When Everything Goes Dark. Jesus Is Your Light


ESterling is an organization created to help people learn about Hope, Depression, Faith, Jesus, And Leadership. 

I know that’s a lot, but these are all passions from the depths of my heart, and I believe they’re all connected as well. If any of these topics pique your interest, click on the link for our list of blog posts right here, or above.

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ESterling Is Here To Bring Hope When You’re Hopeless

According to a 2018 article, 20% of college students have felt feelings of hopelessness in the last 12 months, and 10% In The Last 30 Days. This is an epidemic. 

When you lose hope, you’re giving up on life. Losing hope can be one of the worst things you can experience because you constantly go back to your source of pain. At ESterling, we want people to feel believed in.

If you’ve lost hope, understand things can get better. Let it go, and turn your eyes to Jesus. My hope is in him. He’s never let me down.

Jesus Will Jump into your life, and help make sense of things, and when something bad happens. You have somewhere to turn. He won’t necessarily make things easier, if anything things will get harder, but you’ll have someone walking with you.

ESterling LLC wants to share hope with the hopeless.

Hurricane Jerald; A Book About Healing And Forgiveness

Download Your Copy Here Today. Hurricane Jerald Is The Story Of A Child Who Grew Up Neglected And Abused. However, He Refused To Give Up Hope.

Eventually, He Would Learn To Face His Fear, And Find Hope And Healing. Then, After Years Of Searching, God Brought Him To A Place Where He Forgave His Father. And He Helped Him Through His Dying Days. 

Tips And Tricks ESterling Used To Fight Depression

According to Statista around 5% of the U.S. Population Has been diagnosed with depression since 1990. Undiagnosed numbers are expected to be even higher.

Depression thrives when it’s not confronted, I struggled in the shadows for years with mine, but once I brought it into the light. It fizzled away and died. 

If You Struggle With Depression, Don’t Take Any Chances. You Need To Find Someone To Talk With. Don’t Wait, Find Someone Today. Finding Help Was The Best Choice I Ever Made. 

Depression Is A Sickness That Thrives On Loneliness. It’ll Make You Separate Yourself From Everyone You Love, And You’ll Think It’s For The Best. 

Your Family, Friends, And Colleagues Need You More Than You’ll Ever Know. Find Someone In Your Life To Speak With

Faith In Jesus Brought Transformation To ESterling

Anywhere from 60-90% Of The United States Population has some sort of faith. Whether that faith is in God or another higher power, is broken down by age group here.

Faith In Jesus Has Saved My Life. Without Him, I Was Lost, Depressed, And Angry. Everyone at ESterling has a different story, but we’ve all come to a similar conclusion. Jesus has changed our life.

Your faith should be something that grows you and makes you a deeper person. 

When I Surrendered My Life To Jesus, I Felt Something Come Alive,  And He’s Helped Me every day Of My Life. 

My Faith In Jesus Gives Hope, Healing, And Focus.  

Jesus; The Way To Peace And Hope

The Name Of Jesus Gets A Lot Of Flack Nowadays. I Believe It Comes From Followers Who Proclaim His Name But Know Nothing About Him. 

Jesus Said Love Your Neighbors, And Your Enemies. If We Did That More Often, Everyone Would See Him Through Us. 

He Also Said They Will Know Us By Our Love For One Another. Sometimes I Wonder Where That is. We Need To Focus And Allow The Love Of Christ To Fill Our Hearts.

Leadership, And Improving The Lives Of Others

What Is Leadership? John Maxwell calls leadership influence. Nothing More, And Nothing Less.

I would add that leadership is the ability to motivate and focus a group of people towards a common goal.

Leadership is neither positive or negative, that’s a distinction for the goal.