Easy Steps To Accomplish Goals You Set In Life.

The feeling you get when you accomplish goals that you’ve set for yourself is pretty amazing, almost euphoric even. However many people never set goals for themselves, much less strive to attain them.

I like to call these people dreamers, because a goal without action is nothing more than wishful thinking. Maybe that’s why we have a society so distracted by social media. We want to be on a beach in maui, drink in hand, but we don’t wanna put the work that’s necessary into getting us there.

Keep in mind I’m not trying to be harsh here, I’m only trying to state the difference in thought process. If you want to accomplish your goals. What in your life is going to stop you?


The beauty of the free market and the American economy, is that nothing can stop you from being who you want to be, unless you allow yourself to be stopped. Many people will blame other people or circumstances, but ultimately they’ve given up.

Nothing Can Stop You Except Yourself, And Deep Down, I Think You Know That.

How Do You Develop Goals In Life?

When I have a goal that I’m seeking to accomplish, I start to ask my self a few quick questions.

  1. Is This Goal Even Possible?
  2. What Kind Of TimeTable Am I Looking At For This?
  3. How Much Money Will This Cost Me?
  4. Will It Make Me Any Money?
  5. Is This Stupid? Or Am I Really Considering This?

Ultimately, after going through these questions, I find some close friends and have a talk with them as well. If you have a goal, and want to accomplish the goal, you’ll need people around you.

These people can:

  1. Hold You Accountable
  2. Give You Great Ideas
  3. Help Steer Your Thoughts In A Good Direction
  4. Encourage You If/When Everything Falls Apart.

Keep in mind I stated above about sharing with close friends. Never share your ideas with anyone off the street. You don’t know their intentions, your ideas can get stolen, and they just don’t care about you. (in the same way)

What Kind Of goals Should I Set For Myself?

This division gets changed around a lot, it depends on who is writing about goals, and what their criteria is. I’ll break it down now.

There are 4 basic reasons we make goals.

  1. Job & Work
  2. Family
  3. Life
  4. Spiritual

Job & Work Goals

Some people have jobs, others have careers and some work for themselves. This category is where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or even 50 years? What title do you want to have? How many companies do you want to create?

Notice I’m not saying anything about money, I believe that should be in the family category, because it’s how you create a quality of life for them.


For family goals it depends on what phase your family is in. Maybe you’re about to get married and want to purchase a house? Or perhaps you’re a retired couple wanting to downsize and travel the world.

The questions you ask here, what do you dream about? What are you wanting to do?


What type of life are you looking for? Some people are content with going to their 9-5 their entire lives, and that’s not a bad thing because it gives them time with their families (see previous option). Other people want to see the world and travel, and still others want to work for themselves and spend more time with family.

See how these goal groupings are related? Work gives you finances for family, and when the family is doing well you can make life choices. These life choices can ultimately affect your work.

Well there’s one last area that we should make goals for, and I know there’s a huge chunk of society that doesn’t believe in anything spiritual, but I do. I’d be negligent if I didn’t write anything about that.


My relationship with Jesus is what makes me who I am. It gives me my moral code, my direction, and my peace. Even when everything is falling apart and I’m failing at life (it’s happened). I know that I can rely on him.

So what kind of goals should I set for my spiritual life?

  1. I Read My Bible Daily.
  2. Daily Prayer/Listening To Gods Voice
  3. Try To Encourage At Least 1 Person Daily.
  4. Give To Others What You Have Been Blessed With.

I have that list and I’m not perfect at it, however it’s a list I strive for, and long to accomplish regularly.


How To Accomplish Goals For Your Life.

Whenever I have to accomplish goals in my life. There’s a few steps that I look to that help guide me on my path. The issue with trying to accomplish goals is that when you dream big. It can be extremely intimidating.

The first thing I like to do:

Understand what the goal is, and try to figure out how it can be measurable.

For example; here’s the same goal below:

  • I want to read more books next year
  • Next Year I need to read 10 more books than my previous year.

Do you see the difference? The 1st goal is very ambiguous, yeah you could achieve it, but how will you measure it?

Always check to make sure you know where the ending is? What do you have to accomplish?

The 2nd Thing To Do:

Know you’re midpoint. What is the middle goal? Where is the middle goal? And How will you get to the mid goal? Part of this will be written about in the next section, but it’s a great thought process to start now.

How Do You Eat A Whale? One Bite At A time.

Accomplish Goals By Setting Milestones

I see milestones as little mini goals you’ve set along the path towards your one big goal. When you set milestones your progress can be measured and you make adjustments.

For instance the goal above was to read 10 more book this year than the previous one. So it stands a good chance that by July you should be halfway towards your goal right? Also in march or October you should be around 1/4 to 3/4 done.

Dreaming a dream is easy, achieving it is the hard part, however the feeling of accomplishing goals you’ve set and strived for is amazing.

Accomplish Goals That Are Smart

A lot of times we dream to big, and I know this paragraph will be slightly counterproductive, but the information needs to be said.

Sometimes your dreams aren’t smart. They need to be filtered by friends and family.

A good example:

In 2017 I quit my job and became an entrepreneur. While I don’t regret this time in my life, I do regret some of the choices, ideas, and debt I got myself into. I became an Amazon 3rd party seller and believed I’d be rich by the end of summer.

I was wrong, and didn’t speak with anyone about it. Instead I lost $2000 in ad revenue and crappy products that to this day I have next to my desk.

They warn me, plan appropriately and don’t act rashly.

When you set your goals, focus on what’s possibly, but not easy. When you achieve that difficult goal you make yourself stronger. It shows the character of who you want to be, and the character of everyone around you. Some people will be happy for you, while others will be mad.

They have their own lives to live, and their choices are their own.

Accomplish Goals You’re Passionate About

One of the other reasons people fail at their goals, is a lack of passion. Goals are difficult especially ones you really want to happen. However passion wanes.

Find a new way or reason to look at these goals.

  • Instead Of The Goal: I need to lose 15 pounds by Christmas.
  • Add: I need to lose 15 pounds by Christmas. The weight isn’t healthy, and I need to be around for my family.

The above sentence could be taken as a scare tactic, but I didn’t mean it that way. Attach something or someone you really care about to that dream. Don’t just set a goal for the sake of setting one.

Attach it to something you’re passionate about. Your passion will see you through, and on the other side you’ll be happier for it.

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