and my savior. If you’ve read my book ‘Hurricane Jerald’ you’ll have a better picture about that. If not I’ll give a brief synopsis here.

I was lost, lonely, and angry, and wanted to fight anything in my path. I was full of anger and pain, with no outlet. Before Christ came into my life, I was an out of control fire that consumed everything in it’s path.

Who Is Jesus And Why Is He Important?

Over 2,000 years ago, a child was born outside of Bethlehem. He was born in a barn, and placed in a manger. There was no room for him in the inn.

This is the classic Christmas story that we hear every year, and people accept it, but don’t understand why. the Bible states in multiple places and through many people that Jesus was coming to save his people from their sins. He was coming to deliver us from our ways, so we could reconnect with God.

However at the time of his coming. The Jews were under Roman rule, they were looking for a physical savior, not a spiritual one. So he flew in under their radar.

If He’s The King Of Kings, Why Come As A Bay In A Manger?

I believe he came as a baby with humble beginnings, so people would see the truth without the glamour. In his later life he had multitudes following him wherever he went. This was due to him revealing the way to heaven, and showing many signs and wonders.

If he’d been born a prince, or someone of some high station, would people follow him because of that, and not to learn about God?

Everything he did was calculated and chosen for the greatest impact. He came as the lowliest person, and some verses even insinuate he wasn’t good to look at. I’m not saying he had a deformity, or was ugly. I’m just saying he wasn’t a guy to walk around turning a lot of heads.

In essence, he came down as a normal person, to experience our lives.

What Are The Names Of Jesus?

Jesus is called many different names in the Bible. To his enemies he was a hypocrite and a devil. To his followers he was the Christ, the son of the living God.

Jesus called himself the son of man and the son of God. Here’s a few other names that Jesus is called in the Bible;

  • Jesus – Savior
  • Emmanuel – God With Us
  • Christ – The Anointed One Of God
  • Lord – The One In Authority Or In Charge
  • Master – Similar To Lord
  • Logos (the Word) – Also Can Mean Logic
  • Son of God – Claiming The Same Nature As God
  • Son of Man – The Leader Of Mankind, Also Referencing A Prophecy In Daniel.
  • The Light – Usually Used In The Context Of The Way.
  • Truth – Similar To Light. Jesus Is The Way, Truth And The Light.

Many of these names are used in conjunction with one another.

How Is Jesus The Son Of God?

In the Bible Jesus himself claims to be the Son of God. Also there’s a few times where God himself speaks from the heavens declaring Jesus to be his son.

However his greatest sign is from his death and resurrection. When Jesus died, he took all of our sin with him into the grave. Then 3 days later he rose again, and when he did, he left the sin dead.

This was how Jesus conquered sin and the grave, giving us the option to reconnect with God. He did this so we could all have a choice, and that choice was to be with him and God.

His actions, proved he was the Son of God.

What Do Your Actions Say About You?

Everyday your actions speak about you, when you praise or gossip about a co-worker. It speaks volumes even without doing anything.

Your here because you wanted to know who Jesus is. Do you know who you are? Is there something missing inside your heart?

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the Son of God, and he is God. he came down from heaven and became a man. Jesus did this so we could all be saved, and reconnect with him and God.

He loves you, and wants you to be the person you were made to be. Coincidentally, that’s the person you’d be most happy being too.

If you’re wanting a change. Pray this prayer below, and ask Jesus to come into your life, and transform it;

Dear Jesus, I know I’m a sinner, and I’ve done many things against you. Please forgive me Jesus. I believe you died and rose again for me, and I also believe you’re coming back soon. Help me to follow you. – Amen

If you prayed that prayer, tell someone, but don’t forget that you have to repent and change your ways as well. If you prayed, stop doing things that you know to be wrong, it’s called repentance.

Also find a church that preaches the Bible and start attending. You’ll learn a lot more about Who Jesus is.

Lastly, God loves you, and he sent Jesus to die for you. I wish you all the best.

Who We Are In Christ

Who We Are In Christ

Who are you? It’s a profound question that many of us have trouble answering. Who are we in Christ? Well, that’s even worse, If you don’t know yourself how could you know that?

I’ve been trying to study this topic for awhile now, and when I’m down and out. I like to read through and remember who I am.

If you’re in a place of despair, and you feel beaten down or worn out. Read through these topics and take heart. Click the links and read the verses, let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart, and understand you’re not living alone.

We Are An Adopted Child Of God

“I will be a Father to you,
    and you will be my sons and daughters,
says the Lord Almighty.”

2 Corinthians 6:18

When learning who you are in Christ, it’s important to understand that God has adopted you into his family. In Galatians 4:4-5 Paul talks about receiving an adoption to sonship.

Why Would God Adopt You?

