When Everything Goes Dark. Jesus Is Your Light


Elijah Sterling is the name I decided to call myself years ago. I did this because I wanted to distance myself from the pain/heartache that filled my life. I wanted to run away from everything and start fresh. So I decided to rebrand and rename myself.

I wanted to be free, and that’s what my new name gave me…freedom!

People all over the world feel hopeless, depressed, and alone. My mission is to introduce you to the one who created you and hopefully transform your life.

All I do is talk about God, and how he’s healed me, and I know he can do the same for you.

I know that’s a lot, (it might even sound creepy to some people) but these are all passions from the depths of my heart, and I believe they’re all connected as well. If any of these topics pique your interest, click on the link above or here to access all of our blog posts.

I also have different topics I write about on a regular basis:

  1. Living By Faith: This post talks about the basics of Christianity, and why I believe what I believe.
  2. The Second Category is called Thoughts From Bible Verses: Here I break down bible verses, chapters, and maybe a book or two in the future. Either way, It’s what God is speaking to me during that moment.
  3. Jesus Is The Way: In one of my favorite verses in the Bible, Jesus states that he’s the only one coming to rescue us, and it’s because he loved us. Even when we abused him.
  4. Entrepreneurship: Another passion of mine, working for myself. Here I write about leadership and running a business.

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Esterling Is Here To Bring Hope When You’re Hopeless

According to an article I read in 2018, 20% of college students have felt feelings of hopelessness. And this was in the previous 12 months, and 10% was in the prior 30 Days. This is an epidemic of horrible proportions. (and this was prior to the covid-19 pandemic, things have to be worse)

When you lose hope, you’re giving up on life. Losing hope can be one of the worst things you can experience because you live in the despair you’ve created. In all truth when you get to that point, you’ve let it move in. At Stirling, we want people to feel believed in.

If you’ve lost hope, I want you to understand that things can (and most likely) will get better. Try to refocus, let your emotions out, and let it all go. A nice bonus happens when you turn your eyes to Jesus, but you might not believe in him yet, and that’s okay. My hope is in him. He’s never let me down.

ESterling LLC wants to share hope with the hopeless.

Hurricane Jerald; A Book About Healing And Forgiveness

Download Your Copy From Amazon Today. Hurricane Jerald Is The Story Of A Child Who Grew Up Neglected And Abused. However, He Refused To Give Up Hope.

Eventually, He Would Learn To Face His Fear And Find Hope And Healing. Then, After Years Of Searching, God Brought Him To A Place Where He Forgave His Father. And He Helped Him Through His Dying Days. 

Tips And Tricks ESterling Used To Fight Depression

According to Statista around 5% of the U.S. Population Has been diagnosed with depression since 1990. Undiagnosed numbers are expected to be even higher.

Depression thrives when not confronted, I struggled in the shadows for years with mine, but once I brought it into the light. It fizzled away and died. 

If You Struggle With Depression, Don’t Take Any Chances. You Need To Find Someone To Talk With. Don’t Wait, Find Someone Today. Finding Help Was The Best Choice I Ever Made. 

Depression Is A Sickness That Thrives On Loneliness. It’ll Make You Separate Yourself From Everyone You Love, And You’ll Think It’s For The Best. 

Your Family, Friends, And Colleagues Need You More Than You’ll Ever Know. Find Someone In Your Life To Speak With

Faith In Jesus Brought Transformation To ESterling

Anywhere from 60-90% Of The United States Population has some form of Faith. A lot of these beliefs are based on good principles and some are not so much. Either way, my faith in Jesus has transformed my life, and there’s no other way I’d like to live my life.

Faith In Jesus Has Saved My Life. Without Him, I Was Lost, Depressed, And Angry. Everyone at ESterling has a different story, but we’ve all come to a similar conclusion. Jesus has changed our life.

Your faith should be something that grows you and makes you a deeper person. 

When I Surrendered My Life To Jesus, I Felt Something Come Alive,  And He Helped Me every day Of My Life. 

My Faith In Jesus Gives me Hope, Healing, And Focus.  

Jesus; The Way To Peace And Hope

The Name Of Jesus Gets A Lot Of Flack Nowadays. Christians in general people will treat Christians like crazy people. I believe this comes from a couple of issues:

  1. Christians can get really weird: I say this because I’ve run into them a lot. But if you think about it, every office, store, or community group has some weird people. I think with Christians it can be more pronounced though.
  2. Many Churches Haven’t Done The Best Job Showing The Love Of Christ: The Love of Christ, is all-inclusive, if you’re a person here on the planet, I can tell you that Jesus loves you. John 3:16 even states that God loved the world so much that he sent his only son to die for us. He loves you.
  3. Big-name Christians aren’t living the best: Pastors have fallen into sin, and movie stars have messed up. It seems like anyone who says they follow Jesus will turn out to be a liar. However, I believe we are all fallen people, which means we’re not perfect. I can’t judge others, because I’m dealing with my own sin, I hope I’ll point people toward Jesus.

Jesus Said Love Your Neighbors And later on stated that we should love Our Enemies. I think if We Did That More Often, Everyone Would See Him Through Us.

Leadership, And Improving The Lives Of Others

What Is Leadership? John Maxwell calls leadership influence. Nothing More, And Nothing Less.

I would add that leadership is the ability to motivate and focus a group of people toward a common goal.

Leadership is neither positive nor negative, that’s a distinction for the goal.

For this topic, I’ve also started to write about entrepreneurship. I feel that people sometimes yearn for freedom, and they want to get out on their own.

This can bring a feeling of self-accomplishment that many people will never feel otherwise.