This question is really simple. He would adopt you, because he loved you. the Bible says that God knew you before you were in your mothers womb, and he loved you.

Remember this next time you go to work, or go out with friends. You are a child of God, and he loves and cares for you. Whatever happens, his love will never fail.

We Have Freedom In Christ

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 

2 Corinthians 3:16

What kind of freedom are you living under? Sometimes my freedom gets me into trouble, and causes pain. Other times it leads me to greater freedoms. One of my favorite quotes comes from a Pastor in LA. His Name is Erwin McManus and in his book ‘Uprising,’ he states;

Not All Free Acts Lead To Freedom

Erwin McManus

As humans we are free to choose and make choices, but those choices have consequences, both good and bad. In our culture we view freedom as the choice to do whatever we want.

In Reality, True Freedom Is Tempered With Discipline.

Why Freedom Needs Discipline?

Freedom needs discipline because it needs to be focused. We were once slaves to sin, and we became slaves to sin because of our choices. Jesus Christ died on the cross to free us from this slavery, but we still have choices to make.

The sacrifice of Christ does not release us from the responsibility or our choices. Instead his sacrifice unlocks our chains, and we can choose to stay in our prison unchained, or leave and be free.

We Are Living Sacrifices

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.

Romans 12:1

In ancient times the Hebrews offered sacrifices God. These sacrifices were in the form of an animal. Most likely a goat, or turtle dove, and the blood of these animals was supposed to cover the sins of the people.

God isn’t asking you to die, he is asking you to give up your life and follow him. Christ didn’t die so we could live our lives without him, he died so we could fight alongside him. Rescuing our brothers and sisters. In my blog post, “I am the way.” I break down what Jesus was saying. He is the only way, and we are sign posts pointing the way to him.

Live your life with Christ, and keep your message legible to everyone.

Jesus Christ Says Take Up Your Cross

Take Up Your Cross

Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and takeup their cross daily and follow me.

Luke 9:23

This verse can be confusing, but in todays terms. Jesus is saying, “Take Up Your Electric Chair And Follow Me.” He’s asking us to let everything go, die to ourselves and follow him.

In the later part of Hebrews 11. We are told about people with epic faith, and their names are not even mentioned. Instead, the Bible tells us what happened to them because of their faith. They were killed, flogged, lonely, and lived hard lives.

the Bible even says the world did not deserve them.

These are the people I think about, when I hear take up your cross. Don’t get me wrong, I hope I won’t have to experience what they did. but if I ever do, I hope and pray that I have the faith to survive it.

We Are Witnesses For Christ

but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”

Acts 1:8

One of the last commandments Jesus gave to us on earth was to be a witness all over the world. He didn’t say make converts, he said make disciples. Do you know what the difference is?

A Convert: They aren’t bad, they’re newer Christians, or people who haven’t grown into who Christ has called them to be. My prayer is that all of you grow and become disciples.

A Disciple: This is a person who’s matured in their faith. They understand who they are in Christ, and live their faith out in real life. They show the love of Christ to everyone they meet, especially their enemies and people who want to do them harm.

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

Matthew 7:16

Keep in mind a lot of people will call themselves disciples, and there are many ministries trying to disciple people. It’s hard to decipher who is real and who is not, but the Bible is very clear about this.

You’ll know them by their fruit. Take a look at them? Are they living righteously? Do they pass the smell test? the Bible states that we should test spirits, and I believe we should test people before we yoke ourselves too them.

We Are Loved By God

“We love because He first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.”

1 John 4:16

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through him!”

Romans 5:8-9

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

We are loved by God, and the biggest lie Satan will ever tell you, is that God doesn’t care. he will say you aren’t loved and God hates you. The four verses above and countless others that I didn’t put up here are contrary to that.

Why would Jesus die for you? Why would he come and heal the sick, train the disciples, and rise from the dead? He came because he loved you, and his plan was the only way.

Jesus isn’t saying “I am the way,” because he’s a jerk. He’s saying that because nobody else is coming, and he’s the only way off this rock.

We Love Christ, Because He Loved Us First

Mercy is punishment withheld, and Grace is something given freely, especially when we don’t deserve it. Everyday I ask Jesus for grace and mercy. I’m not perfect, I mess up all the time, but when you give your life to Jesus. He gives you the strength to get up, and keep going.

If you’re reading this, and you’re wondering who you are in Christ. This isn’t an exhaustive list. I’m only scratching the surface. Don’t forget:

  • You Are A Child Of God
  • We Have Freedom In Christ
  • You Are A Living Sacrifice
  • Jesus Said Take Up Your Cross
  • We Are Witnesses
  • You Are Loved By God

Right now you might not feel loved. I’d suggest finding a nice quiet place, and asking God to speak with you. If you’ve never heard his voice or have trouble understanding it. Check out my blog called Hearing Gods Voice.

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The Crucifixion Of Jesus; Love Made Him Die For Us.

John 19:30 It Is Finished; The Crucifixion Of Jesus

The Crucifixion Of Jesus Is A Symbol Of Love. During His Life Jesus Said The Greatest Love Is A Man Who Gives His Life For Others And With His Death On The Cross. That’s Exactly What He Did.

2000 years ago the crucifixion of Jesus happened. He was an innocent man, who died because of love. Why was there so much anger and hatred against him? He was reviled, hated, but ultimately loved. We can learn a lot from Jesus’s last words.

When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

John 19:30

His last words came out; “it is finished.” What was finished? How could the Son of God come from heaven and allow himself to be killed? I’ve answered that question in another blog post, titled Why did Jesus come? Check it out.

John 19:30 It Is Finished; The Crucifixion Of Jesus

Jesus Came To Be Crucified?

The crucifixion of Jesus was part of the reason he came to earth. I say part of the reason because 3 days later was the final part. Jesus needed to die and rise again. Only through this sacrifice could he save all of us from separation from God.

The Separation From God.

The crucifixion was like a bridge reconnecting God with the people he loved and created. The cross itself spans a great chasm, that our sin and disobedience created.

I know this all sounds pretty heavy, but God created us all. He made us so we could know him, and live with him. If everything that is good comes from him what would the absence of him be?

Literally, it’d be hell.

So when we sin, we’re choosing hell. It’s not God who sends us there, but us. In the Old Testament when Abraham asked who should I say sent me? God called himself I Am and later Jesus said the same thing. It doesn’t seem like it at first, but saying I AM, is pretty profound. It saying you exist, you have existed, and in the future, you will exist.

God is the preexistent one, the present one, and the God of the future.

He just is. That’s why sin is so detrimental to a relationship with God. If everything that is good comes from him, separation from him is bad.

John 19:30 It Is Finished; The Crucifixion Of Jesus

Why Jesus Needed To Be Crucified?

There’s a lot of similarities with traditional Jewish law and the death of Jesus. The law states that an unblemished lamb is needed for the sins of the family and/or people. (it depends on a lot of variables/customs/time periods any extra knowledge would be amazing on this subject.) However, I do know, that the shedding of blood is needed for the remission of sins.

Jesus blood was needed, in Romans Paul wrote:

Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned—

Romans 5:12

Adam sinned and so we all have the tendency to sin, but God told Adams’s wife eve that by her seed the serpents head would be crushed. Fast forward 2000 years, and the, virgin Mary gives birth, her seed conquered (now and in the future) the serpent.

What Was Finished In The Crucifixion Of Jesus?

Jesus came here for a purpose. To find the lost and bring them back into a relationship with God. In John 5 he talks about knowing the father, and in the gospel of Luke he talks about lost sheep, lost coins, and a lost son. There’s a huge pattern there.

He came to earth and fought for us, knowing full well that he’d have to die. many times the Bible says he was headed somewhere, and healed someone on the way. it says he was moved with compassion. Jesus stated his mission early on in the book of John.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” 

John 10:10

Life, And Life Abundantly.

John 19:30 It Is Finished; The Crucifixion Of Jesus

I think Jesus is speaking about something different than most of us would think of. The life Jesus came to give, was eternal life. His crucifixion and resurrection gave us access to God, heaven, and eternity with him.

If we surrender, and give our lives to Jesus, we can life that full and amazing life that Jesus came to give us. Right now we live in the shadows. I always think of a shadow world like stranger things have or a sci-fi evil dimension.

That is essentially what we’re living in, but through Jesus’ crucifixion, we have the power to change things, and we have the authority to help others find their path.

He Didn’t Die, Until The Job Was finished.

Jesus mission wasn’t complete, he had to die with our sins upon him. It was the only way we could be cleansed, and reconnect with God. When he said, “It is finished,” He made a statement of reconciliation. At that moment he’d won, and Jesus did all he needed to do.

I’m not saying he isn’t doing anything today. Jesus is God, and as God he is the I am (say that out loud 10 times fast). He exists outside of time and space. When Jesus went through the crucifixion, everything that was ever done could be covered. Past, present, and future, his blood covers all. We just need to ask, and surrender.

That was the sacrifice he made for you when he said, it is finished.

After The Crucifixion Of Jesus, What Is Our Part?

If Jesus did his part during the crucifixion, then what should we be doing. As a Christian our first duty is to love the Lord with all our hearts, and the second to love our neighbors. However I don’t see a lot of us in the church doing that.

Church people have a stereotype, and it’s horrible because it shouldn’t be that way. We should be the ones that people look too for love, help, and wisdom. Instead we turn our backs to the needy, and rush by the sick on our way to Church.

A phrase that was popular when I grew up keeps coming to mind. WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? I even wore a bracelet for awhile, it was blue and white, and got really dirty.

The Crucifixion, Should Happen Daily In Our Hearts

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

Matthew 16:24

Maybe some people are better than me, and I hope there are people, because sometimes I’m hopeless. Everyday I have to pick up my cross and follow Jesus. I get mad driving to work, I get snarky with my boss, and I annoy my neighbors.

What if I could transform all of those interactions with love? What if love is what drove me, and love is what I focused on. How would that transform the people around me?

I believe that’s what Jesus did, and how he lived, and I believe that’s what he’s doing in my heart everyday. He’s teaching me to love people. It’s why the angry person sat down next to me on the bus. God wanted me to share, and rub off on them, or why I had a difficult day. He wanted me to choose love and joy.

You see in our society, we tend to think of those as emotion, but instead I believe they’re a choice.

The Crucifixion Finished Jesus Part, Now It’s Our Turn

With Jesus dying and rising again he did everything he came to do. Past, Present, and Future. All fell under his rule, and now we have a choice. How will we live with our choice?

  • Will we accept the life Jesus came to give us?
  • Can we love others with the acceptance Jesus gave?
  • Will you take up your cross and follow him?

Tomorrow, I gotta wake up, and when I do there’s a choice to make.

Jesus Forgives; All You Need To Do Is Repent.

Jesus Has Forgiven You

I remember a time when I lived in constant fear and darkness. It was a time when I didn’t believe that Jesus forgives. I don’t remember ever trusting God, and I waited constantly for him to pounce when I did something wrong. I’ve come a long way since then, and I know Jesus has forgiven me.

You might be in the same boat, worried that your forgiveness hasn’t come. Jesus died on the cross for you and me, when you asked he gave. The problem comes from our beliefs. We don’t believe we deserve it, and we’re right.

Jesus Forgives, and we don’t deserve it, but he does it anyway. That’s what makes it amazing.

Jesus Forgives You Where You’re At

At one time in my life, I hated Jesus and I wasn’t that fond of God either. I’d been hurt and abused, and saw him as a psychopath laughing while everything bad happened to me. I had a view of him looking down on me, waiting to zap me with a lightning bolt.

This was a really depressing outlook on life, and for years I struggled with anxiety and depression. Because of this, I couldn’t see God for who he is, someone who loves and cares for me. How could someone ever love me? I’d say that I’m a screwup, so none of it made sense.

What I’ve Been Changed Into.

After I gave my heart to Christ, I had a lot of house cleaning to do. Even today there is a cleanup that is constantly happening. Emotions and beliefs will pop us suddenly, and I’ll wonder where they came from. I constantly have to fight mentalities from ages past that has no relevance in my life.

I know the truth, Jesus has forgiven me, and I hold onto it. Pain, shame, and condemnation have no place in my heart (or in yours for that matter). Although sometimes I’ll open the door and let them inside for a time. God will remind me that I’ve been set free from it all.

You can be too!

Jesus Forgives You, Me, And Everyone Else

If you have been forgiven by Jesus, you’ve experienced the greatest freedom you can ever have. Jesus has forgiven every one of us, and we need to accept it.

Do you wallow in self-pity? Has your heart grown cold and dark? Do you beg God constantly for the forgiveness of a sin you committed a while ago? Do you worry if your heart is right with God?

These are things you shouldn’t be worrying about, but I’ll let you in on a secret. I do the same thing. I beg God for forgiveness when I mess up. When things go bad I worry that I made him mad. Do I know so little of the character of God?

I know he’ll punish those who fall away, and those who need correction, but sometimes it’s just life. We gotta roll with it.

Trust That Jesus Forgives Everyone

Jesus forgives us all. There is so much about the character of God in that one sentence. It’s like reading John 3:16, For God So Loved The World…

We wonder and worry about the things we do wrong, and we beg God to move in our lives. He said he loves us and said he cares. God sent his only son to die for us, and we worry about his commitment?

My commitment is way weaker, and I’ve gotta make it stronger somehow. Worry is distrust of God’s character and who he is, I’ve never met anybody who said God let them down.

A lot of people think God let them down, and I’ve been a part of that crowd numerous times, but that usually stems from me wanting something that God isn’t going to deliver. It’s something I thought he was going to send my way, and when it didn’t come. I’d get angry, and made because he didn’t come through. I’m a 3-year-old in my relationship with God, and it sucks that I can’t seem to get older. 

Believe You’re Forgiven

When you worry and have doubt that Jesus has forgiven you. Lies surround your heart and mind. They lead you away down a dark path. This path is away from God, and the farther away you get, the more distorted his voice becomes. His word seems off, and his voice distant. How can you fix this situation? Especially when you don’t realize the danger you’re in.

When I’m Weak Jesus Is Strong

Jesus will go after the 1 sheep that are missing, leaving the 99, and that is usually how we come back. The Holy Spirit will come and convict your heart. Like a shadow of truth, your eyes become opened and the presence of God will fill that dark place.

In your weakness, you’ll find strength in him. Jesus has forgiven you, not because of things you’ve done, or will do. He has forgiven you because he loves you.

Do You Have Trouble Believing That You’re Forgiven?

I used to be the same way, I’d recite the lord’s prayer multiple times every day. I didn’t wanna commit a sin and wind up in hell. Going to hell for stealing a pencil would not be cool.

This is a spiritual and mental game, you’ll have to play, and eventually, you need to be good at it. Have faith that Jesus has forgiven you. Believe it in your heart, and when you have doubt, start speaking that truth to yourself.

Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Heart

Whenever I find myself in a position the I don’t believe anymore. I sit down and ask God to show me his truth. He never tires of that, even if I do. Sometimes the answer doesn’t come right away, and I’m waiting quite a while.

I’ll put everything on pause, and move onto something else. Then, right out of the blue something hits me, and I realize the goodness of God and his transforming presence. When you allow your thoughts to be changed, your heart will follow suit.

It’s why thoughts are so dangerous, and we need to take them captive. Our thoughts can direct us in directions we don’t wanna go

Are You Depressed?

Something you should ask yourself, is if you’re depressed? And why are you depressed? Especially if Jesus is in your life, why don’t you believe that Jesus has forgiven you?

If you’re struggling with this, I encourage you to sit down with God, for a time. Ask him what is going on in your heart. Jesus has forgiven and you have access to the father, of that there is no doubt. If you don’t know how to hear the voice of God. I encourage you to read another blog I wrote called Hearing Gods Voice.

The best way to find your freedom is to walk into it, but find some friends when you do it. Life is easier when your friends are there to back you up. I highly suggest that.

In Conclusion:

  • If You’d Like To Read More On The Subject Of Forgiveness, I’ve Written A More Extensive Blog Here
  • To Read More About Jesus, You Can Start In The Book Of John In the Bible. Click Here To Begin

The Name Of Jesus Is Powerful And Mighty

There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus

You have authority in the name of Jesus, but It’s difficult to understand. I’ve had trouble writing about this topic. Mostly because of all the information that needs to be covered. However, if you don’t realize the power you’re given, Jesus will only be another historical figure to you.

The topic of demons and spiritual warfare scares most people, heck it even scares me sometimes. But it needs to be talked about. Most Christians cower in fear, not even realizing they have authority in the name of Jesus.

Through his name, you have the ability to win any and all spiritual battles that you face daily. This is an amazing win for Christians, however, most of us are blind to the truth. It’s selective blindness because we are scared, and I think we choose to ignore the spiritual world around us.

We don’t know about it, because most of us don’t live in that realm. We tend to be blinded to it, and that comes about by design. If we don’t know what authority The Name Of Jesus has given us, then we won’t be able to fight with the weapons we have.

This all happens as people wander mindlessly around a battlefield we call earth. They don’t know or realize they’re in the firing lines of a battle for their soul.

The Name Of Jesus Is Powerful

  • Have you ever wondered why you’re so busy?
  • Why things always have to happen?
  • How you never get a break, even when you plan one out?

I believe it’s all by design, our society is very driven, and we’ve all been pushed in the same direction. To focus on us, and those things, so we don’t look into the spirit world.

Now to clarify, I don’t believe there’s a demon behind every rock and I don’t believe that every sickness is caused by the devil. Sometimes you’re just sick. However, as a Christian, you need to be on guard about these things. That’s where spiritual warfare comes in.

My goal is to make this blog simple, and easy to understand. I don’t have all the answers, nobody does. What I’m offering in this article is truth from my experience.

What Are Demons? Demons are spiritual beings originally created by God. They are former angels that chose to side with Satan when he rebelled. According to Biblical scholars, 1/3 of the angels in heaven decided to follow Satan.

The Name Of Jesus Gives You Authority Over Demons

I will begin and end with the same premise. If you are a born-again Christian who’s following Jesus. You should not be afraid of this topic. Satan and his demons use smoke and mirrors. It’s their only tactic, but it’s very effective. They have no power over you (unless you open the door for them), and can only move against you in a few different ways. When you’re fighting spiritual warfare God will allow it to happen due for the following reasons. (maybe a few more too, I don’t know the mind of God)

  1. God allows it for testing. (Hardship) (Multiple Verses Click Here)
  2. You made an opening through disobedience or rebellion. Allowing them in. (1 Samuel 15:23 Rebellion Is Like Witchcraft)
  3. Sometimes, God Has Nothing To Do With It. Instead, You Chose To Believe Their Lies/Deception Even When You Know The Truth.

God Allows Hardship; For Testing And Improvement.

God doesn’t tempt people, but he does allow painful experiences to happen. Let me be clear, God doesn’t cause this, sometimes it’s the enemy, and other times it is us.

We like to blame God because he has the power to stop it all, and that is true. What we fail to realize, is that he gave us authority over the earth, and everything on it, but that only counts for the physical world.

The world was perfect, and so were we. Then we allowed ourselves to be tricked by the devil, and the world fell into imperfection. God gave us the ability to choose, and we choose wrong.

Why Doesn’t He Remove The Demonic Attack?

He sent help, in the best way possible through Jesus Christ. His plan was to send him and redeem the world. It’s on a different timeline than we would like to see. Through Jesus, we have the strength to fight the devil and his demons. It’s a spiritual battle not of flesh and blood. It what I refer to when I say spiritual warfare.

the Bible states that someday he will rise up and throw them all into the pit, but that day hasn’t come yet. It’s supposed to happen during the tribulation.

Using the name of Jesus against the demons is one of your only weapons and your only defense. However when you leave an opening, they’ll come right in.

The Name Of Jesus Can Be Bypassed When You Leave An Opening

Over a year ago I was starting out as an entrepreneur, and I was excited. The world was open to me, and it felt good to be on my own.

A few months passed, and my business started to struggle, I didn’t know what to do. All seemed lost. So on Black Friday, I purchased a PS4 and immersed myself in video games. Instead of working harder, I got lazy and stopped chasing my dream.

I purchased a game that God spoke to me very clearly about. He said it wasn’t a good game for me to play and it would be dangerous for me to do so. Inside my heart, I felt sick, but I let myself become blinded to that. was really excited about the mechanics and gameplay. I won’t go into the name, but it was demonic. The story of the game was about the main character being undead and collecting blood. In retrospect, it should’ve been pretty obvious. In the realm of angels and demons, there weren’t any angels in the game.

Over the course of the first night, I heard God pleading with me to stop, and I continually ignored it and I kept playing. Over the next few days, I slowly turned into a zombie completely obsessing over the game. After a 16 hour stint on the game, I passed out around 3 AM.

An Evil Spirit Entered My Room. The Name Of Jesus Was The Only Weapon I Had.

In the early morning hours, at the darkest time of the night, I woke up startled. I had a strange cold and lonely feeling that I’d felt before. I hadn’t experienced that feeling in many years (Read My book If You Want To Know More). It was an ancient dread, depression, and loneliness. It felt like there was nobody else in the world, I was all alone and would be forever. The sun wouldn’t rise, and the world had ended. It all poured out on me on a scale I’d never conceived of before.

At that point (it was a few seconds but felt like a millennium) I noticed there was something in my room, looking at me. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it. It was in the corner (the darkest point) or my bedroom staring at me. At that moment, I lost my breath and couldn’t breath.

The Name Of Jesus

For a few seconds, (it felt like an eternity) I thought I was going to die. Instantly light filled my heart and I remembered Jesus. So I began to speak out the name of Jesus and prayed for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes. Finally, it left, and I felt the mood of my room lighten up immensely before I fell back asleep. This would happen nightly, for the next few weeks.

After the whole ordeal, I woke up the next morning extremely exhausted, and with a horrible head cold. It got worse as the day went on, and began to confuse me. I never get sick, and until that day never had a sinus issue. Instead of doing something productive, I used it as an excuse to lay on the couch, and play more PS4

Over the next two weeks, my health got progressively worse. I only prayed at 3 am when I couldn’t sleep, and I even started having some dark thoughts that I’ve never thought of before or after.

God Broke Through With The Truth

Finally, after two weeks of this, a strong realization hit me. It came out of the blue and was almost like a bolt of lighting. I remembered the warnings God gave me that first night. I’d made a choice to be disobedient to the Holy Spirits and his promptings. I couldn’t possibly understand what I had opened myself up to.

Immediately, I deleted the game file from my PS4, and prayed over my entire apartment. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my body. Strangely enough, within the hour I was well again. I was scared, and couldn’t believe how quickly I healed. After that, I went through my house, praying over every room. I didn’t want anything to be lingering.

Demons Attack When You Disobey

So what is the moral of my story? I’d say listen to the Holy Spirit when he’s talking. I’m not gonna post the game title. I don’t want to tempt others or bring glory to that game. It’s trash, and I will not allow something like that in my house again.

Remember, we have to fight to retain our authority in Christ.

The fight with demons involves familiarity. When I was little, I slept with a baseball bat, because something evil kept appearing in my room. I remember having the same feeling of terror.

The Name Of Jesus and Generational Curses:

The Bible talks about familiar spirits, and generational curses. The story of me growing up has a connection to that.

I believe that as we grow and live we make choices, and those choices affect the spirit world. When we make agreements with evil spirits (believing lies etc.) these spirits hang around. They get familiar with your family.

When your kids grow up, these spirits are still there, and since they know their weaknesses, they go after the kids.

This happens for generations.

This is why parents need to exercise their God-given authority in Christ. When you let evil into your life. It’s never a short-term agreement.

There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus

When Jesus died on the cross, he said “It is finished.” Those are very powerful words, and we take them for granted when we only read them once a year on Easter.

I believe when Jesus said that, he was saying that for him. For the last few thousand years. The Trinity had been groaning in heaven due to the horrible state their creation had fallen.

When he said “It is finished,” and let up the Ghost. He died, and he won. He did it for love, and it’s almost like the final release, of pain and heartache.

Jesus Said It Is Finished

Jesus did everything he needed to do on that cross. All the redemption, and healing he could accomplish was started, and finished on that day.

On that day, he gave us authority in Christ’s name over all demons. All you need to do is look at them, and tell them to leave.

When you don’t know what authority you have, how can you ever use it?

Why Does Disobedience Give Demons An Opening?

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as idolatry and teraphim. Because you have rejected the word of Yahweh, he has also rejected you from being king.”

1 Samuel 15:23 – Bible

Disobedience is a synonym for rebellion, and that is like the sin of witchcraft. When you are rebellious, it’s like you’re making a pact with Satan and his demons.

A lot of are fighting in spiritual warfare and have been under demonic influence, at one time or another. Most of the time we don’t even know it. We are so blinded and ignorant, we think everything is ok. All the time Jesus is begging us to come back to him. If we knew about the spiritual warfare going on around us, we’d be completely different people.

How To Realign Yourself With God And Your Authority In Christ

To get out from demonic control takes a couple of major choices.

  1. Ask God To Forgive You For Disobeying Him And Cleanse Your Heart. Dedicate Your Life Daily To Focusing On Him.
  2. Get Rid Of Anything That Is Remotely Connected To Your Disobedience. It Could Be Movies, Music, Video Games, Books, etc. Those things are a bridge, and you don’t want the connection anymore.
  3. Pray When You Start The Day And Pray When You End It. I love my nighttime prayer times. It gives me peaceful sleep.
  4. Read the Bible More. I’ve Found When I Can’t Hear God, That I Can Hear Him In His Word. It also gives you ammunition for spiritual warfare.
  5. Find Some Friends That’ll Pray With You. Tell Them What God Has Spoken So They Can Hold You Accountable.

You Have Authority In Christ Over Demons And Evil Spirits

When you are born again, you have every right to tell them to leave you alone. Use the name of Jesus and they will leave you. The name of Jesus is a powerful name, and they know it. Don’t fall for their posturing, stay focused on Jesus.

Don’t get excited when you win a spiritual battle against them, be excited that you’re going to heaven, and your name is written in the lamb’s book of life. Keep fighting, let the Spirit of God direct and guide you.

In the game of spiritual warfare, you need to remember that your power comes from Jesus. We are nothing without Christ.

In Conclusion

Hey Everyone thank you for reading my latest blog on Demons and Spiritual Warfare. I felt God was directing me to write about. I’m going to write a second one soon about angels. So please be on the lookout for that.

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The Lord’s Prayer; A Comprehensive Breakdown Of Luke Chapter 11

The Lord's Prayer

For the last few months, I’ve been stuck Reading Luke Chapter 11. No matter how many times I try to move on, I always get yanked back. The whole chapter is pretty nuts, but I’m going to stick with the first section about the lord’s prayer.

I’ll be posting a followup blog soon for the rest of Luke Chapter 11, but for now here’s the first 15 verses or so.

The Lord’s Prayer Origins

Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”

So He said to them, “When you pray, say:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.”

Jesus; Luke 11:1-4

A Breakdown Of The Lord’s Prayer

In Luke 11:1-13 we get a glimpse of the disciples trying to emulate Jesus. They come to him asking, “Lord, teach us to pray.” This didn’t mean they hadn’t prayed before, but they must’ve thought Jesus had some extra supernatural way of doing it.

I honestly wonder what went through Jesus head here. Maybe he was excited they were taking initiative, or annoyed that they didn’t understand yet. Either way, he loved them and he was willing to teach them what they were lacking.

Instead of giving a formula like stomping on 1 foot and spinning around. Jesus gives them a simple prayer which is extremely powerful. I could give you a breakdown line by line and go into the old testament basics of it all, but that would be boring. So here are my thoughts.

This prayer always reminds me of those boring church services I sat in as a kid. Weird English was spoken, and I remember it being humid. Don’t be fooled by your past experiences, this prayer can be powerful. Let God into your heart, and allow him to teach you to pray.

Why The Lord’s Prayer Is Important

When you’re in a desperate place and looking towards God, he can’t help but look at you. That’s the exact position the women with an issue of blood had in the Bible. She knew in her heart, if she touched his robe that she’d be healed. Sure enough it happened.

I believe she’d been praying for years to be healed, and because of her prayers she recognized Jesus for who he is. Once she had all that together, all she needed was to reach out and touch him.

I go a bit more in depth on this topic in another recent blog post. Click Here to read it.

The Lord’s Prayer in Practice

Whether you’re reading the version from the Gospel of Matthew or Luke. The verb-age is similar, but I don’t feel that matters as much. I honestly believe Jesus gave us a template to follow, not random words to repeat. In the beginning of Luke Chapter 6 Jesus actually refers to them as empty phrases.

In other words, be sincere whenever you’re praying to God. When I’m praying sometimes notice my mind wander but my mouth is still speaking. Sometimes that’s fine as I’m in the spirit, but other times I’m just repeating the same word over and over. This doesn’t make sense and it’s exactly what Jesus warned us about.

Whenever I find myself doing this. I stop for a second or two and ask myself a couple questions.

Simple Questions:

  • What are you trying to get out of saying the lord’s prayer?
  • What do you want God to do in your life?
  • Are you being persistent in your requests?

In Luke after Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray, there’s a good amount of verses where he speaks and it contains a message many people forget. He spends a good amount of time focusing on persistence and continuously asking. He then goes into the character of God being loving towards his children.

“What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent; or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

Luke 11:11-13 Bible

We fight impatience a lot in our culture. It’s a by product of a society that can get anything delivered instantly. Even amazon is offering same day delivery now. A few years ago this was unheard of, but yet it’s exploding now.

By being persistent, and praying to God. You are essentially stretching those muscles of patience, and getting stronger. Your answer to prayer is out there, I believe it, but you have to choose to fight, and not give up.

Be Persistent When You Pray

This can be summed up in two words, “BE PERSISTENT.” I wonder how many people have issues come up, and they do the right thing by going to pray. However, they don’t have patience to wait on God, and they give up quickly.

What if God was calling you to pray for years for an answer to a problem? What if you knew the answer would come, but you didn’t know when? You don’t know God’s time table, all you know is he will give a good thing to his children if they ask.

Focus on God, pray continuously, and listen to him. Remember, your prayers answer might be something different than what you expect. Be open to what God gives you.

The lord’s prayer is an excellent way to start talking to God, but never let your focus on the words stop you from connecting with him. Some of my favorite prayer times come from me having a normal conversation with him.

What Are The Parts Of The Lord’s Prayer?

A lot of people have attempted to do this, but I think The Lord’s Prayer gives us a decent and orderly way to organize our prayers.

Praising God:

“Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.

By starting out in any prayer you’ll want to begin by acknowledging how great God is. The Lord inhabits the praises of his people, and by starting out the lord’s prayer with praise, you’re telling him he’s welcome to show up.

Personally, I always want him to show up, he makes everything better.

Acknowledging His Will

Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth, as it is in heaven.

The second step to any prayer is asking that his will be done, and his kingdom to come. By praying this you’re submitting yourself to God and his plans for you. This is a form of realigning yourself with his presence so you can do whatever he needs.

Asking For Help With Your Daily Needs

Give us day by day our daily bread.
And forgive us our sins,
For we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us.

This part of the prayer has 3 parts to it. The first line is making a request for your daily needs. This includes food, money to pay bills, etc. As Christians today we forget that God gives us everything.

Many people think God didn’t do anything in their lives and they’ve done it all, but who gave you breath and life to accomplish those things? I’m sure you didn’t.

The second part is asking for spiritual needs. Forgiveness is an epic spiritual need, and asking for it is something we should do daily.

I think the 2nd and 3rd parts are tied together, if we don’t forgive others, Jesus will NOT forgive us. That’s biblical, and we should take heed of that warning.

Prayer For Direction

And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.”

This is a prayer asking God to lead us this day and to keep us away from the devil and his minions. It’s important to ask God for guidance daily as we don’t know what will happen. God does and that is why we should have faith in him. He’s God and he knows us better than we do.

The Lord’s Prayer Recap:

  • Using the lord’s prayer when you pray is an epic way to get started.
  • If you find yourself repeating words and not thinking, take a step back.
  • Persistence is key when praying.
  • God’s answer might be different than your answer. Stay close to him and you’ll see it coming.

Remember the women with the blood issue I referred to earlier? She prayed for years that she’d be healed. During this time do you think she got to know the voice of God? I think she did, how else could anybody pray that long?

When you’re praying for a need, God will meet you. Even if the answer isn’t evident, he will come and sit with you. Waiting for it.

Hey Thank you so much for reading my blog, I appreciate it, and hope you were blessed by it. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. With thoughts and feelings for the upcoming year.

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